Benjamin Fulford Update, May 9th

Major movement on multiple fronts including US regime change and serious political turmoil in China

There are serious and undeniable changes now taking place at the highest levels of the world’s power structure. First, as already noted by Neil Keenan and others, US President Barack Obama told the Washington Press corps at the Whitehouse correspondents dinner on April 30th that “the end of the republic has never looked better,” and that “It is an honor to be here at my last—and perhaps the last—White House Correspondent’s Dinner.” Here is a link to the White House Press release containing these comments.


Furthermore the White House put out a detailed plan on May 6th for a “peaceful transition of power.”


CIA sources the plan is still to keep Obama as the face of the regime and use him to transition to a Donald Trump presidency but that Obama was no longer living in the White House and that the powers behind the throne had changed.

One very visible sign of the US regime change is the fact that “1500 Yale Skull and Bones documents will be released to expose [US Secretary of State John] Kerry, the Bushes, and other cabal members,” Pentagon sources note. This disclosure is a clear sign the Satanists have lost at the highest level of the US power structure.

There will be more about the US situation below but there is another major development we wish to discuss first. Last week this writer attended a meeting in Yokohama, Japan of the senior lodge members of a 55 million member Benevolent Asian Secret Society (Hongmen). The meeting discussed future peaceful plans for the lodge in Japan. There were also detailed discussions about a new international financial system that will replace the current system over the next few years.

Specialists from many different fields attended the meeting. Finally, the society expressed a desire to work, based on the principles of peace, in a “mutually beneficial manner with the International White Dragon Society.” That is all we are allowed to disclose for now.

The White Dragon Society was also contacted last week by two representatives from the government of mainland China. One, representing the Chinese Communist Government’s security apparatus, said that 12,000 tons of gold were now being offered at a 13% discount on the same conditions as the 8000 tons previously discussed in this newsletter. The gold is in 12.5 kilogram ingots and is available for immediate pick up in Hong Kong. Furthermore, if the offer is not accepted by May 16th, the Chinese will take unilateral action on this issue, he says. The WDS has recommended that they make a move against the US dollar if the current controllers of the dollar system refuse to accept this gold.

Since Henry Kissinger’s fraudulent hijacking of the dollar system has ended, as far as we can tell there are two current claimants for the position of M1, or controller of the US dollar system. One is Neil Keenan and the other is believed to be the eldest surviving son of former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos who now lives in Canada and is represented by a David P. Crayford. If either of them can pull it off, we suggest they conjure up some dollars and take delivery of the gold. It is a good deal: solid gold in exchange for paper and numbers in computers. If neither of them can pull it off, we suggest that General Joseph Dunford step in and arrange this deal.

There is also a faction in the US that has been buying up historical Asian bonds at cents for the dollar, according to the Chinese sources. The money they receive for handing over the bonds will be frozen, Pentagon sources say.

Those who still think the US dollar does not need to be backed by gold or other real world assets need to take a look at the chart in this link showing how the end of the dollar gold peg resulted in a debt disaster for the US.

The end of the gold peg triggered a more than 40 year looting spree of the American people and US trade partners by the Khazarian mafia, WDS members agree. The Chinese offer of gold will put a permanent end to this looting, a WDS official says.

Meanwhile, another Chinese official to contact the WDS represents a faction inside the Chinese politburo that is opposed to Chinese President Xi Jinping. The source says there is a major power struggle taking place in China. President Xi Jinping’s mandate is not going to be renewed after his first 5 year term ends in 2018 and it is doubtful he will even survive until then, he said. The source said Xi was undertaking what amounted to a “second cultural revolution,” that had already purged 30 million people as part of an “anti-corruption” campaign. The result was that new projects were not going ahead because everybody was too afraid to sign them into being, the source said.

The only projects now going ahead were big ones approved by the Central Government, he said. The result is severe economic pain, he said.

Xi Jinping also got into trouble in China because he accepted a knighthood from the Belgian royal family when he visited Brussels at the end of March, 2014. Certainly it appears as if Xi did not understand that becoming a knight, no matter how honorable the title seems, means acknowledging that he is a vassal of the Belgian King. Furthermore, the knighthood was of the “Order of Leopold,” associated with King Leopold, the genocidal butcher of the Congo.

The other interesting information this source had was that the Chinese military command was undergoing a fundamental realignment. The Chinese military was going to be divided into 5 commands: Southern, Northern, Eastern, Western and Central. There were also discussions underway about moving the capital of China away from parched Beijing, he said.

Yet another source to contact the WDS last week was Seungshick Zang, a claimant to the Manchu dynasty’s historical gold treasures. Zang says he recently survived an assassination attempt by agents sent by South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Zang says he has a refugee hearing with the Tokyo Immigration Bureau on May 12th where he will argue that if he is sent back to South Korea he is sure to be killed by Park because her faction wants to usurp his claim on the Manchu gold. However, the Chinese government official who introduced Zang to this writer now claims he is a con artist.

In Japan, meanwhile, there is a consensus among backroom power brokers that Prime Minister Abe and his Kyushu clique must go. However, there is still no consensus on who to replace him so, like Obama in the US, Abe will continue as the face of Japanese power for now even as his scriptwriters change. For one thing, the TPP trade deal negotiated in part by Abe is going nowhere under the new regime.

Now back to the West for more on the latest developments there. The biggest event after the US regime change has to be the declaration of “holy war” by Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril last week. While Kiril cited “terrorism” as the enemy, this war is really a joint US/Russian operation against the Satanic Khazarian mafia, Pentagon and other sources say. The realization that hundreds of thousands of children are being butchered by the Khazarians in the US, the Ukraine and elsewhere

is creating a groundswell of revulsion that is leading to major military action, Pentagon and NSA sources say. The WDS promises to hunt down and kill every last one of the child murderers.

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