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“Buzz Saw” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – July 4, 2017

“Buzz Saw” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – July 4, 2017

Received via email at 11:00 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Remaining cabal factions (Israel) are still threatening China with a nuclear missile launched from North Korea towards Beijing.

They just don’t quit.

Not unexpected, just something to deal with. We believe their trying to create more negotiating leverage and are not actually serious to attack.

Exactly what the Trump Administration does. Bark with no bite.

Trump is allowed to fan Israeli flames, but holds no political power and can only cheerlead others from the twitter sidelines.

We’re not sure how and when his final resignation demise comes now, as Republic White Knights insisted he would not see the Fourth of July as President.

Yet here we are.

Just know Trump’s removal is absolute and all about Middle East Peace per se.

He is completely irrelevant in all international and domestic affairs. And anyone suggesting otherwise is dramatically under-informed or dangerous naive. Or both.

China is meeting with Moscow today to discuss their long-term military objectives before releasing the RV–which China has held back.

The Elders are still in full control. But their waiting in two things were told. One we know is recognition of Palestine by Israel publicly. The other might be Raqqa’s liberation in Syria. But we are not sure however.

Our Republic military is still in an ongoing ready position. As are all the bank exchange centers and staff. Nothing has changed in this respect.

But that’s the issue–nothing has changed through almost another long holiday weekend. What the f—?!

And the world is still anxiously waiting, desperately waiting in some countries, to be released before the G20 begins on July 6–per signed agreement btw.

Nobody knows exactly when it’s going. But what we do know is that the old financial has been completely dismantled, removed and no longer exists in form.


But because our US military is more of a domestic or regional protector now, and our diplomatic mechanism a non factor actor on the global stage… in essence, America must wait our turn too as most of our global power has been permanently neutered down to a North American guarantor status.

Only the US economy has significance to the rest of the world, maybe our innovation and higher education system as well, but that’s about it.

America has lost its lead position as the dominant world superpower to China. No nice way to say that one. That’s just the facts, Jack!

Yet exchange rates keep rising and rising and rising here in America… to the point I now feel very badly for people who have been gifted currency and are unaware of the reforms occurring.

They are all walking into a monetary buzzsaw without undergoing the necessary preparation.

Innocent people are gonna freak when they are told what their currency is actually worth.


God is with us.