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Deepest Darkest Secrets behind the Establishment Hierarchy’s evil Globalist NWO Agenda by Preston James

Deepest Darkest Secrets behind the Establishment Hierarchy’s evil Globalist NWO Agenda

Full disclosure of these deep, dark secrets is now well underway and is in process of completely disempowering the Khazarian Mafia, its Establishment Hierarchy and their evil Globalist NWO Agenda.

by Preston James
This is a long article and you can read the bold print and the conclusion to save time and get a pretty good idea of its main claims. This article is quite esoteric in nature and is solely based on the personal opinions, views and field research of the author. This article is based on personal interviews and participant-observation fieldwork over a 30 year period with numerous Intel and LE individuals not associated with VT in any way. 
I would rather not believe any of what I propose in this article is true. But I have seen far too much hard evidence provided to me by well qualified, experienced others and have seen too much actual evidence firsthand to doubt the conclusions I propose in this article. I have worked with federal whistleblowers who were bucking the Establishment Hierarchy who have been without question harassed by actual alien ETs (and for which there has been supporting evidence of such Alien ET presences). 
Thus, it makes sense to me to now assume that there is a connection between the Select Few Establishment Hierarchy (EH) controllers who sit at the top of the pyramidal EH of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), the world’s largest organized crime syndicate. 
This EH/KM is run by the “Select Few”, the unimaginably evil and criminally insane, soulless, pure psychopaths who call the shots on behalf of the EH/KM and start wars to generate mass death and mass human suffering of innocents, who run Satanic pedophile ops and child ritual sacrifices, all done in order to perpetuate their reigns of secret terror and to empower themselves in order to gain massive riches and status, and to make major progress in attaining their evil age-old, inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda. 
Unless you are up to speed and well informed about the Secret Space War, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and its stateside Establishment Hierarchy (EH), you would probably be wasting your time reading it. Without that background it is unlikely to fit into your head!
Please be forewarned that this article is highly controversial and may be deemed somewhat offensive to some who profoundly disagree with its assumptions and conclusions. My thanks and gratitude to the top Directors of VT for allowing this kind of controversial article. Do not assume any of them necessarily agree with the content provided below and to those living and deceased (most are deceased now) who provided much of this information and evidence to me over the last 30 years.

There are some very deep dark secrets behind the evil Globalist NWO Agenda that the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins have been trying to attain over at least the last 1,000 years.

Since the average lifespan of the “Select Few” Kingpins that sit at the top of the KM Hierarchy is no longer than most oldest humans (usually no more than 80-100 years), we know that something else is at play here.

Mike Harris, VT Financial Editor and VT Talk Show Host (Short End of the Stick) has stated a number of times, some inter-generational entity that lives hundreds of years seems to be involved here directing this evil agenda.

How else can this inter-generational continuity of mission be occurring with so much consistency?

I have called this inter-generational entity in the past the Third Force, a non-human incredibly evil force working through specially chosen human “bloodline” families. More on that later with a description of the First, Second, Third and Fourth forces and how they operate one against the other.
And if there is a Third Force directing and managing this progressive roll-out of this Globalist Alien ET Agenda as it seems, this would mean that this entity has pretty advanced power to effectively direct this evil Globalist NWO Agenda.

FRANKLIN_cover-front-medAnd we now know for certain that this is an unimaginably evil agenda of pedophilia, child torture and child sacrifice, child vivisection, human parasitism of a wide variety, inflicted mass illness and suffering on humans all over the world, mass-murder through high tech eugenics, and engineered wars on humans over many generations.

Without some non-human external entity directing the evil, soulless Select Few, it seems impossible for the Bloodline Families to be able to maintain such a well-organized long term plan of many hundreds of years.

And it certainly appears that this non-huamn entity is behind an age-old, inter-generational plan to centralize all governments into a One-World System that serves the special needs of the Select Few Khazarian Mafioso while providing them unbridled power to asset strip, disable and destroy so many millions of innocent humans as they relish doing.

It should now be obvious to most who consider these realities that the Select few and their Establishment Hierarchy (EH) subordinates have lost their human souls, that is, if they even had one in the first place.

These evil folks act as criminally insane psychopaths with no human conscience or sympathy for others, much like pure sociopaths who frontal lobes are shrunken or damaged to the point they cannot empathize with the suffering of others.

The ability of the Globalist NWO folks to consolidate all major industries, Intel and Law Enforcement in America is now a well established fact that is easily observable.

10933829_826252190754806_7533839199052853342_nThis has course been done by the Establishment Hierarchy to centralize their power and take control away from states, communities and We The People.

Such long term inter-generational efforts show great genius, craftiness and a sophisticated understanding of human mass psychology and mind-kontrol methodologies and an ability to deploy them effectively.

The First Force is the basic self-interests of We The People to preserve our Republic form of government, and protect our basic institutions while guarding our basic family heritage of character and morality.

The Second Force is the the evil would-be tyrants who are actually soulless, two-face criminal sociopaths who put on a false-face of so-called public service while they harbor an unimaginably criminally insane pure psychopathic evil inner nature which directs them to do any evil they can get away with in secret in order to acquire power and seize the reign of government for their own evil purposes. The Second Force at present and for at least the last 1,000 years has been the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

The Third Force is the source of all evil in the universe that itself is very crafty and remarkably two-faced. He presents himself as an angel of light and enlightenment when he stands for just the opposite, ultimate evil. The Third Force is Lucifer (Satan, the highest ranking “Fallen One”).

The Fourth Force is the source of all original life, goodness, love, morality, ethics, loyalty, character and the Golden rule to love your neighbor as yourself and treat others the way you want to be treated. The Fourth Force is God Almighty, the Supreme Creator of the Universe who is the only eternal power.

There are Ten deep, dark secrets of the establishment Hierarchy (EH) and some others that they themselves remain hidden from even them.

  1. The First deep, dark secret of the Establishment Hierarchy (EH) is that it’s top leaders, the Select Few, gain energy and power from the dark side through human compromise operations (most often pedophile honey traps) and are able to quite effectively coerce, blackmail elected and appointed officials, and large corporate Directors into doing their will which is usually anti-America, anti-human, and unimaginably evil.

BAPHOMET56We now know for certain that the Establishment Hierarchy is the stateside franchise of the Khazarian Mafia (aka World Zionists, Babylonian Talmudic Tribalists, the Process Satanic pedophile network, the Illuminati, the Secret society and High Freemasonry hidden network, all different names for this world’s largest, most evil organized crime syndicate.

And yes, the KM is the largest RICO crime syndicate ever to plague America, far surpassing the “Black Hand” and even the Cosa-Nostra, neither of which used pedophilia and child sacrifice to gain power from the Darkside like the Establishment Hierarchy of the KM.

If this first deep, dark secret of the EH’s massive human compromise operations on a continuing every day basis was ever believed and accepted as the absolute fact that it is, the American people would rise up and hunt down and destroy these perps one way or another.

The problem is that the American public has been mind-kontrol by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) including KM television programming and sophisticated NWO, Globalist Luciferian programming in the public schools and public institutions of higher learning for the last 50 years and are not able to believe something is accepted truth unless it is “christened” as such by the CMMM.

  1. The Second deep, dark secret of the EH is that it’s top leaders, the Select Few, gain energy and power from murdering young infants and children through satanic rituals based on child torture, child sacrifice that are so evil and gross it would not be appropriate to describe them here.

Any Establishment Hierarchy perp exposed publicly for doing this by well-validated, credible videos that provided their sure and easy identification would result in an immediate crazed public reaction and motivated public actions to hunt these perps down and destroy them as an exercise in unmitigated vigilante law.

DO NOT EXPOSE OUR EVILIt is difficult for the American Public to ever learn about this and accept it as actual fact because of the massive lock created over the American Mass Mind by the CMMM and the public schools system run out of DC by Globalist NWO agents for the Establishment Hierarchy.

Make no mistake about it, the reason Hollywood actors are paid so much is because of their immense value to the EH for instilling Babylonian Talmudic values in the American Masses subconscious group minds, which helps justify the Tribalists’ morally compromised lifestyles and keeps the American masses from ever rising up against them to end their reign of occupation and terror once and for all.

The EH has always taken great efforts to bring in drugs, push perversity and amorality in order to dirty up the American masses. This creates cover for their evil lifestyles, asset stripping and hijacking of America from We The People.

It’s difficult for any populace which the EH has mired up in Babylonian Talmudic prescribed evil, sin and rot to morally object to the evil but lavish EH lifestyles that allow EH to live in extreme luxury by parasitizing the American working men and women. These average Americans actually work for a living rather than scam, lie, cheat and asset strip others to gain their vast fortunes and power like the Select Few and their EH puppets do.

  1. The Third deep, dark secret of the EH is that it is being personally “anointed”, empowered and directed by what high level insiders refer to as the “Third Force”.

This Third Force has been described in various different ways, always in mystical and supernatural terms as a powerful supra-human Force which exercise extreme Psi-power deployed through its Select Few “EH servants” who run the EH on its behalf.

FREEMASONRY1After studying this force and tangling with it for many years I am now pretty certain that it is not only evil in nature from the dark side, but that it is now directing its own worldwide secret Luciferian Network that remains hidden in plain sight within High Freemasonry, various associated secret societies and a secret Satanic Pedophile network specializing in child sacrifice and many acts far to evil to present here.

These EH/KM Satanic rituals are always “Dual use”.

That is they are used for both pedophile and associated child sacrifice producing instant adrenaline highs for their own personal kicks and for human compromise operations as well. Detailed descriptions of these unimaginably evil acts can in some cases send susceptible readers into PTSD relapses so it is not appropriate to get too specific here.

Not only do many of the first participants in these ritual understand they are Satanic in nature, but they do not understand they are giving up their very souls for participating and opening themselves up to possession by a Third Force entity. This Third Force entity desires to use them, but has no loyalty or love for them. It provides access to incredible rewards when they reach a certain point in their progressively higher, more evil initiations.

1bb4c188c0886109de86ae0f806090fb4766c850At such a point an entity appears to them personally and offers them all the riches, power, and status they could ever want if they will sell their soul. When they do this and begin to receive what was offered as promised by this entity, they receive their own spirit guide that appears to them in secret and serves as their operational consigliere (counselor).

What they are not told is that this entity will discard them and toss them on the trashpile of history in a NY minute once they are no longer needed.

Not only is this account which has been provided by several good sources independent of each far to incredulous for the average person, it is something I have difficulty believing even though I now know it is actually true.

Even those who work inside unacknowledged special access programs related to the Secret Space War system who know about this often feel denial welling up inside their consciousness which the leads to major cognitive dissonance often followed by feeling of quiet desperation.

  1. The Fourth deep, dark secret of the EH is that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was taken over by the Third Force itself and is used to further it own Globalist NWO Agenda to conform with the one the Third Force has instilled in the top EH controllers, aka the Select Few.

427352_305291789594325_1827641121_nThe Secret Shadow Government was set up under the National Security Act of 1947 and 1952 to deal with and contain the Alien ET/crashed UFO matters, the secret treaties with Alien ET groups, the back-engineering of crashed UFOs, and the joint human/ET projects at the Dulce, NM Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB).

At the Dulce DUMB there is an expensive joint effort between a certain Alien ET group to create a cure for their Third Force “created android-type races” whose genetics are decaying rapidly, and joint efforts to synthetic the soul to implant in their own Third Force created species. By the way, these efforts so far have failed and will always be doomed to complete failure, just like all the Third Forces synthesized races.

  1. The Fifth deep, dark secret of the EH is that the Third Force is actually Lucifer and his Fallen Angels (the Nephilim or the Fallen Ones).

Lucifer (Satan) is the King of the “two-faced” and is only loyal to his minions, his soulless, possessed “servants” as long as they serve a practical need for him in taking down the whole world and setting up his worldwide Luciferian Kingdom. Once the Select Few and their top minions usefulness is diminished, they will all be tossed on the trash pile of history.

dd395-House (site)As the Khazarian Mafia (KM) is now no longer needed, he will make certain its cover is blown and its sins fully exposed and he (Lucifer) will take it down and provide a more acceptable substitute.

As the KM is now being cornered all over the World and in America too, the Select few and their top Minions and Cutouts are going to become confused and have strong reactions of incredulity at their long deserved exposure and demise.

But anything the KM does to try and resurrect itself an put on a new socially acceptable face will be far too little too late because they will be completely taken apart at the seams.
This will occur as the Third Force abandons them completely and raises up a new power that seems righteous but will be empowered to be the epitome of two-faced evil.

This new power will be able to project a caring public face, while enacting the deepest, darkest covert evil in history which will culminate in the end of the age and the appearance of the Fourth Force which will end the reign of evil of the Third Force.

The Third force is the ultimate evil in all creation but because it is able to craftily disguise itself as enlightenment and light when it is actually covert darkness, death and sophisticated human soul-snatching, it is able to evade recognition for what it is by most.

  1. The Sixth deep, dark secret of the EH is that the Third Force obtains more and more of its extreme power by snatching human souls (stripping them away from the human host and covertly replacing it with one of his entities) and by stealing one’s life-force through extreme human torture, pain and suffering and murder.

The mass-murder of many innocents in war always based on putting soldiers in a “Kill or be killed” desperate situation is the key to this unrelenting blood shedding and mass human sacrifice.

_63551935_totp752It is pedophilia and human misery, suffering and human sacrifice that not only empowers the Third Force and his entities (the fallen ones) but also empower the EH recruits and members as they climb into the various successively higher levels of initiation rituals which are too disgusting to detail here.
The Select few are basically living off the life-force of their pedophile and ritual sacrifice victims by feeding the evil entities that possess them, direct them and empower them. The top EH members, especially the Select Few (not just men but a few well know women too) drink their blood after subjecting them to the most pain, trauma and fear imaginable in order to get their hormones secreted in maximum panic.

  1. The Seventh deep, dark secret of the EH (Select Few only) is that their age-old, inter-generational Globalist NWO is actually the same Evil Agenda of a certain Alien ET group which (the Dracos) which itself is the Third Force Luciferian Agenda which is also the same Agenda of the Hierarchy and the Select Few that run it are so highly committed to attaining.

Yes, This Globalist NWO Agenda is the same actual Agenda of the Third Force (Lucifer). But it is the operational agenda of the Alien ETs (Dracos or Dragons) as well which who take orders from Lucifer himself.
alien-midway1 (2)It is important for humans to understand that this Evil Globalist NWO Agenda can only be advanced if certain societal engineering has been successfully attained: Society must be dirtied up to in progressive degrees with crime, drugs, perversity, destruction of genetically defined sex roles, destruction of conventional marriage, destruction of the family; and all this can only be accomplished by the establishment of Neo-Bolshevik Babylonian Talmudic perversions of morality as the acceptable norm. This of course also creates great cover for the extreme evil, sins and crimes against humanity of the Khazarian mafia, and its Select Few.

  1. The Eighth deep, dark secret of the EH (only the Several Few know and a few researchers who have discovered anecdotal evidence or been provided leaks from secret Space War Program members) is that the Third Force has a number of large psychotronically and psi-tronically “cloaked” spaceships (thus invisible to humans).

These large invisible to us spaceships lie in deep earth orbits and contain hundreds of Alien ET specially bred android-type cipher technicians who monitor humans who give off psychic Psi-signals that come within their defined algorithm parameters.

These Alien ET ciphers continually monitor humans whom they designated as targets and deploy custom psychotronic solutions and psi-power solutions designed to get them back into their desired parameters and on track to lose their souls, so that the Third Force can reach the break point and start descending and onto the Earth surface and walk around freely in total command.

These alien ET ciphers have been reported to have access to a trans-time “lens” that has been labelled the “looking glass”.

This was claimed by Alien ETs working in joint SSG special access, unacknowledged programs to be able to project images from the future, thus providing an ability to preview where certain targets and governments are headed unless psychotronic and psi-tronic efforts are made to intervene. Some insider believe there has been significant evidence to prove beyond any doubt that these devices are faulty and not accurate.

Actually, the Quantum computer algorithm projections for behavioral chains (continuing committed lines of action) are far more accurate when they use complex multivariate analysis and millions of divergent models for projections and gaming each situation using high-speed calculations.

It has also been claimed by various Alien ET “ambassadors” who have established daily or periodic working relationships with certain EH members (of the Select Few) that there are Stargates, naturally occurring as well as advanced ET time machines, that can distort or warp time, or be used to take an entity or human to a different time period or Galaxy. I have no reason to believe or disbelieve this claim, but if true, a Fourth Force has certainly set well-defined rigid “Rules of Play” governing the use of such. Next herein is a description of the Fourth Force.

  1. The Ninth deep, dark secret of the EH is that there is a God Almighty, the Fourth Force: which is the Supreme Ruler and Creator of all; the eternal “I am” that has the power to control the whole universe and deal with the Third Force whenever so desired, based on His own age-old plan; and has set in place immutable “Rules Of Play” that the Third Force and its minions must obey.

georgia_guidestonesThe Fourth Force has imposed and always enforces rigid “Rules of Play” on the Third Force and the EH to which they must conform. The first rule is that the Third Force and the EH must provide informed consent to the masses before they attempt to soul-snatch and subject the populace to more of their age-old inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda.

Another rule of play is that Alien ET groups, who are actually the synthetic progeny of the Third Force, who are in a constant state of genetic degradation and weird diseases, have been exiled to live underground and habitate different dimensions and time periods, unless personally invited by a nation’s high government officials.

Then certain small numbers of these entities may live and operate in joint projects, which they do. This is why we have had some small numbers of Alien ETs and alien/human hybrids in the Pentagon and even the White House at various times since 1947.

Alien ETs cannot appear in any mass setting like a major city and land their craft and get out or walk among us undisguised because they are prevented by the Fourth Force from doing so by the mandated Rules of Play of the Forth Force.

They will only be able to walk freely among us in their native appearance when a majority of humans have lost their souls to the Third Force by being significantly dirtied up and corrupted. This may be close at hand just based on the breakdown of marriage, the family, sex roles and the endemic corruption at every level of society and all levels of the USG.

I frequently hear the argument attempting to discredit the power of various Alien ET advanced weapons such as particle beams. It goes like this: “well, if Alien ETs were real and there were actually real anti-gravity craft with such unlimited energy sources, certainly they would just land and take over the whole Earth in a matter of mere days!”

The reason they don’t do this is not that they can’t because they don’t have advance weapons systems or extreme zero point energy systems and anti-gravity or even advanced healing methods using special light and frequencies. But it is because the Fourth Force has imposed rigid Rules of Play which prevent this.

If the Alien ETs (actually all are Third Force synthetic android type progressively decaying races) are ever to take over the whole world and walk freely on the surface it will be because they did it by taking the souls of each human, one at a time and reaching a majority where the net desire is to be ruled by the Third Force directly because the masses have been totally deceived by the Third Force, mis-perceiving its extreme darkness as light and enlightenment.

  1. The Tenth deep, dark secret of the EH is that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is engaged in a Secret Space War, in orbital space around Planet Earth, through our galaxy the Milky Way, and in deep space perhaps even into different dimensions.

UFO7There have been reliable vetted testimonies from pilots involved who have been employed in these Secret Space War efforts that are conducted with rigid rules of operation, and specific terms and periods of service, after which sophisticated efforts to completely wipe their memories are conducted (by special IV bags with scopolomine/placidyl type hypnotics administered and cerebrally applied psycho-electronics).

These measures sometimes fail as does a lot of the MK-Ultra Fourth Reich BCC trauma-based, soul murder, MPD-type, Candy Jones/Sirhan-Sirhan/John Hinckley type mind-kontrol. Many of the MK-ultras start remembering after 20-30 years as their conditioning breaks down.

With these Secret Space War Pilots, when it fails, it breaks down much faster, typically in a year or less, but even then it is typical to have a laissez-faire attitude about it probably as an artifact of the lifestyle they led and the mind-kontrol they were subject too.


Now here are some of the biggest secrets of all relating to the Alien ET Third Force problem. And these are not known by the EH or its controlling KM criminal Kingpins, the Select Few either.

The biggest secret of all is one that the Third Force is desperate to contain and is one that even the EH and the Select few are not aware of. This is the fact that the Third Force can be beaten by any significant massing of Psi-power of the American people or by the human populace, which likely means a significant segment, maybe even a simple majority.

Some of the EH and some of the Select few realize that they can be taken down if the masses ever come to know for certain what their secret evil initiation rites and secret rituals consist of (Pedophilia, child sacrifice, etc.).

This significant massing of psi-power can easily occur once the truth about what the EH is a front for, the Khazarian mafia, the world’s largest organized crime syndicate which just happens to be the embodiment of the power of the Third Force and its Alien ET entities.

Once the majority of the humans know that the EH is run by Lucifer that has infected them and snatched their souls and that the EH is completely evil and unredeemable, and that it can be brought down by complete exposure of its two-faced lifestyles and evil sins such as pedophilia and child sacrifice, it’s game over.

Abject secrecy of the two-faced nature and unimaginable secret Satanic ritual sins which include the secret pedophilia and child sacrifice of the EH is completely necessary for their continued power and even their continued existence. Without that extreme secrecy, just like the Alien ET’s secrets that they must obey the Fourth Force’s Rules of Play providing informed Human consent, neither the EH nor the Alien ETs can continue to roll out their evil Globalist NWO Agenda, nor even continue to exist tampering with human societies at all.

That is why the EH has sunk so many millions into their CMMM, Hollywood, the public schools and sport (bread and circuses. This is to keep people mind-kontrolled and lead them away from the truth and keep them too busy and distracted to think about the truly important matters in life so that they can arm themselves with basic morality, decency and the truth about Babylonian Talmudism, Bolshevism and NeoBolshevism, the PNACers, the top NeoCons and the Establishment Hierarchy’s intersection with Satanic evil and the “selling of their souls” to receive power, riches and fame.

Evil can have no hold on society if most members of society practice the Golden Rule of the Fourth Force, that is, to love thy neighbor as thyself, or treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s like the adage expressed in the old movies the “Flim Flam Man” by the main character played by actor George Scott. You just cannot con someone who DOES NOT want something for nothing.

Are all Alien ET entities operating in an evil capacity? The answer is no. Some are programmed to be humanistic and to play a beneficial role in order to keep humans in high positions of power from understanding what is behind them and that they are created by the Third Force as his own synthetic race. Do they have eternal souls as humans are designed to have? The answer is probably not. Only God Almighty has the power to create such.

American-Dead-back-from-Iraq-500-X-466The bottom line is this, the Third Force, Lucifer hates the Creator (the Fourth Force, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe) and wants to destroy all His creation and substitute his own creations including his own synthetic race of human like creatures.

Part of Lucifer’s plan is to systematically destroy all humans and all God’s creatures and substitute his own who will serve and worship him and his system of predatory evil.

One of my deeply embedded, incredibly well-connected sources (not associated with VT in any way) who just happens to be a devout Christian believer assures me that Jesus is the personification of the Fourth Force and voluntarily suffered and died for our evil and sins.

After three days He rose up from death back to sit at the right-hand of God Almighty, thus giving up his Earthly human life as God-man to provide those of us who believe in Him with eternal life with Him and others who are under his forgiveness, grace and protection.

This same source has argued convincingly that the EH and their God Lucifer (aka the Third Force) are always two-faced liars and deceivers, always committed to opposites of what normal moral people want, and continually need to pedophile children, murder, torture, ritual sacrifice and mass-murder others, thus seizing other’s life force in order to assure their continued survival and empowerment. Yes, judgment is now on its way for the KM and its EH.

It is important to realize that many who have been wrongly attacked, tortured, murdered and oppressed by he KM and its EH will be made whole by a loving God Almighty, who will restore their lives in a new, eternal and healthy form.

Because Lucifer is cut off from God Almighty (aka the Fourth Force, the source of all truth and life), Lucifer (Satan) is thus disconnected from eternal truth and mistakenly believes he can win this war between good and evil now being fought. Lucifer’s end is going to eventually be the same as the Khazarian Mafia and its EH which is now rapidly headed for complete exposure via the Intern and word of mouth, complete dis-empowerment, destruction and worldwide eradication.

Lucifer’s last greatest deception is the Alien ET card which he will use to convince the masses that humans were created by ancient aliens or just by naturally occurring evolution and that there is no Eternal Creator (aka God Almighty).

He plans to raise up a man who will appear so good and powerful and will temporarily solve the worldwide economic/monetary problems with very crafty international/global statesmanship. A majority will believe his claims that he is the Messiah that has come to earth to save the human race from impending ruin and destruction. He will call himself the Christ and will fool many who will worship him as God Almighty (the Fourth Force). In order to attain this acceptance, he will destroy the Khazarian Mafia (KM), eliminate the Select few with no mercy and will fix things for a while.
But soon he will begin to sacrifice children in his new temple and will become an insidious tyrant.

Actually be the real and final anti-Christ, the best impersonator of Jesus Christ ever and the Third Force’s imitator Messiah designed to lead many astray will appear to solve all the world’s problems and will succeed for a short time. Soon after, likely within five months, judgment of the Fourth Force (Almighty God, our Creator) will fall on Planet Earth and God Almighty will wage a short hard war against the Lucifer (Satan) and his Fallen Ones. The anti-Christ will deploy all the armies and advanced back-engineered Alien ET technologies he has been given control of and will throw everything against God’s invading armies in a massive attempt to defeat God Almighty. But all this will be to no avail because the Third Force and all his believers will be annihilated.

Stay tuned because thanks to the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press which communicates vast history and contemporary facts and information at the sped of light instead of the speed of paper and ink, the EH and the KM days are now seriously limited. Why is this so? Because they cannot exist and even survive with such massive exposure as is already occurring.

And as insiders have reported Putin and the Russian Federation still have deeply embedded agents who have completely penetrated all Israeli and American Intel and have had complete access to all NSA downloads to Tel Aviv under the Six Eyes Treaty System from the start. It is now convincingly clear that Putin and the Russian Federation, the World’s new real good-guys, have all the NSA downloads of how the EH and the KM attacked America on 9-11-01 and many other US state crimes of the KM and its EH, and is likely planning to release them on the Internet all over the world at strategically planned times, where they will have the most geopolitical impact.

This alone will fully expose the EH and the KM to be parts of the same Satanic Globalist NWO organization as Putin has already publicly claimed.

He or she who has ears, let them hear; he or she who has eyes, let them see; and he or she who still has a heart, character, and basic morality, and working intuition able to judge the difference between good and evil, let them be aware of the KM and its EH and help expose them to all your family and friends who will listen.

syria_1239573_439139399532839_1526373832_n (2)