Benjamin Fulford Update – May 16, 2016

Chinese say gold only through White Dragon, Japanese resistance say Obama to be hit with “Kamikaze” in Hiroshima

May 16, 2016

The battle for the planet earth is raging on many fronts. The financial war remains the most important of these fronts. Here the Chinese military and the Dragon family behind them are now insisting gold will only be made available to the West if it goes through the White Dragon Foundation and is used to establish world peace, Chinese government sources say. We will talk more about this below but the other big development is that a hand written note was delivered to this writer that said “The Kamikaze will try to assassinate Bummer in Hiroshima.” The meaning is that a suicide bomber will try to kill US President Barack Obama when he visits Japan towards the end of this month.

Another intriguing, and possibly related, happening is that Japan’s national NHK broadcasting network put out a documentary stating that in 1944 a Japanese military airplane factory was hit with a pinpoint earthquake. Following this, US B29 bombers dropped leaflets saying “what shall we do to you next after the earthquake?” The seismograph of the 1944 earthquake is identical to the pattern seen in the earthquake swarm that was centered on Japanese military bases in Kyushu last month. Here is a link to the Japanese language NHK documentary about the earthquake attack.


The most likely technology being used for such attacks would be based on Nikola Tesla’s Oscillator

which was turned into a military secret by the US government in the 1930’s. The Japanese underground brought this documentary to our attention and say they will get their revenge for the latest earthquake attacks.

Russian sources, for their part, have forwarded detailed evidence of systematic killing of civilians by the Khazarian mafia in the Ukraine and elsewhere for the purpose of harvesting their organs for transplant. Some of the evidence is attached at the end of this week’s report. You can be sure the perpetrators of these crimes are being hunted.

The Khazarian mafia, desperate for a refuge from the ongoing purge, has temporarily succeeded in overthrowing the popularly elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The new government of criminals has already set about “privatizing” (looting) large sections of the economy. You can be sure the battle of Brazil is not over and the new kleptocratic government will not be stable or long lasting.

Khazarian Nazi faction senior honcho Henry Kissinger, who was not killed as Alexander Romanov of the illuminati wrongly informed us, was summoned to the Pentagon on May 9th, the date of Russia’s victory over Germany in World War 2, Pentagon sources say. There Kissinger was told
to inform his fellow Khazarian Mafiosi that they must let banks fail, stop stealing savings and pensions, cease using negative interest rates and that they must back the US dollar with gold. The May 9th date was chosen to symbolize US/Russian military cooperation in a message directed to the holders of the gold in Hong Kong, the Pentagon sources say.

The Chinese have reacted by, as mentioned above, offering at least 20,000 tons of gold at a 13% discount on the condition that, as mentioned before, 10% goes towards setting up a future planning agency while the other 3% is for commissions. The holders of the gold are the Chinese military who say they will not hand it over to either the Chinese communist government or to Chinese corporations. They say apart from the 20,000 tons, that has been refined into 99.99% pure 12.5 kilogram bars, there is a lot more gold still available but that it is in ingots of 60% gold and 40% copper and would need to be refined. The Chinese military report to the dragon family both CIA and Chinese government sources agree.

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