Love is our new reality

Archangel Sandalphon (channeled messages)

Archangel Sandalphon via Jahn Kassl, November 1st, 2017

Love yourself with all your heart and soul, so that you can succeed in loving your neighbor. Because what do you intend to give if you don’t possess anything, and are a stranger to yourself? Or do you want to pass on your suffering and pain?


Love yourself and then love your neighbor – that’s the right order.

Many physical and psychological symptoms are the result of misunderstanding love and majorly lacking self-love. A large number of people get sick because of a wrong sense of what love is.

The religious conditioning of this matrix leads to the misconception that loving your neighbor is preferable to loving yourself. These are the dogmas propagated by the churches so that a person’s access to self-awareness remains obscured.

One of the most damaging dogmas that catholic and other priests are to be held responsible for is: “Love thy neighbor …” and “as thyself” is blanked.

Resolve feelings of guilt, erase dogmas

This game only works because significant amounts of guilt were imposed upon people simultaneously – first and foremost the “original sin”.

It is not the topic of this message to explain this any further, because you can easily find illuminating answers if you are looking for them. This message is about shedding light on these facts so that every person can realize the urgency of resolving remaining guilt complexes and erasing wrong dogmas.

Because from the moment this illusion starts tumbling, on the day that humans realize their innocence, self-love emerges naturally.

Then charity is possible, because it is not at all forced and free of any guilt. This means that all promises, oaths and initiations by priests of these religions need to be detected and dissolved.

This is the only way that freedom is possible, and anyone who is free can live in true love.

Contemplate and determine for yourself what is good for you and what is not. Remember that you are a divine being with all the divine abilities. At the beginning of this realization lies the awareness of self-love.

If you don’t love yourself you can’t give love to another. Because what you then give to the other is only a notion – something compulsive.

Charity should no longer serve you as a means of escape, but should be the result of your self-love.

Refusing “help” and saying no

The best way to find out if you have come to that point yet is by observing whether you are capable of refusing “help”.

Not everybody who cries for help is truly in need, and not every person who asks you for help is your responsibility.

Don’t confuse this with being coldhearted, because you need to become aware that you have to walk your own path free and clear and should not linger over every flower along the way.

If you can’t say NO to a cry for help, I invite you to confront yourself with this realization.

Freedom means being able to decide freely in any situation, and not being subjected to certain dogmas without free will.

Many people are afraid of this kind of freedom, because they would have to blatantly oppose public opinion.

The first step is therefore to become mentally aware of this. Look closely, don’t exclude anything, make inventory. Where do I stand in this matter?

When you start the liberation process, I am with you, and an entire army of divine beings of light comes running to shed light on these matters.

When you love yourself, you love everyone.

This is the way to unconditional love.



» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Archangel Sandalphon via John Kassl, June 25th, 2017

Beloved Human,
It is entirely up to you and your will to see the light of god and yourself.
I am ARCHANGEL SANDALPHONThe earth is my home and human beings are my brothers and sisters. Because just like you live today, I used to live as a human amongst you.

I know what it means to live a life in flesh and blood and to overcome a world full of deceptions. I know, and you know; and this is what this message is about.

Mankind is taking the last steps in this old world, and some shall leave this world “enlightened”. I am referring to you, because it is your aspiration for understanding, your longing for light and for god, that has lead you here. Mankind is taking the last steps in this world.

“Selfishness” is not a sin

What matters now is that a multitude of humans awaken individually. An awakening that is described as follows:

  • Become the servant of yourself and your Self. “Selfishness” is not a sin, but it is the way that leads to unconditional love. Because the moment you have fully recognized yourself, you become divine and human at the same time – you become whole.
  • Know this: “Working in your own garden” is now of the utmost significance, because the great world revolution takes place in the hearts of the individual human beings.

The more people rid themselves of damaging habits and wrong opinions, the deeper humans heal their emotional wounds and discard mental deceptions, the more efficiently this will remove the basis of this “reality on earth” – until it collapses in itself like a house without foundation. Today a very important question poses itself to you humans, for those of you who are in service of transformation: “How can I most efficiently support the transformation as an individual?”

The answer to that is simple, yet not easy for many. The answer is: By becoming whole through completing the transformation into a divine being of light, which means that you become fully aware of your origin and your missions.

I repeat: Today’s revolution doesn’t need agitators, it happens inside the individual.

Inside every human being who sees through the old world as an illusion and who has let go of the personal attachment to it. That is why it is essential to be “addicted to self-awareness” now, so that you can create an entirely new sense of life beyond doubt.

Now that human misery is increasing worldwide, it is essential to remove any remaining woes from the core of your soul.

In order to be able to give, you need to have something to give – and in order to be effective, you need to be.

After that everything gets easy, and you can live quite naturally and radiate unconditional love.

The difficulty to love unconditionally

Why is unconditional love remarkably difficult for many people? Because it is argued from the point of view of the Ego rather than the consciousness of Self. The Self is composed of “unconditional love”, which is why it is of great importance to attain “self-awareness”.

Today it is specifically essential that you invest your all into

a.) self-healing,

b.) self-awareness,

c.) self-help, and

d.) self-encounter.

In these days when all of humanity appears to be in need, you have to radically turn to yourself and recognize your own needs. The message of today’s time quality is, in essence: Heal yourself and you heal the world!

Start right where certain habits are in your way, also watch your opinions, and finally, recognize behavioral patterns that were imposed on you; and lastly, obtain mastery by establishing a close bond with the ascended masters, the archangels, the enlightened beings of light, and with god. That way you can overcome any obstacle and remove any blockade.

More than ever, beloved human, today – at the end of time and the end of the road for humanity in this world – it is up to you A(L)L-ONE.

Take responsibility for yourself

Don’t get lost in political actions, because neither church nor politics are of any significance to an awakened being.

If people no longer took part in votes and avoided the churches and temples of this world, priests and politicians would lose their entitlement and would no longer have any power over those they pretend to be leading spiritually or representing politically.

If individuals, each one for themselves and by their own ruling, stopped consuming TV-programs, the power of this matrix would end.

You can very well imagine what it would mean if a large number of individuals simultaneously decided to do so.

This example demonstrates the personal responsibility of the individual and the nature of self-empowerment. You should be questioning everything that keeps you from such resolute action.

That way you gain self-awareness, and only then mankind can take the necessary steps from slavery to freedom. With this message, that puts you in a place of complete responsibility for yourself, I bless you and I tell you: As soon as you have fully attained your true Self, you will see what is, and your life will be complete.

Many are on the verge of extensive changes and deep realizations, only the last steps to get there are difficult for them …

Why? Because the most persistent misapprehensions and the most favorite habits have not yet been scrutinized, and the entirely new view of mankind and of the world has not yet been created. Heaven helps you with that. If you want, we accompany you into the light, and if you ask for it we help you attain your true Self.

If your longing for god is greater than your love for this world … then you have come to the right place.

In order for a journey to be complete, you need to take the last step. Take it. With us. You are never alone.

With endless love,


» Source – Channel: John J Kassl