Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, July 2nd, 2017

I AM Sananda.

As always it is wonderful to be with you. To be able to continue to share, to be able to continue to open up so many things that have been kept from you, so many things that you have been separated from or you believe you have been separated from. But to be separated no more because so many things are in the works. So many things are about to shift and change and alter the very prospective that is you in the human dimension, in this human illusion of the 3rd dimension.

Mighty consciousness shift is at hand. It is so very close now. There are so many things that are about to what you would call ‘pop’ in the near future, the very near future.

And as you continue to look forward to these changes, the shift we have spoken of many times — that so many have been speaking of — know also that in the present moment that you are in is all that is important. Be in that ‘now’ moment. Be in the present. Be all that you can be now. And as you continue to be all that you are, to find the joy in every moment that you can, all that will be will be upon you before you can even blink your eyes. Because that shift, that consciousness shift that has been spoken of for many a millennia, is about to become awakened within all of you.

And so many things are coming to fruition. So many things are about to shift and change and move into a new consciousness level. You are about to move into a new consciousness level, as you speak in terms of DNA. As you speak in terms of shifts of consciousness that are happening now, you are in that shift. You are in that moment, that consciousness shift moment for you are becoming altered within you. You are becoming aware of who you are. You are becoming awakened to your full state of the being that you are, that spiritual being. No longer to be the human experience but to be the spiritual experience.

We watch you each and every day. We watch all of you. We watch over you and we watch you. We watch to see how you are shifting in your daily activities, how you are becoming emblazoned by the new consciousness that is moving through you. So many of you are feeling this consciousness so many of you are feeling this shift this knowing that is coming over you where you are beginning to hear the those of us that are beginning to whisper to you more and more and as you hear these whispers you becoming aware of that consciousness change that is happening within you. All is about this consciousness change and this shift now.

All is about this. There is nothing that is not about this in this moment. For this is what you came here for. This is what you evolved into in this time, in this moment of your life, is to be ready for your mission: those missions that you came here for; those that you volunteered to come here for.

And you are moving into those missions now. You are going to be directed. Many of you are going to find direction, mentorship that is going to come to you, that is going to bring you to the next level of your being, the next level of consciousness within you, that will continue to awaken within you the very understandings that you came in with a long time ago and had forgotten up to this time.

But so many of you are awakening. So many of you are beginning to listen to the whispers and sometimes, yes, the shouts, but all is happening now. All is bringing, brought forth now. And as you hear many times all is being orchestrated. You are in the middle of a synchronicity now that is bringing about so many of the changes, so many of the shifts that are happening. And you are that shift in that consciousness. Because of you it is happening. Without you it would not happen.

You are the consciousness change itself. As Gaia shifts as Gaia becomes aware fully of who she is as she moves into the higher vibrations of her consciousness once again. You, those of you that are the cells within Gaia herself, you are the ones that are moving this forward. You are the ones that are bringing this awakening process into full understanding and full awareness.

It is time now my brothers and sisters, my dear friends. It is time for you to become all that you came here to be. You are moving away from the old programming, away from the old paradigm that was what had been expected, what had been created by the cabal here and is no longer going to be allowed. It is no longer going to be a process of the connections that you have with the universe, with the cosmos.

You are the ones that are ready for this. You are the ones that have been preparing for this. And you are the ones that will take this forward into the new Golden Age of Gaia. So it is time now for all of you to become aware that everything is in flux now, everything is coming to the cusp, the cusp and the crescendo that has been spoken of. Believe it and you will see it.

Believe it and you will see it. For there is nothing that cannot occur now that has not been spoken of previously that has not been prepared for. For you are the ones that have been preparing and have been waiting and moving toward the expression of who you fully are. The time is now.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now with all of my love and peace and vibrations that go with the love that is you, all of you.

Peace and love be with you.


Channel: James McConnell
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