Love is our new reality

Captain Adrian of the GFL and Inger Noren, 14 juli, 2022

I take off and fly upwards towards the clouds. I see the house below me and I continue towards the horizon and see the black space outside. A spaceship comes towards me and a voice says, come to my ship that you have been on so many times before.

It’s Captain Adrian who greets me and he says they want to show me something. The ship moves and we fly a little higher up from the atmosphere and he shows me what an incredible number of spaceships surround the Earth. Adrian says that there are millions and everyone has come to see the spectacle when the Earth shifts to the fifth dimension.

All ships have different functions and the largest fleet is the Galactic Light Federation, which also has the largest mission for Earth to protect and guard. This fleet comes from the Pleiades’ star system. They have been told that I have come and they want to show what effort they are making for the people and their planet. Many people are descended from the Pleiades and therefore they feel a certain responsibility for humanity. It is also those who protect and fight against the dark power who are now taking their last card in the attempts to destroy humanity.

They will not succeed and fortunately many people have come to the realization that it is the people themselves who must take back their power for freedom and for their planet. This insight increases with every second and the light is getting stronger on Earth.

The Galactic Light Federation says they have great confidence in humanity that they will succeed in taking back their planet but before that, be prepared for great resistance from people who are ruled by the dark and who do not want to lose their power and control over everything they have built up for his fortune. This fortune is stolen from the people who will claim it back. Conflicts will result in war but nuclear weapons are not allowed and these have been neutralized by the Galactic Light Federation in case of possible declarations of war. However, some minor wars will be triggered and everyone will be affected in some way in the world.

Captain Adrian wanted to show me the large number of spaceships that are outside the atmosphere and he wants me to issue this message for people to know. This is important for the people to understand that they should not be afraid of the beings who only want humanity to succeed in taking back their planet and get their freedom back as it was originally intended.

The love is so immense for humanity and the respect as well.