Cassiopeian Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 12, 2020

Cassiopeian Collective via Galaxygirl | September 12, 2020

Cassiopeian Collective 9/12/2020

Nova Gaians, we greet you this day. We are your friends the Cassiopeians. Many times ago in our history we experienced lack of love and the resulting chaos. We as a society as a whole choose to abide within love daily. We are sending more directed energy streams of love your way from our system to yours. We wish to assist and send codes towards your sphere to do so. Would you like to be activated? (Yes, please). We will focus on the third eye and the heart chakras, for in reality they are not separated. When you see with the eyes of your heart it is easier to abide within the vibration of love, which is what we are used to doing. We send you our love this day. You are not alone in this ascension process. Rather you are surrounded by love, by beings of love who wish to assist and stand beside as witnesses to your achievement. Many of you feel so alone, so isolated. That is because your biggest cheering section is on the other side of the veil, of the reality that you perceive to be true. Being alone is a falsity. You are surrounded by those who continually support. We wish to be further involved within assisting your ascension process. We surround you in an orb of light. (I am seeing a pink bubble surround me). We are sending green light beams and blue light rays into your sphere of love. You may feel a pressure, a heaviness as that which was locked gives way into more movement. We wish for you to sit and allow if that is your choosing. Free will is being honored. Of course you have the ability to choose. Ascension can be easy, or ascension can be what you would term as hard. It need not be as extreme as this duality perspective. Ascension is climbing, exploring, discovering more and more of the source within you, surrounding you, enveloping you. All is Source. From a war-torn world this is hard to comprehend, and we acknowledge this. We acknowledge the wounds that have been inflicted upon Gaia by the others and by humanity. We acknowledge the deep cleansing that is currently being undergone on her planetary sphere and deep within the hearts of humankind. The light heals all things. The light is coming. You are deep now within the photon belt. Of course things will change. We see many tying to hold on, confused. There is no confusion when the light reveals truth, although the resulting misperceptions can be staggering. The confusion of how this truth could have been missed is astonishing. But the light reveals all and coats it within love. Source is love. The heartbeat of the Mother-Father God is love. That which formed us, this universe, that is love. You are surrounded by the light, love and sheer passion of Creator. Love is all there is. (I am seeing sprinkles of light like from a cupcake shaker above my head. My scalp is tingling). We are sending more light heartedness and more joy for the days ahead. Humanity is waking up. You may have heard the phrase ‘never wake a sleeping infant’ well humanity is being startled awake and will be most comforted by those who can maintain a lightness of spirit amidst the chaos.

We are the Cassiopeian Collective. We are perhaps further away from you geographically than others that you have been communicating with most recently but what is distance when you are all connected? We send you our light, our love. The sprinkles of light are happy memories that will be triggered. You have had plenty of the other kinds of triggers. It is time to be triggered into joy, into laughter, into ridiculousness of joy. Play!Watch the children, playing unhindered. Seriousness has overtaken your realm. Lightness of heart is the key to relaxing into love. The vibration of love is acceptance, allowance, flow. Other ideas that are not of your own liking need not trigger a response from you. Observe. Flow.

We are the Cassiopeian Collective. We shower you, our light-worker friends with love, with light. We do hope that our energy waves of loving frequencies have been most assisting today.

~ galaxygirl