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Boo Hoo, Cry Me A River by One Who Believes, September 22nd

“Boo Hoo, Cry Me A River!” – Guest Post by One Who Believes

Posted: 22 Sep 2016 12:00 AM PDT

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 2:41 AM EDT on September 22, 2016

Boo Hoo, Cry Me A River!

I heard that someone was throwing Bruce under the Bus because the Intel hasn’t proven out yet. Boo Hoo, Cry Me A River. I would laugh, except that I want to show compassion for the poor soul who is so desperate that they would lash out like that.

This message is not for them as they are not in a position to receive it. I am not going to call anyone names either, because they are just like a wounded animal lashing out in sheer desperation and are unable to think clearly. Instead, let us, the level headed people, use this as a Dinarland case study. For the rest of us, the picture is clear.

Shall we begin?

#1) We have the biggest most unprecedented change about to happen that the World has ever seen. The magnitude of this event can hardly be described much less experienced.

#2) It takes the Co-operation of 209 nations all of which have to not only agree on a common goal, but implement this HUGE undertaking in a unified effort, despite language, cultural, and philosophical differences, not to mention geographic divides.

#3) This HUGE Worldwide event has to be flawlessly implemented down to the last detail, without waking and disturbing the World population (General Public) and causing panic and unrest.

#4) This HUGE World-Wide change has to be undertaken not only quietly as not to disturb the unaware World public, but it has to be carried out in total secrecy to avoid complete financial catastrophe if the General Public prematurely found out about the GCR before it was done.

#5) This HUGE World-Wide event has to not only happen in secret, but it also has a delicate balance to maintain in Dinarland between what is disclosed and what is kept secret. Then you have the millions of pesky Dinarland detectives, calling top sources, banks, watching the airports, monitoring the foreign press and countless other ways they are seeking and finding out information they shouldn’t have (yet). Not only do they find out stuff that is supposed to be secret, but, then they blab it all over the net and to others who aren’t supposed to know.

Is this picture getting clearer? You not only have the biggest event in Human history, which requires the absolute cooperation of 209 nations, without disturbing the sleeping general public, while keeping this once in the History of the Earth event secret from the rest of Humanity, while trying their best to keep the Dinarland Detectives from exposing sensitive information, BUT, on top of all this, they have to fight the worst Satan worshiping evil the World has ever seen, who would kill anyone who got in their way.

#6) So, the final and some might say biggest hurdle, is protecting the sleeping public from the Desperate CABAL who want to not only hold on to their power, but they also want to kill off 70% of the World and will do anything to accomplish it.

#7) Then take all these important factors and mix them all together with the ever shifting circumstances. What is absolutely accurate Intel one minute is outdated a minute later with the blowing up of a bomb, someone getting killed or some other party reneging on agreements they signed. It is the most fluid event ever experienced on Earth.

#8) Then throw into the mix the Disinformation from the bad guys to dishearten the World, and the Disinformation from the Good Guys to catch the Bad guys, and who knows what is what after all that.

Then you have a few Information Providers like Bruce, who do their best to walk that tight Balance between informing Dinarland with what they want to know while at the same time protecting sensitive information from getting out to the Bad guys. God bless them for all they do for us.

Back To The Point

Now someone comes along and cries that the Go Time Intel or other Intel Bruce gave out was wrong? Are you kidding me? This has got to be the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. Here we have a person, who most likely holds currency that will make them a Millionaire, Billionaire or even a Trillionaire. They are literally holding a golden ticket to the life of their dreams and they are complaining that the Intel is wrong?

I guarantee you that there are literally BILLIONS of other people in the World who would trade places with this person in a heartbeat and would be forever grateful for it, if they only knew about it… But they don’t. I doubt they would complain because they would be too grateful to even have this opportunity for themselves and generations of their family.

I would say to this person who so publicly complained: “NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING. Be thankful for what you have and the incredibly fortuitous position you are in.”

Here is a TIP: “Don’t Read What You Don’t Like.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that it is easy to forget how HUGE this whole thing is. Even I was surprised at the magnitude of this event as I wrote this out. We should remember that there are literally thousands of people who have been working on this change over for thousands of years, and many who have given everything (Died) so that we can be rich, have a dream life, and help World. I know it is easy to get caught up in the moment over some little bit of Intel, but in the Big picture, it is so unimportant.

We have to understand that we are in a need to know status for our own good and the good of the World. We are lucky that we are here at all and know as much as we do. I know that some people are in desperate situations, but that is no excuse to take aim at people who are giving their time and effort to find out what is going on and letting us know to the best of their ability. It is wrong for us to demand that they have perfect Intel in an imperfect World.

Let’s give our love to those who do their best to help us in whatever way they can. No Intel Provider deserves condemnation when they give us their best efforts. Even though the Intel Providers OWE US NOTHING, they still give us their time effort anyway. Please make some effort to show them your appreciation for all they do. That is the LEAST we can do for them in return for all they have done for us.

To All Intel Providers

Thank You from the bottom of my Heart for all you do. I hope you know for every unhappy soul who complains, there are thousands of others who appreciates you and your efforts. I am one of those who know how much work it is for you to keep us up to date on a regular basis and I thank you for it. It is my hope that you hear from those others who appreciate you as well.

May You All Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes