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“Belief” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Saturday – June 17, 2017

“Belief” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Saturday – June 17, 2017



Psalm 146:8

The LORD opens the eyes of the blind; The LORD raises up those who are bowed down; The LORD loves the righteous​.​


Ever have these questions asked of you Zimland…

Why do you believe in such a obvious fantasy?

Why don’t you stop this nonsense and do something with your life?

Why do you believe something so non-sensical when you’ve lived such a sensible life up to this point?

Why are you waiting on something that will never happen?

My answer: You cannot see what you do not yet believe.

Belief is therefore a funny and individual thing.

Everyone has their own beliefs. And nobody disputes anyone’s beliefs until they challenge theirs.

Then it’s game on like Donkey Kong.

Look, whether you believe or don’t believe in the RV, it sure challenges everyone’s belief systems.

And the ZIM, well the ZIM shatters belief systems, to a dangerous point not only of not understanding anything we’ve been taught to believe in financially, but it threatens family dynamics because of its volume and scope.

Seriously, if the ZIM proves out to be what we said it was going to be, what other things about the cabal’s enslavement over mankind may also be accurate?

As we’ve been sharing our beliefs… many have taken notice. They wait for us to back down, yet we only grow stronger. This troubles them yet inspires them oddly.

They know we know something. But they can’t see it. Why?

I believe God has only awakened a righteous few to receive this blessing–His blessing–because He wants only His chosen stewards to disburse the blessings to all others.

And because I devoutly hold this belief, when the ZIM soon shatters all economic cornerstone beliefs, those who were selected by the Most High, and stayed loyal and true to His word, will reap His rewards.

And those who initially rejected it (us), slowly lost faith in it (us), gradually fell away due to unneeded suffering for it (us) or at the very last second hopped off the Zimland bandwagon because they didn’t feel worthy of the blessing… simply were not chosen to disburse such infinite mercy to the masses.

The road to God is narrow, and gets narrower by the minute, especially the closer we approach the RV release timing (which is soon).

Those who believe with all their heart and not their eyes, get to walk across the bridge built by Christ Himself. And those who desired just the transactional rewards, well… they selected by a different set of beliefs to follow, a different pathway to God that preached a different promise, and thus they will obtain different results.


Now does it still hurt when loved ones reject us and society scorns us?


Does it have to be this way?

Absolutely. Just look at how they tortured Christ on the way to the cross let alone at it.

Hardship comes whenever choosing eternal life over temporary gain. And that’s what we are all doing. Enduring hardships en route to eternal resources, promised to humanity by an eternal Savior.

It’s painful. It’s constant. It’s brutal while it’s happening. And then one day, the hardship ends. The suffering stops. And the lesson we needed to learn for our soul to ascend is acquired.

So the moral of this tale is that there is no way to redeem ZIM without passing through the gauntlet of suffering. We have just chosen to experience our discomfort on the front end versus the “gifted ones” who will experience their suffering on the back end.

But avoiding suffering as it relates to the ZIM is not an option. And when is just a choice.

Because selecting God’s infinite grace over man’s burdensome limitations cannot, nor will ever again exist in the same dimensional plane by Heavenly Decree.

This fact makes our current burdens more acceptable, as we happily embrace waiting on God’s promise, while others around us continuously deny engagement in the suffering of discarding the cabal’s fiat belief systems.

This makes the ZIM much more than a currency exchange.

For us in Zimland, it’s also a culture exchange, a belief exchange, and most importantly a spiritual exchange of beliefs whereby we accept a life of living through pure faith in all instances.

We believe in the abundance God’s will manifested without limitation, versus what others simply cannot see (and may never) with their own two eyes due to cabal propaganda that always presents mankind as living in a limited reality.

At this point, it’s not possible to awaken someone who has not been pre-choosen by God to see His blessing, for they are not destined to disburse mercy out to humanity in such large quantities.

So stop trying to wake sleepwalkers, and just trust that Yeshua will gently handle the outliers when it time.

Lovingly. Appropriately. Unconditionally.

It’s time now to refocus your heart’s energy on the unconditional love of Christ, and surrender your will to His in search of your soul’s divine covenant (i.e. what the Lord is asking you to accomplish with His gift).

Because I believe Zimland will heal the soul of the world by the grace and mercy of God the Creator Father Almighty Yahweh Adonai.

That’s what I see. What do you witness?

God is with us.