Benjamin Fulford Report, October 10th


Document dump shows Federal Reserve Board based on outright fraud

Posted by benjamin
October 3, 2016(Full Report)

Documents leaked by US government personnel reveal in detail how the owners of Federal Reserve Board created the 2008 Lehman crisis as a way to steal vast sums from the people of the planet.

The documents show how an Indonesian by the name of Yohannes Riyadi used 700 tons of gold that originally belonged for former Indonesian President Soekarno to back a US$500 billion bond issue. This money was used to bribe senior Indonesian government officials, according to CIA officials based in Asia.

The 700 tons gold was then magically transformed by Khazarian mafia employed forgerer and fraudster Wilfredo Saurin into 750,000 tons of gold backed certificates, the sources say. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank then took the “750,000 metric tons” and sent the rights to the gold to the Royal Bank of Scotland, with payments going to HSBC holdings before the “gold” ended up at the Federal Reserve Board who then transformed the gold into dollars in a sort of reverse alchemy.

The 23 trillion dollars thus magically created were used by the owners of the Federal Reserve Board to buy on the cheap assets around the world whose value had crashed because of the engineered Lehman shock crash, the sources say. “This has amounted to the largest criminal theft of global assets in history using digital money created on computers, backed by nonexistent Gold,” was how one CIA officer described the scam. This huge fraud vastly increased the concentration of the Khazarian mafia’s ownership of the world’s corporations and assets.

Various documents related to this fraud, including copies of the SWIFT transaction documents, can be seen below in the subscription portion of this blog and will be made available free of charge to the general public on Thursday, October 6th.

As this document release illustrates, action against the Khazarian mafia and their Federal Reserve Board based fraudulent financial system is escalating. That is probably why document shredding trucks were seen parked in front of the Fed’s New York headquarters last week.

Just Spotted In Front Of The New York Fed | Zero Hedge

Three months later, the shredders are back…There can be no doubt about it, the New York Federal Reserve bank is a crime scene and evidence is being destroyed.

The Pentagon meanwhile, has released more details about the new financial system that is will replace the fraudulent and defunct Federal Reserve Board, possibly as early as this month. The voting rights in the new system will be allocated as follows: with China getting

20.09%, The Republic of the United States of America 17.89%, the EU 11.61%, Russia 7.53%, India 4.1% and Japan 3.79%. These are the same proportions as the carbon rights issued by the COP21 agreement which was more about a new financial system than it was about carbon. A full list of countries’ voting shares can be seen here:


Paris Agreement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Paris Agreement (French: L’accord de Paris) is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse …

The agreement will become law when 55 countries accounting for at least 55% of global carbon emissions ratify. That threshold will be passed when the EU ratifies which their government promises to do by the end of this month.

“The new October fiscal year coincides with the Jewish New Year, China’s national day, and the collapse of Deutschebank as the yuan becomes a gold-backed, convertible international reserve currency in the new financial system,” Pentagon sources say. This is what is really behind the official inclusion, starting on October 1st, of the Chinese yuan into the IMF’s SDR currency basket, other sources confirm.

Once the new system is up and running the US military and agencies will have a much freer hand to take action against the Khazarian mafia because they will no longer have to worry about getting money to pay for their salaries, gasoline etc. At the same time, the Khazarians will no longer be able to afford to pay the salaries of their ISIS, Boko Haram and other mercenary armies.

In any case, it is now obvious to anybody with a functioning brain that the US military is not obeying the orders of the Khazarian mafia slaves in the State Department or the White House. Skull and Bones Khazarian mafia don US Secretary of State John Kerry was forced to admit in public last week that the military was unwilling to back his threats to take action against Russia in Syria.

Kerry said he ‘lost argument’ to back Syria diplomacy with force

US Secretary of State John Kerry, in a meeting last week with a small number of Syrian civilians and the real reason for the blustering threats out of the State Department concerning Syria is that the Russians and their allies are systematically destroying the Israeli and oil company ISIS mercenary army operating there, Pentagon sources say. The destruction included more Israeli and Saudi run command centers, they add.

A legal attack against the Khazarian mafia has also begun. Pentagon sources say “The military is behind the first lawsuit against Saudi Arabia by the widow of a navy commander killed at pentagon on 911 so that, when leaks about Israel’s involvement in 911 happen, class action lawsuits will be aimed to bankrupt and sanction the Jewish mafia.”

The sources add that “Neocon Ash Carter and CIA boss Saudiphile John Brennan were behind the futile Obama veto of the 911 law, who was then bitch slapped with house and senate overrides.”

In another blow to the Khazarian mafia “longtime Rockefeller Stooge Joseph Verner Reed” was among “cabal agents terminated,” last week, the Pentagon sources say.httpss://

Joseph Verner Reed Jr., diplomat and White House protocol chief, dies at 78

Mr. Reed was an ambassador, George H.W. Bush’s protocol chief and a longtime U.N. official.

There was also more subterfuge involving the Clinton Bush mafia last week when Bill Clinton went to the funeral of former Israeli Leader Shimon Peres to hobnob. “Bill went to the funeral only so Hillary could get more Jewish donors,” the military sources who monitored his visit say. Hillary, meanwhile, was recorded by the FBI making a deal with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to double US aid to Israel in exchange for more money to her foundation, the sources add.

There was also a lot of contradictory information coming from sources who told this writer that Hillary Clinton was dead. One source insists she is dead and that the Clinton/Trump debate had been recorded in advance. Another source says Hillary was killed and replaced by a clone and since the clones have limited intelligence, she needed an earphone microphone and a teleprompter in order to be able to debate. It is also possible that a body double was used who would also need a teleprompter and earphone so that her handlers could tell her what to say. The technology also now exists to use computer graphics to create debating Hillary.

What is clear in any case is that somebody went to a lot of trouble to make is seem she died, including putting images of her falling down on world TV screens and having TV networks broadcast reports that she died. She also cancelled a whole series of live appearances. This may have been done to prevent her being executed for the crime of mass murder by making would be executioners think she was already dead.

Whatever the case, even if it was the real Hillary, online polls overwhelmingly agree she lost the debate by a huge margin.

There is also an ongoing avalanche of exposure of the criminal activities of the Clinton foundation and of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Forget the stories of their foundation peddling watered down AIDS drugs and the like, the real story is that they are mass murderers involved in the nuclear bomb triggered tsunami attacks against Haiti and Japan.

There is also more and more evidence coming out that the people behind the Federal Reserve Board are Satan worshippers. The latest to be leaked is a video purporting to show Angelina Jolie describe to friends her participation in Satanic rituals.


Angelina Jolie Admits To Illuminati Sacrifice In Leaked Video

Angelina Jolie admits to the satanic ritual she performed to enter the Order of the Illuminati in newly surfaced secret footage where she is talking to two c…

Jolie has since been offered a post in the Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign relations and other powerful positions.

There have also been revelations by former Clinton aides that Hillary Clinton participated in witch-craft activities. Hillary’s leaked e-mails show she made sacrifices to Moloch, a different name for Satan.

These revelations jives with what I was told when I visited the P2 Freemason lodge in Italy about how the inner group at the top levels of world power practice human sacrifice, carry out arcane rituals to summon “entities,” and run world events in line with movements of the stars and planets. I was poisoned during that visit and was not supposed to live to tell the world about them and their activities.

Now, however, they are being exposed on multiple fronts by whistleblowers, intelligence agencies and others. Once these people are deprived of their money “Majick,” they will lose the final remnants of their power and will be systematically hunted down and neutralized. That is why the Federal Reserve Board is being taken down.

The documents below, sent by agency white hats, are concrete evidence the White Dragon Society and its allies are on the case. The guns of October have started to roar. There will be more in November. The attacks will continue until it is finally over and humanity is set free. If we all work on this, victory by Christmas is possible.


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