Love is our new reality

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Sananda via John Smallman, July 23, 2017


Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday July 23rd

As Saul has told you, enormous changes are underway for all of humanity and for Planet Earth.  These changes are an essential part of humanity’s awakening process, of becoming truly aware that all are One, One with Source, Mother/Father/God, the divine Intelligence, the divine Wisdom, All That Is.

There is no separation!  Separation is an illusory concept that was imagined and then constructed out of nothing at all to produce a very convincing physicalenvironment in which the infinitely small and the infinitely vast appear, interact, and at the same time appear to be completely unaware of each other’s presence.  It is like an enormous game of hide and seek in which You chose to hide from God and from Yourself.  The One Child of God playing games, games that got out of hand and seemed to the Child to be dangerously and terrifyingly real.  A horrible nightmare of your own making unfolded, and seemed then to enfold you within it, separated from Yourself and from God.

To even very briefly imagine separating what can never be separate is a terrifying thought.  But, having constructed the illusion and made it appear very real, the fear was reduced in intensity by being denied and hidden.  The fear you experience as humans in the most terrifying conditions that the illusion can present you with is as nothing compared to the    F E A R that separation from Source would induce.  That is why you choose to remain asleep.  There is a deep and underlying belief that God wishes to destroy you for separating from Him and attempting to prove to yourselves that you did not need Him.

But fear is unreal, there is only L O V E !  All else is illusion, a most terrifying nightmare from which you are soon to awaken.  When you do you will delight in the knowing that there is only Love, and that It envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence.

Love is All!  As humans it is very hard for you to grasp this divine Truth because the illusory environment that you constructed with your original God-given Power appears completely real to the little human form that you chose to inhabit to experience separation.  Remember, You are far, far vaster than the Universe in which it seems that you have your tiny and thus insignificant existence.  The Universe has been in existence for billions of years, while most humans live less than a hundred years, therefore it appears that you can leave not the slightest mark or impression on it.  That is a very unsettling thought that most of you prefer not to address because it is extremely uncomfortable for most to maintain an ongoing awareness of their seemingly utter insignificance.  But, of course, none of you are or could be in any way insignificant because You are One with Source, You are infinitely significant as God’s beloved Children.

However, those who choose to go within in the hope of finding answers, and then manage to quiet their minds and listen, find peace, comfort, and solace which leads to an awareness that there is much more to life, to existence than is provided by the physical environment in which you live out your human lives.  Awareness grows that you are indeed far vaster than anything your human mind and body can sense, that life is indeed endless, whereas everything in the physical environment eventually decays and disintegrates back into the nothingness from which You imagined it into momentary existence.

The complete and utter contrast between the physical environment in which you live your human lives and the Reality in which you were created and from which you have never departed is so far beyond your human ability to conceive of that you can have absolutely no idea of the wonders that await your awakening.  Some of you have had glimpses through Near Death Experiences, feeling the intensity, the power, and the unconditional acceptance that Love offers you continuously and eternally when you expand out of your human forms into the vastness that is that Love.  And by sharing that you have given a gift of great value to those who heard you talk or read about your experiences

As humans you need to focus on yourselves as Love that has taken temporary human form.  When you focus on Love, your true nature, and intend to know It, to be It, and to extend and share It with all with whom you interact, you intensify the energy field of Love – the life force that empowers your human form – that flows through you and out into your environment in every moment, thus helping to bring about the essential changes that will heal the planet and all the life forms that it supports.

You incarnated at this time for just this purpose, knowing full well that your memory of your intent would prove difficult to access and put into practice.  However you also knew that you would be lovingly and powerfully assisted at all times by your support team in the spiritual realms.  You have to call on them daily and reset your intent, which is why it is so important for you to go within daily and open your hearts to the Love field in which you are enveloped.

Your human form can block Love or allow It.  When you judge, blame, or engage with a need to be right, you effectively block Love out by choosing a state of separation from others.  When you open to others by accepting, loving, and forgiving them, you open your hearts allowing Love to flow most abundantly through you on Its journey of healing.  That was your intent prior to incarnation, and when you accept that that is what you are on Earth to do and allow Love in, then It expands abundantly out through you to wherever It is needed, and you will feel Its energy empowering, uplifting, and inspiring you, as peace and contentment replace fear and anxiety within you.

Hold your Light on high.  That is what you came to do because It is needed.  By doing so you make an enormous difference, leaving a very significant and long lasting impression on the world and on all with whom you interact.

Your loving brother, Jesus.