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Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – February 18, 2018

Earth calling wherever you are! I am ready for today’s chat, if you are? Someone inquired as to why Gaia (Mother Earth) needs our help, as she surely is strong enough to make the shift without us? Yes, human’s need to help each other through, yet, why does she need our help?

Greetings of the Highest Energy to you and all, dearest Blossom. We thank you for your inquiry and we shall answer it thus.


Well, we should do by now!

That which has and is taking place upon your Planet exposes different Energies depending on the subject matter. If you KNEW the beauty … in which/from which … this Planet began, you would not recognise it from that which you ‘see’ today. So much harm has been done, not just physically, yet, energetically also.

Mother Earth is a LIVING BEING … as are you. All that is life benefits from all that is life!

The core of your Planet … would we say ‘The Soul’ of your Planet, lies deep within it. It has a heartbeat … it pulsates and radiates life. If this heartbeat of ‘hers’ was to cease, the Planet and all upon her would die. It could not receive its food in order to survive.

Your oceans, your forests, your skies have been polluted almost beyond recognition Energy wise … and yet, always … due to the utter POWER of Mother Earth, these elements ‘fight back’ and continue to BE LOVE … sending it out to you.

Vast holes have been created in greediness for more wealth.  Oh, how misguided so many souls have become!

As when you are sick … you require healing. Mother Earth has been sick many times … her pain has been enormous and yet, she continues to give out Love in her every breath. Just as we are asking you to do.

You have heard her groans and cries of pain … via strange sounds that cannot be accounted for.

Sometimes one could liken these sounds to the oldest greatest tree bending its branches with the strain of all that it has to bear. Mother Earth … as Great and as Powerful as she is … like all things that ‘live’ … feels heartache and pain through the enormous strains that have been put upon her. Her sensitivity to the human soul is like no other and therefore, she carries the weight of every soul that suffers.

With the GREATEST of respect here … you are asking us and we are trying to … not take on board another’s pain, yet, to be detached from it and heal it by sending Love. Is this not what Mother Earth would be doing?

Oh yes … and yet … with the GREATEST respect … the Energy that SHE is requires through Love and strength to FEEL it in order to transform it.


Because it is necessary … because you are her children. Why do you think she has the name ‘Mother’?  Each soul upon this Planet now … and each soul she has ‘born’ is considered her child.

Those of you who are mothers and fathers will know that one cannot NOT feel the pain of their offspring when it occurs. Yet, in the same way … what Joy springs forth from the parents when the child, whether young or now older, has something wondrous and Joyous take place for them.

It is the same for Gaia. She is in full awareness of the soul’s whose soul/sole intention is to heal her and her response to that Love offered is all around you in her choice of decoration to the Planet.

So, indeed we would say that THIS SHIFT this GRAND TRANSFORMATION is TEAM WORK.

Mother Earth, all upon her and within her … all who are involved … which is ALL … are in this together … for WE ARE ONE.

You speak often of ‘those within her’ … yet, you do not go into much detail. Would you care to?

Certainly. The souls that live within your Planet …live in another world. Yes, this would be the best way to put it. For the Energetic Vibration in which they live is of a far Greater/Higher one than this that resides ‘upon’ the Planet.

‘Within it’ rather than saying ‘down there’ … the Energy is of purity. There is no starvation, no wars, no hatred etc. These Beings have reached a level of Love-Light that allows only that which is of GRACE to BE.

What is their purpose? What do they do all day?

  1. They BE in JOY. Yet, through this Joy they also are very much aware of that which is taking place above their Planet and much Energy is sent to heal and assist.

Do they live in a world of time?

No. Yet there is a sun and a moon. They do not need to sleep as you do. They ‘rest’ for the pleasure of exploring other worlds … or simply … switch down/off … almost altogether, when they feel the desire to do so.

Can you explain that a little more?

They are able to slow their entire system down to a pulse that is ‘barely alive’. It is not dangerous … it is … how would we say? … Rather like your animals that go into hibernation. They … switch off/shut down … to a pace that keeps them simply ’ticking over’. It is the same for these Beings.

So, we wouldn’t be calling them humans then?

No. They are not human. Yet, they are able to ‘appear as such and often ‘visit’ the ‘outside’. Sometimes as messengers. Sometimes to collect plants etc. for experimental purposes and to assess the ‘state of affairs’ within these plants etc. And sometimes … just to have a ‘nose around’.

What are they called as a race?

We know them as ‘The Talls’.

Really? Sounds like a kiddie’s programme rather than a superior race!

These Beings are almost ‘gigantic’ in stature, yet, when visiting ‘outside’ they are able to ‘disguise’ this.


By Energetic transformation. When one learns the ‘art’ of materialising and dematerialising … it does not mean that one needs to ‘rematerialize’ somewhere else in the same form that they dematerialised from.

Think back to your ‘mythological stories’. Where one turned into birds or dragons or any form they desired. ‘Myths’ they are not, of course! Yet, all Myths became so in order for your power to diminish. Sadly, yet, it is as it is … this belief system became the reality of the day and so now, much of … what is/was … TRUTH are considered fairy stories etc. All these ‘Myths’ will in days ahead be proven to be Truths, Such Glories. Such Wonders.

So, these Beings are obviously quite involved with this Shift into the Higher Vibration?

The word ‘quite’ is very much an underestimated usage in this case. Although ‘their’ world does not involve the downfall of ‘The System’ … they are very much aware of the imbalance that is to occur.

We would put it this way … and it is your choice as to whether you consider this metaphorically or not …

This imbalance that is heading your way … is enough to take your Planet off course on its journey through to the Higher Vibration.  An overload of ‘grief through disbelief’ can tilt its trajectory due to the ‘weight’ upon it.

AGAIN … This is where your NECESSARY LIGHT IS NEEDED. To counteract this imbalance and KEEP HER ON COURSE.


This FEELING within you … this STIRRING of your soul … like never before … is the preparation. The ‘letting you know’ that YOU ARE READY NOW … for all that is to befall you.

I’m not sure I am keen on the word ‘befall’.

Yet … we mean it in the sense of ‘Everything falling down’.

Some folk say ‘Bring it on’. Some folk say they are scared …as they really have no idea just HOW it is all going to present itself.

Nothing is set in stone. We cannot tell you it will be this way or that way … for it depends very much on how each soul chooses to react to that which is uncovered.

‘The Talls’ are preparing also for this shift. They are at the ‘All systems go’ stage … and the Light that they are sending to you ‘On top’ … can be felt, should you choose to tune in to it.

Let it be known, Dearest Souls … that whatever is to take place within each and every next breath you take … our Love and the Love from so many unseen by you … is with you every step of the way.

That sort of feels like a full stop for today. Are we done?

We are never done … Yet we shall take a breath here until we connect next time.

So much CHANGE is upon you and within you.

Do not think of the ‘panic’ and the fear that many will feel. Think only, Dearest Souls, of Being so much closer now to becoming the Light that you are … in Fullness … and the Blessings that brings.

In Love and thanks to you … We are all hanging in there as best we can!


Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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