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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, February 18th, 2018

Open Yourselves to an Infinite Array of Possibilities ∞The Creators

“When there are certain parameters that you have placed upon a situation, there are self-imposed limitations. When you decree beforehand how it is you want something to go, or what the end result that you would like will be, you are only seeing a possibility within an infinite array. And then you place yourself in a tricky situation, because there are certain beliefs that you have about your desired outcome playing itself out in exactly the way you would like.

So, this is the difficulty that many of you are having in the creations that you seek. First, you limit the possibilities, and then you stack that limited array of possibilities up against belief systems which say that ‘This will be hard.’ Or, ‘You must acquire great wealth, or influence, or power’ in order to have things exactly the way that you would like.

We suggest that you give yourselves the opportunity to get out of any pre-set ideas or notions that you hold about what the best possible outcome for a situation is. We ask instead that you trust in what will come, and as you take your minds off of specifics and you release belief systems about those specifics, you give yourselves more of an opportunity to send out a frequency and to allow that frequency to be matched by what is for your highest good, what will be the most pleasant and fulfilling situation that you can possibly experience.

We are asking you to put away your vision boards and your manifestation journals and whatever other tricks or games that you have been playing in order to manifest. And instead to let your frequency pave the way to a life that before now you could only conjure in your dream state.”