Love is our new reality

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Babaji via Jahn Kassl, July 23th, 2017

Dream: Russian president Wladimir Putin is assassinated! I wake up worrying about Russia and the world.

Question: Was I just dreaming and processing my own concerns, or is there more to this scene?

BABAJI: I am with humanity, and all of mankind is in my care. The shift starts in Russia, and from Russia this change and renewal will reach the entire world.

It still takes some more time – hardly more than a blink of god’s eye, but you need to wait for this moment. Your dream points to this potential. Indeed there are big efforts on this earth to bring it about.

So far they all have failed. Be aware: Each human being who was placed on earth by god and fulfills their missions, will do so for as long as the heavens foresee it. No power on earth can prevent that.

JJK: Is it possible or even likely that this is Putin’s destiny?

BABAJI: That crucially depends on whether this being of light will be able to complete his mission. And this is determined.  So smooth your „worry lines“, because the well-being of the earth does not only lie in the hands of one but in the hands of many who devote themselves body and soul.

The situation is getting critical!

The situation on earth is getting increasingly critical. This means that everything that is wrong, dark and evil, surfaces now. You are perfectly prepared for this, and yet this time is challenging you fully. This means that before it gets light, this earth will get dark.

Thereafter a new day will dawn – a day that those who will then inhabit the earth won’t recognize. That’s how groundbreaking the events are, and how some prophecies come true.

JJK: Will we be able to avert the worst?

BABAJI: The worst for this earth, which is complete extinction, you have already averted. However, avoiding the “worst” for oneself is no longer possible for those who are persistently closed off from their own inner reversion.

Each individual will experience the shift and the ultimate conversion of this earth in a very unique way. When two people are standing next to each other, each of them will have a different experience.

JJK: One will be taken from the field and the other one will be left behind. (The Bible 〈1〉)

BABAJI: This is the truth, and this day is getting closer and closer. I am the guardian of your life and the earth is in my care.

Don’t be afraid – rather see every day in this time structure as a unique gift.

Be glad that the time of darkness is coming to an end and that the era of lasting peace and light is approaching.

Don’t deviate from your path, remain peaceful and loving – all else is taken care of.

Keep your house clean so that at any given time you can open your doors to the one you are waiting for.


I am omnipresent on this earth.

» Source – Channel: John J Kassl