Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, May 9th

Which Particle is? Which Particle is not? – The Council

Which particle is? Which particle is not?

Which Particle is? Which Particle is not? – The Council

Today we want to have a little fun. Your Albert Einstein, now he is our Albert, used to do what he called mind experiments. And we want to do a bit of a mind experiment with you. But that doesn’t seem much like fun yet, does it? So we’ll ask Lucy and Ethel to loan us their chocolate factory. Yes. That’s more like it.

Now this factory is where Creator makes all of the ‘stuff’ out of ‘non-stuff’. And today you get to be Quality Control. We are familiar enough with the current physics to understand now that all of the ‘stuff’, the particles, is made entirely of energy that is vibrating at varying frequencies. And we are standing on the line as these new particles come into being, consisting completely of the thoughts and energies of the Divine Non-Stuff. Got it? Now what we are to do is to separate the particles that have been created less than perfectly. We need to pull aside all of the ones that Creator didn’t make right.

What’s that? You say there are no particles for us to set aside? OK then. Let’s move to another assembly line. Now we are on the line where these new particles are coming together to make stars, nebulas, galaxies, planets and moons. Fun, isn’t it? Remember, we need to dispose of all the defective ones. Everything looks perfect to us. How about you? There must be something for us to do around here.

Let’s move on down the line. Ah, here we are! This is where all the ‘live’ stuff is made. Did you see where the stuff became live stuff? We must have missed that part. Anyway, let’s separate all of the live stuff that isn’t made entirely out of perfect particles. It seems like we have the same problem here. Let’s move on. In fact, let’s skip some steps and see what we can find.

Ah, here’s the line where Creator has all the humans made. It looks like they are still made up of all the perfect particles. But we were assigned to Quality Control, so what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to judge which ones are perfect and which ones are not? Do you want that job? As you look around every day, do you not see people assuming the job of Quality Control agents everywhere you look?

Now, there are a few things to consider at this point. You have begun to choose to understand that your Creator, whatever you call Her/Him, is love. You have gone further and said unconditional love. Unconditional would seem to mean that it is a love that does not judge. So this Creator is not saying, “ I will love each of you as long as… “. Each particle, and every being is nothing more, and nothing less, than made completely of perfect divine stuff. Each is nothing less than another face of the Creator Of All That Is. We know that. We just watched the whole process. Right?

So where does that lead us? Well, for one thing, it means that every person you see today is made entirely of divine stuff and is perfect as you see him or her regardless of how they see themselves and therefor how they act. That does not mean that they act nice. It does not mean that you must like to be around them. It means that they are in the same learning mode that you are and you may choose to learn somewhere else if you like. But that still is not where we wished to go with this.

If all of the above is true, and we know that almost every one of you can agree to this, then what does that make you? Can you begin to accept that you truly are a divine being? Are you made entirely of divine stuff in perfect ways? Did you really do all of the things you have ever done as experiences and steps to learning what you needed to learn? Creator has not judged you. Who has? Do you truly feel that you are a divine being? Why not? Because we tell you that if you do not own this, then you still have some forgiving to do. And Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, if you cannot yet forgive yourselves and everyone else, then “you got some ‘splainin’ to do.” Or some deep reflecting.

Now, before you put on your hair shirts and go further into your guilt trips – in other words, don’t feel guilty about feeling guilty – please understand that the entire object of this experiment was to bring you to see that you are indeed made of, and in fact are, the divine stuff we spoke about. And you cannot be anything else. Because there is nothing else. There really is not. You cannot say, “Creator made All That Is except for that stuff over there.” You cannot say, “Except me.” Are you still learning? Are you still improving? That’s your job. Congratulations. You have spotted ways in which you might be able to improve. Actually, you may find that you were better, in your estimation, the way you were. But you get to decide. And that is alright.

What we have done today is revisit topics that we have spoken of before and looked at them in what we intended to be a new way. We do that often. That is because if you have looked at them before then you are not the same today, and you will very likely gain some new insight. And if you have not, then you will make another step on you journey.

Blessings and a good day to all.


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