Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, May 15th

     MAY 15, 2016

Greetings dear ones.  You would be happily surprised by how much light is now pouring forth from many different locations on earth.  Eyes are starting to open, and ears are beginning to hear.  It may appear as if nothing new is happening, as if the world is instead going backward,  but it is not.
Much of the corruption  you are now becoming aware of was previously kept  hidden from the majority within in an energy system that supported it, and anyone seeking expose these activities was simply removed.  There is not more corruption today,  it is simply that through modern technology and an evolving world consciousness, these things are now coming to light.
The world is  awakening to self empowerment and the understanding that they have the ability to choose for themselves.  This is manifesting outwardly in the political scene of the USA.
This is how evolution works in the third dimension.  Throughout history, very evolved mystics and teachers incarnated for the purpose of “seeding” world consciousness with spiritual truth because the human mind ( mind conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation) is only able to access what is already present in world consciousness.
These teachers were usually considered  heretics or worse and many were killed because of their teachings.   At the time these truths were so new, that very few people were evolved enough to attain a consciousness of them but because the teachings of these Light workers became a part of world consciousness, they are now available to anyone ready and open to receive them.
There comes a point in the evolutionary journey where you will begin to receive whatever information or truth is needed  from within, by-passing the conditioned human mind, This is the source of  true creativity.  Profoundly talented artists of all venues, do not build on what is already known, but allow something wholly new to flow out from a deeper level.
Weather chaos is Gaia’s way of clearing dense energies of the past and present needing to be removed  as a part of her ascension process.   As long as mankind continues to pollute and create the discordant and low resonating energies of war and separation, she will be forced to do her own clearing.
We speak today about forgiveness, a facet of unconditional love that is proving not only to be very difficult,  but has become a block for many as they try to move into unconditional love.  Many of you have had  experiences that hurt you deeply on all levels in this lifetime as well as in past lifetimes.  As a result, you still carry emotions of resentment, hate, anger, shame, guilt, fear etc. in cellular as well as conscious memory.
Because you are now spiritually ready, those energies need to be acknowledged and cleared are  making their appearance.  Triggered by some person or situation  they will often pop up  when least expected, surprising and embarrassing the individual . Stored cellular memory triggered by some event is the root of road rage,  panic attacks, and inordinate fears, as well as many other human conditions.
Regardless of denial or how deeply buried, old energy resonates and influences an individual’s belief system and choices.  Many  have come to  believe that they can never forgive some certain person or persons even through they want to.  For some,  refusal to forgive is a conscious choice, but for those of you well along your spiritual path, choosing forgiveness for self as well as others, indicates a readiness for the next step.

It must be understood that every soul creates a pre-birth soul plan before incarnation.  A plan that involves all the major players necessary for whatever lesson or lessons have been chosen as necessary for spiritual growth.  These players are usually from the same soul group and have experienced many other lifetimes together in various roles even occasionally volunteering out of love to play the “bad guy”.
At various times within your many earthly sojourns,  some one or many have done  physical, emotional, or mental harm to you.  This is true for everyone.   Cellular memory  stores these experiences and until cleared, they are carried forward into each new incarnation. They rarely all manifest fully  in every incarnation unless it is part of an individual’s soul plan.  Cellular memory is why for no conscious reason, you may react to a certain person with dislike or fear when you do not really even know them.
There are some who spend  lives living and proudly identifying themselves as victims, building their whole identity around  events of the past.  This state of consciousness can provide a first step toward self empowerment for one still living fully in the third dimensional belief system.,  but you are ready to see and act from a higher level–one that does not resist, cover up, or claim some trauma to be personally yours.  You ready to  “lay the ax at the root”.
It takes courage to deeply examine those situations still holding you in bondage because understandingly you  would rather not re-live the painful emotions reflective of your state of consciousness at that time.  No matter how deeply you may have tried to bury these experiences, the accompanying anger, shame, fear etc..must be acknowledged as a part of your energy field.    Embracing every personal emotion or thought  with respect, non-resistance, and even love for the lessons provided,  is an extremely important part of loving self/SELF.
Honor yourselves and your emotions,  never seeking to somehow bypass or eliminate them without examination in the belief that they are not a part of true spirituality.  Do not struggle to attain some concept of forgiveness or use it to override the emotions of anger, fear, shame, resentment, etc. that will arise as you seek to forgive.  Acknowledgement of and respect for all facets of self, even the parts you do not like is necessary because self can never be excluded from the ONE.
When you feel ready, ask yourself?  “What did I learn from this experience?  Is the  interpretation I am holding based in third dimensional concepts as presented by a belief system of duality and separation or  am  I allowing myself to see this experience with my new eyes based in truth?”
For example, in the human scene,  childhood abuse often results in multiple problems for the adult.  However, understand that childhood abuse is  frequently chosen as  part of a soul’s pre-birth plan.  It is often chosen by a soul who feels he is now evolved enough and ready to learn self empowerment, move beyond seeking validation from others, and clear old abusive cellular memory still carried from other lifetimes.
Understand that no soul is allowed to plan a life experience that is beyond their evolved ability to  learn from it.   Everyone is always being lovingly guided by their personal Guides as well as other Beings of Light but since most humans are yet unable to see these higher dimensional helpers with human eyes, they believe themselves to be alone,  without help, and that they are victims.
The darkest moments of life are often turning points necessary for growth beyond an old state of consciousness.  For the individual, these dark moments are not perceived as  positive, but will be understood at a later time (even years) when the emotions have quieted and there is  receptivity to  deeper insight.  Trust the process, knowing that once you choose to evolve, you will get whatever experiences are necessary.
Forgiveness never means that the  one  who caused you pain must now become your best friend, nor does it mean you forget what happened.  Forgiveness is not denial, but is an attained state of consciousness that sees the bigger picture and knows that nothing is random.  It understands that all  situations have been created to either resolve and complete something from another lifetime, or to present those opportunities necessary for the attainment of a higher state of consciousness.
Never forget that you are not human beings, you are spiritual beings who chose to experience separation as a facet of your journey toward remembering who and what you are. The dominant energy of duality and separation on earth often allows those ready for deeper awareness, to fall flat on their face as many times as may be necessary until they can say; “There must be a better way.” thus opening themselves to more.
Karmic situations from past lifetimes often enter into the ability to forgive even when the evolving soul knows they are ready to resolve and clear everything old and finished.  Karma is the balancing of energy and not a punishment as many believe.
Once recognized, karma can be resolved and cleared even if others involved are not ready or able to cooperate on a higher level.  It is a matter of going within, recognizing the innate divinity of the other or others,  removing any remaining energetic cords (state your intention and ask for help if you do not know how to remove energy cords),  and then simply moving on knowing it is finished.
As one’s state of consciousness evolves more deeply into truth, remaining karmic energies  automatically dissolve without effort or even knowledge because karma is no longer a part of that consciousness.  Karma is more of an active issue for those still heavily conditioned with third dimensional beliefs.
Forgiveness is a matter of intention, a choice, the asking for help to understand more deeply, and allowing the process to unfold while living at one’s highest level of awareness.  Efforts made to rid  one’s self of negativity or guilt for past actions are unnecessary  because the higher frequencies automatically supercede the lower, simply dissolving them into the nothingness that they  are.  This is the more evolved way of “self improvement”.
You are entering into more difficult tasks of evolution as you clear remaining  debris–sweeping out the corners of your belief system and resolving long ignored or buried issues.  The years of inner work you have done are now shining Light on everything still needing to be cleared or understood from a higher level.   Forgiveness is a component of this.

It is as if you have chosen to go to a movie.  You make the choice and pay to see the story.  You become involved and often experience anger, fear, sadness, pity etc. as the story unfolds.  You experience emotional highs and lows based on whatever action is taking place.  It all feels very real.  Then the curtain closes, the credits run,  and you leave the theater in full awareness that you were an observer.  You do not personally claim the story to be reality.  This is earth school.
The ONE  perfect and unconditioned Consciousness that you are  holds no dreams of separation.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                        5/15/16