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“EO” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – June 17, 2017

“EO” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – June 17, 2017


Consensus assessment from all credible intel sources:

Final release preparations were concluded on Friday afternoon, and the switch from a civilian banking controlled operation to a military run forced implementation which began on Wednesday afternoon is now deemed complete and absolute.

A new Executive Order (EO) was signed into existence Wednesday morning after the Virginia baseball field shooting by restored Republic Commander and Chief Paul Ryan.

Donald Trump has resigned–we understand well over a week ago but entered into the public record Friday night at Camp David.

This EO places the Republic in an any minute performance alert status and we anticipate the T4 RV release sometime this weekend (anytime midnight EST Saturday).

The EO also places all redemption call center personal, exterior and interior security staff, even all table top banking representatives under emergency Marshall Law guidelines which set legal precedent for military prosecution during the duration of the RV event.

Translated, any disruptive act to prevent the RV process for executing will be filed as a high crime or “Act of Treason” against the united States of America.

Such high crimes are punishable by a military judge without the requirement for a jury of civilian peers, due process, public record or media scrutiny.

This was done to best protect and mask the RV in the event of an overt subordination designed to stop release operation from completing once begun.

This EO also applies to any civilian causing disruption in a redemption center or base while redeeming their currency. Staff or client. As no one is immune from said military prosecution and/or military imprisonment.

Consider the RV event officially started as of Wednesday’s EO signature and your individual redemption contact information, exchange appointments and off site location addresses to be released shortly under these new Marshall Law mandates.

Hope everyone is spiritually ready to manage this historic blessing. If not, know that you were all provided ample time for education and training.

Best of luck attaining your wildest dream.

God is with us.