Captain Bassir & Lady Anneya Of The Merkaba Star Ship via Ria Gilliani, November 15th, 2018

Telepathic communication from  : 

Captain Bassir & Lady Anneya Of The Merkaba Star Ship

(The Aurora ) .


Greetings our most beloved heart. , It has been a long time in your received linear fashion, that we of the Merkaba Star Ship The Aurora , Of The Jupiter Command . counterpart of the Ashtar Command , have come though to speak with our beloved family and ground crew , our divine light workers & warriors of light , taking a human avatar in this most divine time of Ascension .

We come to say to our ground crew , who call ( The Aurora)  there home,  as it is ‘ just that ,

( Home ) .

It is home to many of you taking an Earthly vessel now on Gaia .

Many of you will remember ( The Aurora ) and many of you will know of your Roll in the Jupiter Command & Ashtar Command.

(The Aurora) ,  sits stationery directly in the outer Rim of Jupiter and Genameads Magnetic torsion field .

Genamead is one of Jupiters moons , Which is , the one of the main ( star gates)  for this solar system from Sirius Through to this solar system.


It is also the Command outpost for the Jupiter Command ( under the Joint Command of our Commander & chief Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’aree.

The Aurora is vast and wide consisting of multiple levels .

With fast fleet ships .

The command & control centre is located on the 12th level, and the Great auditorium and meeting hall on the 11th level, where we conduct meetings and Grande conclave councils meetings within the Galactic Federation of light & Ashtar Command , Under the direction of the great white brotherhood , as it Is the outpost on Sirius & The order of the star that we belong to .

The Aurora has been seen by your Human Telescopes recently when we ( de clocked ) , we Unmanifested The Aurora – The Aurora can be seen like a giant

aurora borealis just siting behind Jupiters horizon .

This has been broadcasted on your Communications , on what you call(  Internet.

And Many of our pleiadian ships have entered into this solar system recently in support of this planetary Ascension.

Many of you have seen our ships portal through your sun recently. ( That has cause quite a stir )

As much is happening on your world in what you call the pre Event .

We are here in your received now in the millions , in Support of the mother Gaia and her inhabitants and our beloved ground crew in this divine time. ( planetary and universal Ascension)

Now is the time to remember who you are and know you are loved Beyond measure, many of you come home to (The Aurora ) in your nightly lightbodys when you’re avatar is sleeping.

Many of you come Home to be with your galactic family and for training.

We tell you , we love you all so much , We are with you always, just call on us .

And Continue to be the divine guidance & light needed in this most auspicious time on your planet .

Anchor and spread your divine light everywhere you go , spread it wide and vast know that you are loved , know that we are with you always , know that you can come home to the Aurora at any time , within your astral travels you are welcomed and loved always .

We will come again to be with you – to speak more with you .

Sending you our beloved divine blessings and love 💕💕

Captain Bassir & Lady Anneya Of The Star Ship Aurora .

A little information on Lady Anneya & Captain Basir .

Lady Anneya & Captain Basir – Are Twin Rays / Twin Flames .

They Are pleiadian.

They are captains on the star ship The Aurora – Who work with the Commander & chief of The Aurora and the Jupiter Command Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree.

They have 3 pleiadian children – Lady Anneya supports and works alongside our brother Saint Germain assisting  with the Young children souls Ascension on Gaia and within the Human colonies on other Planets.