Love is our new reality

Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, May 13th

Dear Ones,

Are you concerned that the hate and rage displayed by your media are happening in your world – and to you? That the joy you sense through shimmers of light is the false prophet of your reality? That nothing is as you wish and everything is as it seems?

Even though you hope such is not true, how can you know without a doubt? For your new you feels a bit more nebulous with every media shift from difficult to fearful.

Fear sells for that is what humans have focussed on for eons. So those enmeshed in that place push fear more than ever. The prophecies are that all will seem very fearful indeed – until it is not.

Those beings who have not yet opted for New Earth and their new being are en masse going through the ‘dark night of their soul’. Addressing those pieces that have kept them awake nights for eons. Remember how heavy and inescapable that time felt for you and multiply it by millions and that is what earth is now experiencing.

Because you completed your ‘dark night of the soul,’ you have, in essence, erased the deeply disturbing thoughts that were part of that time for you. Even though you know it was an extremely difficult time; you cannot exactly remember how terrible it felt. A bit like trying to remember the flu. An uncomfortable time that made you almost believe you would always be sickly – and then you were not. So it is now. All is culminating for those not quite certain they wish to be part of this shift.

Even though they sense your joy and love, they do not yet believe such is possible for them. So they are gnashing their teeth in anger and despair. Something your media is only too happy to report – for the media sales model is based on fear.

Would you not be amazed if your media limited their reporting to happy or even positive incidents? Is not every traumatic event reported again and again? Is not every loving incident reported with a smile reminding all that such is an anomaly?

So it is you are surrounded by fear expecting that fear to reach you even though you are now more likely to experience joy than fear.

As if you might experience joy today, but surely some of those fear pieces will touch you soon. You know such is no longer true, but you are in the minority.  And the media continues to inform you that you are wrong, and they are right.

No shift is easy. This shift is more difficult for never before has an entire planet attempted shifting at the same time. And you have been at the forefront for perhaps decades.

It was assumed by all, that you would plant New Earth seeds and your children and grandchildren would harvest them. But you decided to experience the end-product of an earth filled with joy – resulting in your current emotional, perhaps even physical exhaustion.

You see and sense the negativity and cannot comprehend why anyone would opt to be of earth in fear when it is no longer necessary. So you question yourself – “Did I make this up? Is New Earth a fanciful dream?”

You doubt New Earth and everything you believed in for years, even decades. Just as was true when you were so ill you could not remember what health felt like.

Your current angst will be short-lived for you will soon see human shimmers of light through the current dense fog.

Those millions experiencing their dark night of the soul are crying out for mercy, help and love. You are finely tuned enough to sense that cry for mercy. But not yet enough to provide the help they expect. For the help they expect is for someone to carry them through their fears. A piece, as you well know, they must do themselves – which no one wants to hear or fully understands.

You were the same. During your dark night of the soul, you cried to the heavens for assistance and became extremely angry when you did not receive it. Many, such as Brenda, were angry enough to deny their spiritual being for years.

So it is for you now. You wish to help those in need but you cannot. So you are beginning to feel as if you have no purpose, no role in this transition. You are even beginning to doubt this transition. For if you are so powerful, why can you not shift earth beings quickly enough so you could not hear their cries of agony? Just as a parent feels when their child is ill.

You are not their parent. Your role does not include removing fears from others. You have your path to follow. And by following your path, others will take note. But if you stop to help others or because you no longer believe in New Earth, you are not helping anyone – including yourself.

Your role is not to wallow in the mud with those who are crying in fear. Your role is to provide a ray of sunshine and, therefore, hope for those now crying out.

You are not a savior; you are a god/goddess of joy – a unique joy only you can fulfill and experience. For what is joyful for you is not necessarily joyful for anyone else. And what is fearful for the masses is not necessarily something you are fearful of for your perceptions are shifting daily. Even so, you hear the cries, and that is indeed painful for you.

Only your ongoing joy will help those now in deep pain to move to joy. Most of those crying out do not have the inner guidance with which you entered earth. So it is more difficult for them to sense that they have a choice.

Your role is to offer that choice. That is why you have been and will always be at the forefront of this transition.

You were programmed so at your behest before birth in this lifetime. You were also programmed to feel fear again in this 3D lifetime so you would understand those experiencing fear now.

The difference is you did not expect to remain on earth for this phase. So it is that some of you are flipping back and forth a bit saying to yourself, “Am I real? Is this transition real?”

Only to observe those who do not believe and returning to your role as a beacon of light. Maybe not today, but most certainly tomorrow. For you were meant to move from fear to joy in this lifetime – you just overstayed your welcome a bit, so you are undergoing more fear, via the fears of others, than you or us anticipated.

You have completed your 3D fear cleansing. You do not have the energy nor the role of completing the 3D fears of others. Allow yourself to be in joy as a beacon for those who cannot see any light. They will – because of you. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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