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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, Sunday May 10th

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I come with several news items. More and more disclosures have been possible to read both on the web and in the regular media. New people have joined where others have fallen away. It is meant that these people will drive the development of the Light forward. You have now progressed a bit on your path, dear Earthlings. Truths are surfacing that maybe are not always so pleasant to read about, but they cleanse old garbage. The old must depart so that the new can enter. Make sure that the Light with all its Love enters and transforms all that has been dark to be brighter. It is time for the Light to take over this world, dear ones, and with your help it will go like a dance.

There are many Lightworkers in the world now, which both work for and sustain the Light. The world has decided on peace and love and many songs are sung on this topic now. Music has always and will always be a driving force for people to come together in unity and togetherness. The music joins together and spread its notes over the whole world. Also the Light has its notes, but it can be hard to hear them, but you receive them in your bodies when you receive the Light, as the Light it is, full of Love. It is then that you can become inspired to express yourselves in different ways via music, paintings or other forms of art. It is the high vibrations in the light that inspire you to do this. You already know this, but maybe you have not thought of it exactly in the terms that we speak of it now.

To return to what is happening on Earth right now, the first phase has started. Many funds are out there correcting unbalances in the world. You are on your way to get a world in balance. With the help of the Light this will go as smoothly and easily as the music in an early morning sunrise. The changes are adjusted to people’s state of being awake, and the waking up happens gradually with the help of the light and all the lightworkers that sustain the light as more light pours in. The Light gets stronger and this makes for more light for them to sustain, but this can be distributed to all the individuals that now are waking up and want to participate in the process.

Gaia is overjoyed over the progress that is now achieved on her surface. She is very proud of and glad for all her children and sends as much love, courage and hope that she is capable of. Ground yourselves, dear children, and receive all the love from Gaia, because she has much to give and you need her energy to stand steady on the ground also when it is swaying. Swaying it does for many now, so you need to be like trees that have drilled down their roots deep down in the ground, in order not to loose your footing when there is a storm blowing in the treetops. It is a matter of having the focus on the right things. One is that you are One with Gaia and that you together with her are on your way to the Light. The second is to see and understand the Light in your heart and that you are One with your “Father”, the supreme Source of the Universe. The third is to understand that you are all One with each other. Because this is how it is. “Our Father” has many realms that we can walk in, but we are all created from the same “Source”. We are all small lights wandering around either on the side of the light or the dark side. The intention is that we always shall return to the side of the Light and join with the “Source” again.

The Earth (Gaia) is now at the end of its journey from darkness up into the Light. The majority of the globe is now in the light, there is only a little bit left and this is where we need you, dear Earthlings. You are on your way to return to the Light, there is no other way for those that want to follow Gaia. The majority share of the population on Earth wishes to do so. This is why it is accelerating so fast now. It is you who set the pace. You are brave, dear children, and we are proud and pleased with your progress. We support you as much as we can, but it is you who do the work. Heaven rejoices over your work and the songs and the music are deafening up here, so that you will get the force and inspiration you need to go on now. The first step on the side of the Light has been taken, so you just have to continue with the next step, after that it will go by itself. The steps become easier and easier so to speak. All your guides and I are all around you now, so you can contact us whenever you want. We try to fulfill all your wishes the best we can.

We love you so much and send so much Love that you are able to receive.

With much Love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.