Love is our new reality

One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, May 15th



Greetings to you. Good to be here again with you, in this way, as always. We would ask you now to briefly share with us your trip here of your experience. Predominantly with the pulse of energy that came from the Galactic Central Sun. Anyone have an experience with this? (They are speaking of the preceding guided meditation)

Sharing: So, when we were doing the meditation I asked for a ship. That ship took off and everything became an incredible Super Nova. It was beyond anything we would call universes or consciousness or whatever. It kept on pulsating and pulsating. I was being it and seeing it at the same time. Everybody in the group was a part of that. When it was time to come back I was aware that we are still on that ship and we are here as multidimensional beings. So that expanded our consciousness.
I am aware of a group of people standing in a 360 degree circle and I was aware of a wave of light going out across them. All of them were sharing and laughing and hugging and yes.

Very good. You had a consciousness expanding experience here. Many will have this happen at the time the pulse actually occurs. It is already in the process but it is being held back somewhat. The great spheres around the earth are mitigating the energy somewhat. Keeping it from coming too fast and too strong because most would not be able to handle this. It is being held back somewhat but when the signal is given, it will be released. It will be released and come in smaller volumes to help those to work with it.

Those of you who have worked through these energies and have been, as Sananda has said, been acclimated to this, you will feel these energies as has been described, as a consciousness raising experience. Where others will have more difficulty with this, they will not understand this, we know that you will move along on your missions as you have spoken of it. You will move on in your missions at that time and help those who are asking for assistance and guidance. You will help mentor to those just as those who mentor to you.

Anyone else like to share their experience?

Sharing: I would like to. I had a really good experience. When I was going up in my Merkaba it was like a rainbow of chakras we had been working on. It wasn’t the shape of a rainbow but it was all those colors inside of it. Swirling and very beautiful.
What I got from the energy is that I felt so much gratitude, love and connected. I was one with all that were involved with the experience, I was really wonderful.

Very good. Thank you for sharing that. Anyone else here?

Sharing: I was sending love to this planet and I saw no blue, it was only gold. We were communicating with direct consciousness. We were all hugging the planet.

Wonderful! You see the planet of gold. James sees the blue planet. Others see it as violet and etc. You see it in the consciousness that is appearing. That it how it is disguised. Anything is possible and anything is correct here.

Anyone else here?

Sharing: Well, I saw the planet as gold and white and saw people dancing in the streets. I saw people looking out through dark windows and they had masks on. They were ripped off and they became one with the light. Quite a cleansing of some kind.

Very good. Anyone else here?

Sharing: Yes, I also felt a growth in consciousness and I grew in stature. As we were sending light to the planet I saw the veil of separation released off everyone. Each face was lighting up so beautiful in love. Everyone was turning toward each other in love. What was in the past was past. A freeing of separation and actions of separation were forgotten. They were no longer tolerated.

Very good. Thank you for sharing this. Anyone else here?’

Sharing: I felt the love very much too. I was above the Earth and with each pulse she was getting bigger and expanding. The love that I felt was unbelievable and the gratitude for letting me have my life on her. I was giving my love back to her for all that she has given me. And for everyone, the same love that was overwhelming.

Very good. Wonderful. All of these things you are speaking of, we are going to be repeating this at your upcoming Advance here. This is a pre-cursor of this. We are going to increase this much over what is happening here. Those who cannot be in person can join over the phone process. This will be made available to as many as can participate here.

It is important because we are also going to be doing something with the entire planet at that time. It is not an Advance to just come and have good times and experiences. It is a time for your part of what you came here for, your mission. To bring light and love to the planet and to know that you, as a group, can have a greater effect on what occurs here in the very near future.

Just a little pre-cursor here and we would ask that everything that has been said here and as we are saying here be transcribed if possible. This is all important here for those that would read this or listen to this, to have an understanding and know that these things are possible and are coming. And these are a part of the great expansion of consciousness that is happening here.

You are in the throes here of the beginning of the evolutionary leap, people. This is a momentous occasion that is about to happen and in many respects has already happened. You have not felt the full ramifications yet. But it is a leap of consciousness that is occurring and each of you will experience it in your own way just as you have described today in your own way.

As you are experiencing this now during a meditation think how you would experience this in your conscious awakening state. Something to consider here.

We would take question now. “Ashira” is standing by. Go for it, people.

Question: I had a meditation this week that involved a mount. I found myself hugging the mountain and I saw it reveal to me that it was built on top of amethyst. I resonated with the amethyst and enjoyed the experience. When it was time to come back I felt that it was OK to leave that part of me with the mountain and come back with this other part of me. Was that OK?

As the veil continues to fall, many are having opportunities to learn such as what you are speaking of. Many are having experiences with dreams and lucid dreams and meditations where they are seeing themselves I other places ad experiencing themselves fully. And choosing not to return entirely to the 3D world and that is perfectly acceptable at this point in time.

It is good for you to have this opportunity to see the other types of dimensional experiences you are having too. As you move ahead more of these will become available to you. We would encourage you and others, as you are experiencing your dropping of veils and experiencing these wonderful times when you are sharing of yourself in different lives, different loves, different opportunities that you do not need to come back fully in this realm.

You can blend all of these, see all of these, share in all of these and be the person you are in all of these.

We would add here that “Ashira” is speaking of your multidimensional selves and as you go through this shift you will become more aware of the various parts of yourself, you might say. This will become more and more prominent within you and you might even come to a point of understanding of this, more and more.

You may come to a point where you do not return to the 3D understanding paradigm that you have become accustomed to. All of you who resonate to these words are moving out of this now and finding yourself, ask the question of yourself, do I feel better it the 3D world or the 4th and 5th dimensional world? Do I feel better with joy and peace and love or do I feel better with the things I associate with the 3D world that I have become accustomed to in all my programming?

Certainly we know that you feel better in the higher vibrations. We know and as you feel the higher vibrations you want to stay in those more. And so on and so on. This is how it works and you are all finding this now.

Question: I have been having these kinds of experiences for a while. Now I am in a café and I look out another window and see myself having another reality. I am allowing myself to be and have the experience.

We are going to comment on the first experience. Wherever you are what would you say to others? They would say, “What drugs are you on? You seem like you need to go into the hospital and all of these types of things.”

In the past when one had these experiences they would up in a hospital or with a straight​ ​jacket on. More and more you can feel free to share these experiences which many have been having for a very long time. Sometimes with hallucinogenic drugs and other times without this.

Before you would be considered needing help and now you are consciousness raising. Now you are consciousness raising.

Question: I have become aware of a second high heart to balance the first one. When that activated another chakra opened below the throat chakra. That was very powerful and very peaceful at the same time. At that time I was shown the symbol of the diamond. I was told years ago that the diamond was the true shape of the Merkaba. Can you share insight for that?

The chakra systems that are coming online for all of humanity are 12 in number. Not the seven you have at this time. We would say that you are a little further along this path then others. You are seeing these open in your body, in your being. This is a very good thing and will continue to open all of these chakras as you move into your Lightbody. Congratulations in this. “OWS” would you like to speak on the diamond?

That is exactly what we are going to speak about here. We are on the right track, “Ashira”.

The diamond here is a very ancient shape and understanding. It has been program​m​ed to come into a shade of darkness you might say. It represents greed and this type of thing.
But the diamond itself is a very ancient symbol and you are correct it does relate to the Merkaba and the merging of your multidimensional selves. And how to move through the multidimensional realities as you move through this consciousness raising vehicle, you might say.

So the diamond is very important and it has taken on a significance of great value. But the Cabal turned that value around and made it greed to hold on to this particular mineral and this particular shape here. There is much too come out soon about ancient ​symbols that have deep understanding and were taken over by the Cabal. A swastika is a very good example here.

Question: I am guided to ask about 4th density ad 4th dimension and 5th density and 5th dimension.

The difference in dimensions has been coming to more and more of an understanding. If you look at the various movies and TV shows, more and more are speaking to different dimensions and realities. If you look back 10 or 20 years ago, there is very little of this. But it is coming out more and more in experiences and understandings.

As you move out of the 3 D world and move into the higher dimensions you understand more about them. And the 4th dimension and the 5th dimension are basically seven regions within each. It might vary a little with that particular individual. You move through these either very quickly or very slowly.

Many on the planet are in the higher 3D level. Others are in the 4th dimensional level at the lower level, or middle or higher. Those who resonate to these words are more in the higher 4D realm. I know it does not seem like it sometimes but you are in the higher 4D level and sometimes in the 5D level you drop back down because something pulls you back. Does this answer your question?

Density has to do with the mass or weightlessness. There is much less mass at the higher density than there is at the lower density. The 3D is much more mass, much more physicality.

As you move up you lose this mass more and more here.

Question: Is it a soul level decision to not go and how can it be that they don’t know that they are missing their friends and family?

In order to answer this question we take you back to your 2012 and the experience that was to occur at that time. Many who resonate to these words were going to have the Ascension experience at that time.

We know that it did not happen as you expected it to and as we expected it to. But because of the Higher Self mass consciousness coming together to say wait! You postponed things. This is where the decision was made. We know you would have said yes, take us! But your Higher Selves spoke up and said we want all to go.

This is the same thing that is occurring now. Your Higher Selves are making these decisions now based on soul contracts and your conscious self having part in the process as well. It is a combination of all working together to get to the result that your multidimensional self is looking for here.

As to those who are not deciding to go they have made those decisions and some have choices to make because they will have come awareness they will come to. When the dominoes fall and all of these things we have been speaking of. They will have more of a conscious choice about things. They will decide to go with the flow or say, “This is of the devil” and nothing can sway them. No one will attempt to do that. It is up to their Godself to move along or hold back.

As to your family members, nothing to be concerned about. We have spoken of this many times. Your family members, your various soul group are all on their own consciousness group, all on their own path. Know that it is their own path and it is not for you to interfere. Let it be. Go with the flow and everything will work out as it is meant to be.

Dear one, you do not need to worry about your family or anyone close to you. Think of many, many people on this moving parkway. There are people on the front of the moving parkways. There are people in the middle and there are people in the end.

Each one has their opportunity to make their decision along the way. When the call out in 2012 for humanity to go, it was decided that was happening. So the people at the very end of this line may decide not to go, it was there decision. Their family and friends will have moved forward.

Just as you have family and friends who seem to fall further and further from your thoughts those friends and family of people who do not choose to go with humanity, their thoughts about the person fall further and further from their thoughts as well.

Do not concern yourself about this. It is not something you are working in. We know that you like to worry about a lot of different things. And a lot of different people and we bless you for that. Know that as humanity moves along its path there are those in the front, those in the middle and those in the end. All right?

Question: Why do some people remember their dreams and others do not?

The dream state is different for each and every being. There are those who are open and do not remember dreams. There are those who are not very open and they remember a lot of dreams. It is a personal experience. And what you will see as you and others move along their pathway is that as the veil drops that experience becomes more vital. It becomes more memorable. It becomes more visible.

As the human family moves forward the dreams that you are having new, different colors and many different frames. Those who do not remember dreams at this point in time will have a plethora of dreams at their disposal every morning.

You are experiencing dreams of not only what you are doing in multidimensional lives but also dreams that are giving you tools to work with this lifetime. Each person in this group has the opportunity to develop a saying a talk to themselves about remembering dreams. Pausing in the morning to thing about the dreams you have had. Pause to think about where you may be going in the next evening.

Dreams are so many different wonderful things for people. You have been told a small amount of what they actually mean in your lives. As you move forward we will continue to talk about dreams and you will see that people are experiencing more opportunities every night they sleep! Opportunities in Hollow Earth. Opportunities on ships. Opportunities that you are not catching now but you will be very soon. Does that help?

Very good. Any further questions?

Then we release channel. On next call with Hollow Earth no announcements but much to experience. That is all we can say now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

I am “Ashira” and so pleased to be with you today.

We actually enjoyed your conversations today before the channeling took place. We were all over the map with your guidance to one another, your sharing and your love. We did not add much to that because it was all very well said.

We know how excited you are by this moment in time. All of that info you hear about here and we may seem a little boring. However, we strive to see things from a bigger picture. We strive to see things from a very cognizant view of your pathway.

We know that you call to us during the week and we are glad you ask. Glad to be with you during meditation. Glad to be with you during the night time. We are glad to be with you whenever you call forth. We are so pleased to be with you.

We give you our love and our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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