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Quan Yin (channeled messages)

Quan Yin via Susan Leland, February 9th

Kuan Yin:
“Be in Compassionate Love,
with Forgiveness 
and Gratitude for All!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference  
February 9, 2016

“I am Kuan Yin. And I come to you in the Holiness and the Purity of the Light of Love, for that is Who We All Are, Most Beloved Family – Brothers and Sisters in the Light, sharing a Mission together, to come together into the most golden time ever on Planet Earth, because it will be fully conscious and aware!  It will be a time of focusing upon the Brotherhood/Sisterhood, not only of all of Humanity but of all of the Kingdoms of our great Earth Mother, Gaia, and beyond – a time of reunions with all who come from the stars and the suns, moons, planets, and the systems beyond your Solar System, as well as within.  And we shall be most Joyful at connecting with our own Solar System families! The Kumaras are here in grand numbers.  And those of us who come from the Light join with you, for you are beautiful Lights unto yourselves!!!

“Now I would speak to you of Compassion,  and I urge you to understand completely my words.  Your Lights are known by all -seen or felt or sensed in some manner – because you see, we are a Family, a collective, a community.  We are in Communion, or in joining in partnership with all of the Lightworkers here upon the Planet and below, and with all who come from beyond Planet Earth.  Some are not embodied in any kind of a human form that is recognizable, and so we are referred to as those above.  But the reality of it is that we are with you as much as you are with us, because we are One always with your Lights and always with those parts of you which are always in the Higher Realms where only Light exists!

“And so I am here to remind you to be in Compassionate Love. There are so many, so many who are clinging to their dark hats, but are so afraid.  They have derived their powers by instilling fear into the population of Planet Earth.  And now, they themselves are knowing what fear really feels like. Oh, they’ve all been raised – you know their days of their childhood have been governed by fear in order that they would follow the path of their parents and ancestors, these ones that are called the illuminati or the cabal.  They have had a difficult and challenging time, but none seems as difficult to them as that which they are facing in this moment, which is the end of their rule and the return to the Light, if they will do so.

“There are some who have already been uncreated by Mother Sekhmet and it is only their clones and their holograms that are visible in the third dimensional arena.  There are more who will choose that, but there are some who, if it were not for the fear of what their families and their associates would say, want to come to the Light!  They have seen enough or felt enough LoveLight that they want to come, and so it is to make them welcome! 

“It is to be in Compassionate and Loving Forgiveness.  It is to honor them for the challenges that they have faced, and for overcoming in a sense, or clearing those challenges enough from their beings that they, too, would come into the Light. They all have the ability so to do, even those who have been of the reptilian genetics!  There isn’t one who may not do so, if they are still in existence.  They have had free will working for them. They have taken advantage of it, and now it is for them to determine whether or not they will overcome their fear enough to find a new free will – a path that is individually their own – each and every one of them to join you, Beloved Family, in the Light, for they are Family, too, and it is only for them to choose!

“And so when you reach out, when you send the LoveLight, I ask that you do so particularly for these ones.  Oftentimes they carry so much guilt – the karmic baggage which Ashtar spoke of* – it is almost suffocating to them.  It is as though their entire beings are chained with it. The LoveLight can break those chains!!!

“And so, even as you focus upon readying yourselves and preparing yourselves for this grand age, the Golden Age, I ask you, Beloved Ones, to include even those who seem to have the darkest of Hearts, and please to be Compassionate and be Forgiving – which is by Sananda’s definition, to be without judgment.  Let go of the judgment!!!  Ashtar has often said, and I will repeat this because it bears repeating and it is most helpful – if you happen to think of someone, see that one as a child, a very young child, and be in understanding of the challenges that child faced in order to literally divest that one of free will and replace it with programmed attitudes of superiority and so on and so on. There is no such thing as one being destined to rule or have control over another. That was a convenient program made up by those who wanted to rule and control!

“And so it is that everyone’s destiny is to be in control of one’s own self – and that is all!  Parents have particular responsibilities to raise their children and when it is not done so with Love – when there is an element of cruelty, extreme cruelty as these ones faced in their childhoods, without exception – those who are on the very top of the dark hat ladder, and in fact, those underneath were treated with cruelty deliberately by their parents, their teachers, their mentors, and so on, in order that they would not show Mercy or Compassion to others.

So, by showing them Compassion – and remember you can go back to the very moment of their births and help them to clear the darkness from their own lives – it may not change the facts of what happened in the third dimensional dramas, but it will clear the emotions and the programs and the attitudes that they have now!  Give some thought to this and help them to come into the Light!  You all can see an obvious advantage to this, which is that it will make the Golden Age that much purer, that much more Joyful, that much more Peaceful and, of course, it will arrive that much sooner, as you keep time in the third dimension.  And after all, the overall purpose is to move up and out of the third dimension!!!

“And when they stand before the World, when you see them on your internet, or on your televisions, or wherever, and they are standing at their trials, thank them!!!  Thank them for showing the world what is not Compassion, what is not Love, and send them even more!  Yes, they have to account for their actions, but it is the Divine Right of every soul created to know Divine Love. And that is what we can do together, Beloved Ones, and that is being in Compassion and Forgiveness and truly expressing High Dimensional Love as it is in you, as you were created from the very beginning!!!

“I love you all so much and I am so Joyful to be here with you, and I thank you for listening because you, Beloved Ones, are listening not just with your physical senses, but with your Hearts! And that is where all Compassion originates!!!  And that is where we join together in this Communion, and in all to come, offering our Loving, Compassionate Forgiveness and Gratitude to all who have arrived at this moment – and beyond – to enter into the Golden Age together!!!  Thank you, my Most Beloved Family!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 9, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Quan Yin via Jenny Schiltz, February 9th

You are being shown areas within that need Love – Quan Yin




Greetings! We are pleased to be able to report that tremendous progress is being made with in all those who have awakened and are awakening. For some this will come as a surprise because they feel as if they are on a never ending ride that only escalates in intensity. We want you to understand that from our perspective, we are able to see how this energy has brought much to the surface for healing and has allowed aspects of yourself to simply be left behind, if you choose. While many feel that they have returned to where they have once been, they need to understand that it so that they have the opportunity to choose different, to create a new pathway for themselves.

At this time much is taking place in your dream time. You may be shown possibilities in your life, areas that need addressed and most importantly you may be working on healing past lives. If you are waking and not remembering your dreams this is not cause for alarm and in some cases it is for your protection so that you do not bring the trauma experienced forward. For those that are ready, very important past lives are being brought to the surface, lives that one could consider dark or the very opposite of your soul.  Understand that all of you have had both, you have had lives filled with joy and light and you have had lives filled with darkness. Both are valuable for soul growth. How can you appreciate one with out the other as contrast. However, the most important lesson for you to understand is that you are all things, light, dark, and in between. There is no judgement for those lives as they have allowed you to grow and become the ascending soul that you are today.  Many of you when confronted with your darker life have gone into self hate or self recrimination.  Even those unaware of what was shown to them are finding that their self worth and self esteem has suffered. Many are experiencing intense doubts due to these issues resurfacing.  Understand that the purpose is not for you to see what is lacking with you but for you to love and forgive all aspects of yourself. It is intended for you to see where duality has served you and has allowed you to experience much.

As you work to forgive yourself and come to understand that you are neither light nor dark as a soul, you will find balance within. As you leave behind the judgement of duality within yourself, you will also be able to leave behind the views you still hold of judgement to your fellow man. When you understand that the brightest of souls have also experienced lives as darkness and that it only made them shine brighter will you finally be able to truly forgive.  In by understanding that duality does not need to exist will you be able to create new systems, new ways of being that are loving and non-judgmental of those who do not understand the need for change at this time. You will be able to create new pathways within yourself and the world around you not from a space of light, but from a space of love. When you create from this vibration, the work will attract many, it will open many to begin exploring their own soul.

Never before has loving ones self and all your aspects, the light and dark been more important. So many of you are emerging from your cocoons, stronger and ready to create the reality you want, even if the direction is still unclear.  This is wonderful and we feel excited to see what will be created, but urge you to make sure that you leave all judgments of others, including those you deem as dark behind you. In order for your creations, your visions for the future to reach their full potential, they must be centered from your heart that no longer holds duality.

It is also an important time to connect with like souls. Many of you have been in isolation, except for your connections over the internet. Many are awakened and more are awakening every day, you no longer need to feel so alone. Find the groups or create your own that allow you to connect physically, socially, and spiritually. As each of you emerge more powerful and able to stand in your truth you will find this magnified when you begin to connect with others. For some this may seem scary, let that go as it is old programming that has no place in your future. Allow yourself to connect, dream and build the future you want without fear.

With all my devotion,

Quan Yin


Personal Note:

I was recently shown a past life where I had a life that could be considered dark. I was meditating when I was pulled into a room where I watched a group of people manipulate energy grids. I didn’t understand why I was being shown this and I was completely shocked to find that one of the manipulators was me.  I understood that in their own perverse way they thought they were helping, it was all “for the greater good” but what it did was manipulate free will. I was saddened, confused and a little scared. Guides shared with me that I needed to see this so that I could forgive this piece of myself and look at . However, most importantly, it showed me why I have been hesitant about walking in my power, about really owning my worth. Deep down, I feared that if I walked in my personal power which includes guiding others to find their own, that I would be again manipulate free will. That truth was such a revelation for me and much in my life as far as self talk (not the good kind) made sense. The guides assured me that I had learned well in that life and it was a mistake that I won’t repeat as long as I remain heart centered.

It took me a few days to come to peace with this and Quan Yin’s words really spoke to me. It’s time to love myself completely, with no judgement and by doing so I can also give that to the world.

In talking to a friend about reoccurring cycles, it brought to mind just how many of us are having physical things come up again. It is an opportunity to move through the event without fear and to also reexamine the emotions that were created and how much we have held in our bodies. I have had a re occurrence of back issues in the past 8 weeks that brought up so many emotions from three back surgeries and a summer in a nursing home.  It was enough that I went back to the spine specialist and had an MRI. The tests determined that I had in fact experience a cerebral fluid leak but it had walled off and stopped. While I was shocked that my back had done this again as it did in 2010, 2013, and now 2016. What a pattern. Yet this time, I didn’t go into fear. I was more in observation mode and I listened to my body and rested. My pattern has been to totally ignore my body and push and push as if I had something to prove. This time, I reacted different and the results were different, the body had healed and no further surgery is needed and I am able to process and let go of those very crippling emotions. 

I am holding all of you in the highest light and with the deepest love. May you all be blessed. Thank all of you who have shared and supported this work.  It means more than you will ever know.


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Quan Yin via Jenny Schiltz, January 13th

Deep Healing and Integration Taking Place – Quan Yin



Greetings! We come to you today with important information regarding what is taking place in this Now. The next few months will be very pivotal not only for your growth but the planet as a whole. While many of you were hoping that things would smooth themselves after the the New Year, understand that a vote was taken to continue this accelerated course. Each of you on this path received a vote and your highest aspect consulted with you in dream time to receive your input. Understand that for each one that merges with their soul, hundreds around them are affected. While each of you are creating your own reality, your own hologram, you are also participating in the collective hologram as well. The more awakened the beings participating in the hologram, the more you will see the world and all of it’s beings change in response.

The stream of light consciousness entering your world will continue at a steady pace. One’s growth is dependent solely on how fast one is able to integrate and utilize the light codes. While each of you are at different stages there are patterns and rhythms that will allow you understand what another is experiencing in varying degrees. Now more than ever, self care, self love is very important. As these codes are digging deep within your belief system to root out all that is not in alignment, you will find that you will feel depleted rather quickly. Taking great care of your form will aid in assimilation. Exercise designed to move energy through your body and aid in releasing will be beneficial. Ensuring that your hydration and nutritional needs are met is also imperative. Listen to your form, which has consciousness and honor what the body needs to move through this time with as great of ease as possible. Rest and limiting exposure to electronic signals will allow the body to recharge at a faster rate. Be aware of your thinking  and make sure that you are your biggest supporter, your greatest champion.

At this time much is happening within as each of you embody more and more of your soul. All facades, masks and personas that are not in alignment with your truest aspect will be shown to you. How one handles this will depend on if the person is ready for true, lasting change. We understand that coming face to face with your layers, your masks is not a comfortable process. Many of you have created identities and personas to help aid you through the lower vibrating earth as a form of protection. Some of you have shed layers as you awakened only to create new ones, putting yourself once again in a box of limitation. Those must now come down, it is safe for you to allow all these layers protecting your precious soul to come down. What was once protection is now holding you from your potential. As these become evident, you will be able to see them for what they were; protection for your soul. View them without judgement. Realize that though you fear being hurt as so many of your tender souls have been, that you are now ready to move forward and walk in your power, confident in your abilities to exact change in all areas. You must silence the inner critic, the one that holds you in place with fear or dogma as there is no place for this in the light.

There will be those who when shown their layers and masks and being  unable to face their fears will continue with their facade until they are ready. There is no judgement with this as each soul is on their own timeline and much has been learned through masks as it is another way to explore life in form. Some of you will see yourselves for the first time and look into the mirror thinking that you have lost yourself and that all meaning become irrelevant. This is not the case dear ones, this is simply you leaving behind the old and embracing who you truly are. It is a process and not something that happens in an instant. Take this time to really examine all you have held dear, all you have believed, all that you have been told and allow your heart to lead you to your truth.

At this time much will be brought to light and examined. Forgiveness of self and others is very important. You must see each moment, each action taken by you or another as an opportunity given for you to grow and learn. Judgement must be left behind as you begin to see the soul behind every being on this planet.  To judge another is to judge yourself, adding more for you to release. See the beauty in all lessons, all experiences and you will feel yourself lighten considerably. Understand that forgiveness is also a process and many of you may be revisiting moments that you have previously thought healed. This means that these emotions are held deep within your layers and are awaiting final forgiveness so that it no longer impacts who you are. Remember, it is you who chooses what to bring forward and what not to in your now. In each moment make the conscious choice to remember who you are, remember your soul, and not the layers that have encompassed you in this life.

Holding you in high regard and with deep love,

Quan Yin


Personal conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: A while ago I was shown a bucket within me that I needed to keep filled with golden light. This represented my energy levels and I was urged to make sure that I always keep my bucket full. Recently I was shown that bucket  but it had an overflow spout leading to other buckets and I was urged to fill each one as much as I can. That it was important to make sure I was placing my needs first.

Quan Yin:  It has never been more important. Many of you are being called upon to stabilize the energy around you while you are also integrating the deep changes within. If self care is not made a priority, one could find themselves quite depleted. Each person knows intuitively what feeds their soul, this is of great importance.  

Me: My 7 year old shared with me that she feels pain, holds it (as she put her hand over her heart chakra) I asked her what about and she sat there and told me for everything. The kids who won’t let her play at school, the boy who said he had a crush on her but lied, the kids who pick on the kids who have problems, for the bugs that get squished, for all the animals that get abused, and the sad stories she hears. As I was sitting there listening, it hit me that so many of us felt those things too as kids in one form or another… but many of us shoved it down, disconnected and believed it  when  we were told we were too sensitive.  It brought me to layers of pain I didn’t realize existed to that degree within me. 

Quan Yin: This is what I refer to as the walls built to protect your soul. It is a distortion and must be changed. Too feel everything deeply is your soul, it is your highest aspect. When one feels this deeply how can they possibly harm another. Many are seeing the truth in those core emotions and removing the filters that kept them deeply hidden. It is safe now, you can feel as you should, you are not alone and so many, many more are realizing this truth. 

Me: How do I help my child with her deep pain?

Quan Yin: Teach her compassion, teach her forgiveness and teach her self love. With those three attributes she will keep feeling but will be at peace. One feels anxiety not because they feel the emotions, but rather they allow others to make them feel wrong or different for feeling them. She will keep her compassion and through forgiveness understand the greater plan. 

Me: Quite a few clients have used the words “reset” to describe what they are feeling in these moments. I find that interesting.

Quan Yin: Yes a deep reset is taking place. Each person is being given the opportunity to change within them all that is not accurate for who they are, all that does not resonate within. 

Me: Some are hearing a heart beat in their right ear. What is that, what is the purpose?

Quan Yin: Their body is being tuned to the frequency of the shifting earth. Not all will hear this, but all are being tuned. We recommend that those who hear this heart beat, connect themselves to the earth, to Gaia and commune with her, experiencing her love and grace. 

I hope my questions and answers have helped you as they have me. I am holding all of you in the highest light and with the deepest love. May you all be blessed. Thank all of you who have shared and supported this work as facebook continues to restrict my ability to share these posts.   It means more than you will ever know.


Kwan Yin via Lynette Leckie-Clark, November 7th

I am Kwan Yin. I have come today to tell you of our great Blessings to all of you.

It is a time to rise above your experiences of the past, particularly your current year. Please remember that when you experience difficulties and trials you are also able to gain great growth.

Seek the rainbow of abundance through your growth. The rainbow brings renewed strength and understanding, shining like colored ribbons of peace and healing. Many have raised their vibrational energy through renewed understanding,even after pain and loss. I give you compassion now as you read my words. Allow yourself compassion also. Love and honor your own efforts of life. In doing so you prepare for the great Blessing open to you on the 11th of the eleventh month in a year where infinite love and wisdom is opening to all.

I asked these words be titled the Gateway of Heaven for our Blessing to you is a gateway to the most loving and expansive energy of Light you can ever imagine. It is so pure and bright your humanness can hardly believe. But your soul will rejoice and expand as you step through this gateway. It will last for some time shining like a great beacon – calling. Calling those beautiful souls wishing to step forward in a new reality of peace and renewed structure of daily life. The opportunity for healing, not only in this lifetime, but all of your previous lifetimes of experience also. There can be great release through the love and compassion available to you in this gateway.

You perceive Heaven to be of great love, great peace and great beauty. I come to tell you beloved soul that though the gateway provides a vision of this, clears and heals all past, it is you who will wish to manifest heaven in your own life through your own choices in your own future. It is you beloved.

Many will experience our love, our energies through this gateway. You marvel at our peace, our Light. This is available to you also. Take small steps as you release. Some may feel very tired in their body, some may experience head ache for a short time. Know it is the power of the higher energy and your bodies will be required to adjust. There is no set pattern. Each is individual yet part of a great sea of Light Souls.

So I come and spread my arms and energy wide to all as do many of us here. I am instructing this channel with a meditation to guide you through the Gateway of Heaven. It is a great release of many lifetimes. There are aspects of behavior you have brought through to this lifetime which you no longer require. If you choose to step higher in vibration and higher learning, then this is an opportunity for you to do so.

This is our great Blessing to you which I bring to you all.

I am Kwan Yin


Quan Yin via Jenny Schiltz, 3 december

Patterns being revealed – Quan Yin – 12/3/2015




We are most excited about the current amount of light that you and your planet are now holding. This intensity of light will continue from this point forward and the body will adjust in increments.  While this has been a tumultuous time, much density has been and is being cleared from the collective and the personal form.  All that does not serve the light is being brought to the surface within you and in the collective as a whole. Patterns of behavior and thoughts are coming to the forefront now to be addressed and released.

For some these are patterns that are deeply rooted in all layers of the being and are not easily recognized. It is this reason that the energy seeks to highlight this pattern by making it more obvious and exaggerated. While uncomfortable it is necessary for the individual and the collective to experience a resurgence of all behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that are not in alignment. It is in this way that they become recognizable and undeniable. From the point of seeing a pattern one can then make a conscious choice to do different. The repeating of the patterns is how one’s power is given away. These beliefs, thoughts and actions must be changed in order to reach your full potential.

While you may feel that you are caught in a loop of undesired emotions, thoughts and behaviors, understand that each moment you choose to react differently you are then rewriting the programs that are running and in some cases you are creating new ones. This must happen in order for your original template to be restored to allow for your highest aspect to be completely embodied. In each moment, you have a choice on how you respond to what you are being shown. For some this is a theme that has been present throughout your entire life and has presented itself in all areas of your life. Are you able to see where this pattern has impacted you and how it has hindered your development? This is showing you where you have given your personal power away. Some may recognize the repeated response ingrained deep within, yet feel that they are unable to make the change. Understand that the effects of the pattern will only continue to intensify as the light on your planet and within you does the same.  We ask that upon recognizing that which is not in alignment that you examine where it has impacted every area of your life, this will allow you to see where you can make different choices, rewriting the programming within.

While your soul has learned much from this experience, it is time to move beyond. Now is the time that each of you needs to step into your power, into your divinity, remembering who you are. Each of you that embodies a heart centered existence helps to transform all around you. It is through your heart that you will see the change that you so wish to see.

We are excited and encouraged by the great changes taking place.

Quan Yin


Personal Conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: My biggest pattern is self-sabotage in the form of not taking care of my physical body, though not eating right and not exercising and with that comes the really negative self talk.

Quan Yin: All patterns are a form of self-sabotage. It is through your actions or inaction that you give your power away.

Me: So if I decide to eat poorly, neglect the physical body, gain weight etc. continuing a lifelong pattern, is that in my highest good?

Quan Yin: Yes

Me: Wait. If I exercise, treat my body well, eat well and control the inner dialog is that in my highest good?

Quan Yin: Yes…. You seem surprised. If you need to experience the repercussions of neglecting your body, of not embodying your highest self in these moments, then there is still growth and experience that your soul is needing. However, it is your choice and at any moment you can choose a new path, new actions.

Me: So it’s a question of can I love myself enough to stop sabotaging my health and well-being.  

Quan Yin: Yes. Are you ready to embody all that you are? To love yourself completely?

Me: Yes, though I feel it’s like climbing a mountain. 

Quan Yin: All mountains are climbed one step at a time.

I share this dialog with you because I know that each of you have your own forms of self-sabotage and there is no shame in this. It’s what we choose as our challenge to overcome as we return to self. For me, the pattern is obvious. I know what to eat and how to exercise so that my body feels good. I know what not to do because of how it feels when I do it. I will start a program or eat as I should for a time and my body will sing in relief. Yet, something will come up to break the routine (small thing really) and I will simply stop doing what makes me feel good.I will tell myself all sorts of stuff to justify why I stopped. However, the truth is I sabotage myself. This is my challenge to love myself enough to care for myself so that I feel good and like I can take on the world and any circumstance.

These patterns can take so many forms. Some may cripple themselves with doubt, some may sabotage their opportunities by not acting on them, and some put themselves last in all ways: relationships, employment, parenthood etc. Others may repeat the pattern of not seeing their worth or attracting to themselves people who damage their sense of self.  My point is that WE ALL have something we are working through. It is not easy to rewrite a pattern that has existed for so long in all our layers. So we need to be gentle with ourselves, celebrate the victories and not beat ourselves up for the missteps. This is a marathon, not a sprint and we do this one step at a time by being brutally honest with ourselves and owning all of our stuff. Bring it out into the light.

Much love and blessings to you all. Thank you to all who share these messages, it means the world.



Kuan Yin via Susan Leland, October 27th


Kuan Yin:

“Your 3D Fears

Cannot Go with You!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference  

October 27, 2015

     “I am Kuan Yin, and I greet you all as my most Beloved Ones, my children in the Light, or Children of the Sun, if you will, my Brothers and Sisters, in Love!  And I congratulate and honor all of you for your Courage to stay the course in such formidable times!I say this because there have been so many challenges.  You came here to be courageous.  You came here to clear out the last of your fear-based programs.  You have experienced traumatic dramas in your lifetimes, not only in this one, of course.  But it is that the fear-based expressions that you have been exposed to, the programs which have controlled you and, most of all, your own feelings of being alone in the dark, have indeed been formidable in this lifetime!

     “And I am here to tell you that these challenges are ending!!!  We are together in this particular Mission.  And it is to literally cleanse and clear out whatever remaining fears you may have.They are the very deepest ones.They are the most challenging ones for all of you, no matter what they are.  They have energy of a low vibrational kind and it can dampen some of the High Vibrations which are so available to you, now that all you have to do is require that they come in.

     “And so it is to continue the course, to know that you are absolutely not alone and that whatever you might be afraid of is an illusionary creation that need not, in fact, cannot stay within your beings as you move up into the Higher Dimensional Lifestyles.  And you’re already there!

     “Where do you think you are when you sleep?  Where do you go when you meditate?  What do you feel when you kiss a baby or smell a flower or hug someone dear to you?  You’re not in a low place at that time or at any other, when you are feeling Joy!!!Whether you are simply sitting on the ground communing with Mother Gaia and her Kingdoms, whether you are in the company of your Guides, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, whether you are piloting your ship in the Ashtar Command, whether you are simply connecting with the totality of your beings including your Higher Dimensional Selves, you are not in the third dimension!You are in levels of High Fourth, Fifth – and even Higher Dimensions!!!That is where fear cannot go with you.  It cannot exist there.  It just has to be released!

     “And in order to be more and more in these Higher Levels, you are undergoing transformations in every part of your third dimensional beings.  You already know that your physical bodies are changing into the crystalline bodies – lighter they will be! Some of you are having changes in what you choose to nourish these bodies with.  Some of you are losing, hmm, let us just say, parts of your bodies which hold toxins because toxins are not coming into Higher Levels of Dimensionality with you, so they must be let go of.  And you have places in your body which are ideally suited for the storage of these and so you may be losing some weight.  This is not true in every case because everyone has their own particular rate of change.

     “The most important change, of course, you’ve already heard a bit about, and that is within your own Heart spaces and in your Higher Levels of yourselves- your voices, your wisdom eyes, your crowns and beyond.  And you do have some new chakras opening in other areas.  And you have some Higher Dimensional chakras that you are moving into joining with.  And you have what you have called your three lower chakras which are changing!  They must change because they’re coming with you – they’re not being cast aside or tossed overboard or any such thing!!!

     “This is all challenging at times, but you’re doing it, each and every one of you!!!  And we are so Joy-full!  A part of you is already here.  Access that part!  Observe yourself from that Higher Dimensional Self Perspective and you will see whereof I speak.  Look at yourself along your timelines, oh, let us say, four years ago in your measurement of time, and just simply see how much Light you are radiating and then look at yourselves now, and see the increase!  It is spectacular!!!

     “Planet Earth is more and more in the Light.  And yes, it is most important that all beings on Planet Earth make their own decisions as to whether they will ascend during this period – this era we shall say – or whether they will wait yet a while.  And there are those who are so steeped in their darkness that they are so terrified of leaving it that that particular group – the majority of them – will be going other places.  But within that group, there are Lights lighting up even now, and there will be more!

     “And so, when you shine forth your Lights deliberately, intentionally and consciously, to uplift Planet Earth and all of its kingdoms, be sure to include all who are still steeped in the darkness of fear, because you are here to create miracles, not just within yourselves and for yourselves, but for everyone else!!! And that’s how it works.  That’s how the World becomes a Community of Love.  And that, my most Beloved Ones, is where our Mission is together!

     “I am so honored to be here with you, to have this opportunity to tell you how radiant, how wondrous and beautiful you all are!!! Together we are accomplishing that which you ordained so long ago, when you first left the High Places of Light and took up residence in the third dimension, in order to experience all that it could possibly hold, in order to create on that level, in order to go where Mother/Father God could observe all that came forth!

     “And you have done that brilliantly and beautifully. And that is ending, because you promised when you lowered your vibrations – or took the veil, however you see it – you promised that one day you would return to the Light with your bodies, with your transformed bodies which had become third dimensional bodies, but still carried the LoveLight within.  And that is what you are succeeding in doing!And that is our Mission that we are accomplishing together!!!

     “Thank you so much, Beloved Ones, Beloved Family.  We are together, and together we are Love in the Oneness of all of the LoveLight in the Universe!!! And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, October 27, 2015.

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Quan Yin via Jenny Schiltz, October 7th

Time of expansion – Quan Yin – 10/7/15





I come to you today as many of you are in a period of deep integration of the energies that entered your earth with the X-wave. While many of you are feeling the strong effects, understand this wave is doing exactly what was intended. Each of you is responding differently to the energies and this is determined by the amount of work each of you had done prior to the wave. Understand that all of the information, the light codes, are here to be accessed by all as each one is ready. For this reason you are in a period of deep integration. Once you have cleared density from your form, the light codes are then accessible to rewrite the programming and to change your light body. You will assimilate this information and then work on the next layer of encoding. While this may seem like a daunting task, you must understand that this will allow for incredible growth to take place and the transformation that you seek.

Those that carry little resistance in the body will move quickly through the process, while those that are finding it difficult to release the aspects that no longer serve are suffering from anxiety, depression, fear and unease. In this moment ask yourself what it is you are holding onto and if it is in your highest good. Open your heart, allow love and forgiveness to permeate your being. This is your natural state of being. It is your thoughts, beliefs, and ego that move you from this place. Opening your heart space and remaining there will allow you to move through this process with greater ease as you will begin to feel when you have moved out of this space. When you feel that you have left your heart space, examine what has occurred. Was it a thought, circumstance, or interaction that shifted you from your heart? View each of these as a gift, as it has occurred to show you where you are holding resistance in your form. Understanding where the resistance arises allows you to make a choice, you can either release the resistance or cling to it and continue to be shown where it no longer serves.  You can release the resistance by stating the truth behind the thought, circumstance or interaction or by simply stating that you no longer allow this distortion into your field as it does not align with your highest aspect. Understand that the old programming that created the resistance runs through every layer and will need to be removed through each layer until it is no longer in your field. This does not signify failure on your part.

This is the time of expansion, the energies that are streaming into and through your body are helping you to expand your consciousness and your heart center. For some this has created deep fear as they are not understanding what is taking place. All of life flows through a person’s filters and beliefs and it is through this that each of you create your personal hologram, your personal universe.  If the filter is one that contains duality, they will then create and bring into their field circumstances and interactions that match that vibration.  This has a purpose as it is when duality is at its extreme that it is seen for the distortion that it is. The more things move from the center, the more one is able to feel that the vibration does not match nor feel good within.  Each person must move past duality during the process of merging with your highest aspect who understands that all is perfect for the growth of the soul. It is important that each of you be aware of what does not vibrationally match or feel good within the body. This is your litmus test to determine what is true for you. Discard all that brings you out of your heart center, for it is in this center that one manifests and creates a higher vibrational world. Being in this heart center and creating from a place of unconditional love for all is how you change the world.

Depending on where you are in the process, the light codes streaming to earth may be causing difficulty in the dense physical form. It is imperative that each of you follow what your body is needing without judgement and limitations. It is important to learn to live within the flow of the universe. Resting when it is needed and being active when the form allows. Eating and drinking what the body needs to process these higher vibrating codes without using dogma and beliefs to cancel the request.  It is in honoring your needs and your body that you become one with the flow of your soul and greater ease is obtained.  It it is in this flow that your highest aspect resides.

Many of you have moved into the 5th dimensional existence. You have raised your vibration level to match those frequencies and now you are working to maintain them in every moment. Yet, many of you still bring the old programming of the 3rd dimension forward day after day. Open your heart and ask yourself if you have made the significant shift that allows you to be part of the higher frequencies.  Your ability to see all around you at a higher frequency and as a new opportunity is very important. This will open pathways within by rewriting the old, outdated programming. It is you who must be sure of where you are, it is you who must believe, and it is you who must then create from this space.

With deep appreciation for the work you are doing,

Quan Yin


*Beautiful artwork found at


Personal conversation with Quan Yin:


Me: This has been a very intense time. I am feeling like things are speeding up as I am clearing such large amounts. Connections are being made that allow me to move beyond limitations and the clarity is amazing!

Quan Yin: It is good to see it as a beautiful thing as some get lost in the process and lose sight of the reward. One must always remember that the purpose of this is to reconnect with your soul, to make yourself whole. There is no greater reward.

Me: I woke the other morning feeling funny, off and things just seemed different. I was walking my youngest to school when a guide popped in and walked beside me. I had a reading coming up and they sometimes do this. We were talking and I told him that things feel different he then said that I was in the shadow lands. It is a land of choosing, it is in these moments that we create our new hologram. So he asked me what I wanted to take with me into this new, it is my choice. That I could leave behind some of the insecurities, worries, fear, etc. That this is a remarkable time to choose different. I asked how long it lasts and he says it is dependent on how much we choose to let go. I asked if everyone was in this space, and he said many are, but not all. I also asked if he considered this to be a void and he said no, it is active creation.

Quan Yin: Yes it is in these moments that people are choosing to remember who they are and in doing so, actively create it in their life. It is a remembering of your original template, your blue print and bringing it forward on earth. This can only be done by letting go all that does not match that template.

Me: Many feel as if they are in a void, a lull. Is that accurate. 

Quan Yin: What many are experiencing is the duration of time during which they have upgraded a part of themselves, but not all. Each layer must upgrade for a movement to feel complete. What many sense is a waiting period as the integration completes itself. It is important that during that time that they do not go into the negative mind and allow fears and worry to take hold. They must understand that all is happening at the perfect time for the person and that nothing is wrong.

Me: This past weekend I had this rush of anger take hold of me, it was set off because I couldn’t figure out how to use a remote. So silly but the rage that bubbled up was just incredible. I screamed at the remote and my youngest took the remote, fixed the issue all the while saying “it’s ok, mom.” I felt like a nut but yet the rage was still there deep inside. My husband came home and I told him I was seething for no good reason and asked if he could take our daughter for a bike ride. He complied and once they left, I just let it fly. I screamed, cussed, and even kicked the couch cushions. I have no idea why but just as soon as it came, it left and I was just bewildered. 

Quan Yin: You do not have to be aware of exactly the cause for you to release it. What is important is that you were able to let it go and remove it from your field.

Me: I felt bad because I started it in front of my child.

Quan Yin: Do you think that she does not feel such rage at times? By allowing her to see you express it without taking it out upon another teaches her that it is OK to honor those feeling as well. Do you see how kicking the couch cushions or throwing pillows does not have to be a terrible thing but one of release that can end in laughter?

Me: That is not what we are taught…

Quan Yin: No it’s not.

Me: I have been noticing that there is a theme in my readings these last two weeks and that is that guides are asking that people really look at the limitations, the boxes they put themselves in.

Quan Yin: There is no bigger box then not believing your progress and allowing another’s definitions to permeate your own. Everything that has been believed and understood is being challenged. It is very important to see where one limits themselves, for it is not another that can limit you as you are the one creating in every moment.

Me: A lot to think about.

Quan Yin: Yes

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


Kuan Yin via Susan Leland, September 22

Kuan Yin:  Equinox Energies of Balance, Harmony and Peace

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – September 22, 2015

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, Kuan Yin and I come to you with the greatest of Love, and the Joy of our togetherness!  And this is indeed a most momentous time in your history/herstory. For this is the time of the coming together of everyone on Planet Earth and beyond in this Grand Upliftment, aided, of course, by the incoming High Dimensional energies of Love!!!


“It is because you have welcomed these energies.  It is because you are so ready to take your place among the Higher Dimensional civilizations of your solar system, your galaxy and the Universe!  And it is one particular energy that I would discuss with you and that is, of course, the Equinox.


“Now you know by its very name that it is an equalizing energy.  It is to bring harmony and balance.  And we know that as you observe third dimensional Planet Earth, you can see the need everywhere for harmony and balance in all lives.  And I am here to assure you that these energies will indeed be most helpful in achieving that!


“But it is you, Beloved Ones, who are, shall we say, the Directors of these energies.  It is you, my Beloved Family, who have the ability with your Love, your Grace and your own Divine Sacredness to bring these energies in to accomplish the maximum that they have the ability so to do!!!

“And so it is that it is for everyone these energies are coming! There are those, like yourselves, who are in complete and conscious understanding of them.  There are those who are aware that things are changing, but they are not quite sure what to do.  And there are those, quite frankly, who are still slumbering in their beds, like so many children pulling the covers up over their heads so that they do not hear the alarm clocks which are ringing.


“And so it is to be gentle and yet strong in our offering* – or directing of these energies toward the entirety of the World – to bring about harmony, balance and, of course, a great Peace!!!  That Peace which comes from Love, not war; that Peace which involves nothing in the way of weapons; that Peace which involves only the Hearts of all joined together in one grand, harmonious Love song – the Love song from each individual to himself or herself, and then to all others who dwell on Planet Earth, below, on and above!


“For there are dwellers everywhere.  And yes, you may say, ‘Well, some have this Peace already.  Some are enlightened. Some have ascended and yet walk among us as Masters seeing multi-Dimensions at the same time.’  And yes, there are some among you who have done this already or who are about to do it!And all of you are in the ‘about to do it’ or ‘do it more’ state of being, which gives you the ability to Be the Peace!!!


“For when you have the Higher Dimensional Perspective, there is nothing in 3D which will last if it is not peaceful – and you will see that and know that!  But as I have said, there are many who are unaware in their 3D selves of what to do, or who don’t have any clue that anything is happening because they are not awake yet.


“And so it is to bring in these energies of harmony and balance, these peaceful and loving energies, to welcome them!  And I will say, to welcome them on behalf of every living being on Planet Earth and beyond, so that they will integrate more fully, so that more will awaken to them or realize that, yes, things are changing, things are shifting!  Yes, there are some new energies afoot here and so they will relax and let go of whatever fearful ideas they may have had about them.  And they will know that all is well in their Kingdoms!!!

“And so it is that we invite you to come together, knowing how important our message is, sharing it with each other and with all who come after this Gathering and, indeed, to broadcast it out so that the entire Planet will hear it. And we shall join together on Sekhmet’s crystal ship to do just that!!!


“In the meanwhile, it is that I offer you, Beloved Family Members -as though you were my children in a way, and it is not in any manner except the most loving and respectful that I say that – it is to offer you my Blessing, my thanks for all that you have experienced, for all that you have done in this life and all others before it and, most of all, to congratulate you for where you are now!  And I assure you that your lives are Golden, for you are on the road, or the pathway, if you will, the Golden Path into the Golden Age!  And the Golden Age is a step toward your complete Ascension!!!


“And in this Golden Age, you will find more and more the energies of harmony and balance, and Peace above all else – all fueled by Love and all fully available to you to utilize within your own selves and to share!  And this, Beloved Ones, is how the World makes its Ascension, step by step, one by one, but together in the Grand Mission, together along the Golden Path -ultimately each and every one coming home to the High Dimensions, there to unite each and every one with that part of them which is already there!!!


“And it is to unite with your Higher Dimensional Selves.  That is a most important part of any Exercise or Meditation that you may do, for I am including all of you, the totality of you!  It is that you join with, in Communion, I shall say, with ALL beings of LoveLight in the Universe.  And that, Beloved Ones, is Who You Really Are!!!  You have never been separated, save in your own third dimensional consciousness!


“And now, as we rise together – for we are here to be on your Paths with you – watch yourselves feeling the Great Harmony of the One We All Are!  And this is how you return to Love – only Love – in all of your thoughts and your words and your actions!!! And this is how you engage with your higher selves in all the Universe of Love and ultimately make your transitions, bringing your transformed bodies with you so that you are completely up and out of the third dimension!!!

“And if you choose to wait a while and delay awhile on your Homecoming status, that’s exactly and divinely perfect for you.  It is simply to bless yourselves now, to enjoy that Peace, that balance which the Equinox brings and shares so completely with all of you!

“And I do thank you for being here in this Great Family to share -to share this energy with each other.  And I invite you to continue in this Gathering that we may share it with the entire World and the Universe beyond.  Thank you, most Beloved Ones!!!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

* Kuan Yin’s introduction to the Meditation led by Sekhmet which followed. (See article below.

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, September 22, 2015.

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Quan Yin via Jenny Schiltz, September 25

X-wave energy flooding into earth – Quan Yin – 9-25-2015




We come to you in celebration as the X-wave energies are flooding into your earth plane changing all around you. How this waves affects you is completely different for each person and we understand that this may create uncertainty and doubt into your field. Some of you are making profound leaps in your thinking and achieving astonishing clarity. Others are feeling more of the energies and the joy that this brings as you move and connect with the unified field. Others are feeling physical symptoms that overshadow much in their intensity. Some are not feeling much with this wave and this has created fear. Understand that all are being affected by this wave in varying degrees and none are being “left behind”. This belief is only an illusion that creates fear and limits your ability to take in the energies that are surrounding you in these moments.

Think on a symphony performance. When you are sitting far away you are able to hear the music but not distinguish the individual instruments. As you move closer to the music you are then able to distinguish individual instruments but when you move even closer still you are able to distinguish the subtle harmonies and undertones. This relates directly to your vibration and the amount of density you have cleared from your form. You are only able to distinguish and utilize what your vibrational level is able to process in these moments. For some that means front row seats at the symphony and for others it means hearing it play softly in the background. Neither is right nor wrong but perfect for where you are in your development.

Understand that while this wave is creating a momentum of clearing and growth and its strength will dissipate the codes that accompanied the wave will not leave your earth. Therefore as you progress onward on your journey you will be able to access all the codes when you are ready. For even those that are only hearing the symphony from far away will eventually hear it as if they are in the front row seats once they are ready. As each of you clear more density and fear from your form, thereby liberating your highest aspect to merge more completely, you will naturally access the codes that are being grounded into your earth at this time. There is no reason to fear that a window of opportunity has been missed.  Allow yourself to be exactly where you are, resisting little, fearing little and you will then open yourself up to receiving all that you are capable to receive at this time.

For those that are finding their interactions are rousing deep emotions and whose life situations are becoming unbearable, we ask that you view these situations as a gift. It is in these moments that those that cause you the most turmoil are helping to excavate what has been buried deep, perhaps hidden even to yourself. This can be very unsettling as you are coming to terms with aspects of yourself that need changing or releasing. In each moment you have a choice. One can rage against the emotions and the circumstances, seeing the injustice or one can quietly acknowledge that even the most painful situations and interactions is designed to help.  In expressing gratitude for the clarity of vision, the uncovering of hidden emotions that must be healed, you will move through the lesson much faster.

Many of you are feeling the pull of the past, past memories, situations and relationships. These are being pulled from within so that you may examine them, look at the lesson intended and purposely decide that you no longer need to bring this forward into your world. Once you have completely resolved and  healed you will find that you naturally do not carry the pain forward, only the soul experience. In this way, you are being given an opportunity to set yourself free by leaving in the past what no longer needs to be brought forward. Allow this wave of incredible energy to aid you in working through all that does not belong in the new. When a memory comes unbidden, look at the lesson, the gift and simply let it pass with simple observation. It is emotion that brings it into what you are creating in every moment. You have the power to move through all life on earth has taught and remember who you are.

With tremendous joy and celebration,

Quan Yin



Personal conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: I was talking with AA Raziel this morning about the process and what it really takes to ascend and he told me the most profound thing he said “There is a difference between striving to ascend and striving to remember. One says that you are having to work for it, the other says you all ready are.”

Quan Yin: Yes! What you are doing is remembering and through remembering you clear all that you chose to incarnate with, the beliefs, the lessons, the density is cleared. This is your work, clearing what is not truly you and remembering who you are. You do this by not resisting all that is intended to help you. The hardest part is the resistance, once you release the resistance and see the beauty of all that has happened you will enter the flow of the universe. It is in this flow is where manifestation happens.

Me: I am finding that where I am resisting the flow is with my child. There were plans that she had, playing college sports and getting her degree on a scholarship. She recently was injured, had major shoulder surgery and it is unclear if she will be able to play again. It is has been a struggle to remember to see that all happens for a reason and in our highest good. On one level I know that all will work out as it should, but on another I find myself wishing I can manifest a perfectly healed body and the drive to continue for her. I get completely that this is a lesson in allowing and trusting, yet I find I am anxious. 

Quan Yin: You have anxiety because you want to manifest for others, to help them create the life that you feel is best, but you can not. Once you master yourself, you are here to master relationships and by master I mean simply let go and see the beauty in the process. It is through acceptance that everything is there for growth that you truly grow.

Me: Thank you

Quan Yin: Do not worry, you are doing perfectly fine, obtaining clarity.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed and receive healing <3




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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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Lady Quan Yin via Natalie Glasson, September 24

Natalie Glasson ~ The Shift at the Core of the Earth by Lady Quan Yin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 24th September 2015 – Original Source Sacred School of OmNa
Upon the Earth when in existence in human form there are certain qualities which are required to be continuously present within your being to support the wellbeing and happiness of your reality, the greatest of these qualities is trust in the Creator. You exist within a reality which is challenging for you to grasp and understand, many things occur within the universe of the Creator and upon the Earth without your influence, input or understanding. It seems as if there is a continuous almost automatic energy which ensures everything continues to exist, grow and flow both within your physical body, upon the Earth and within the Universe of the Creator. You can most easily recognise this within your physical body which continues to live, breath, think and move, it would seem automatically without any major input from you. Whether you realise it or not you as a soul and spirit trust your physical body to continue to exist until it is no longer required. Yes sometimes the physical body is hindered through illness, injury or disease and yet this was not created by the physical body more so by your mind and emotions retaining painful memories or beliefs which attack the physical body and obstruct its natural rhythm and harmony. However there is a continuous nature to your physical body which you believe in, this is the same for the Universe of the Creator.

Although you cannot completely understand the workings and purpose of the Earth and the inner planes there is a knowingness within you of trust which recognises that as we all move through energetic shifts harmony and equilibrium will be maintained and all will be safe and cared for. This is a profoundly powerful energy within you which is required to be enhanced and empowered at this time of ascension. Fear is the opposite of the energy of trust, created from lack of understanding and an attachment to insecurity. This is born from the illusion that you have to know about everything in order for it to continue to work smoothly. You can never understand how balance is maintained within the Universe of the Creator, how the Earth receives the appropriate energy upgrades and how your body continues to live day after day. Even without your understanding these things continue to occur. In m any ways there is a need to detach, realising that whether you are present or not everything within the Universe of the Creator continues and yet you have the power to imprint, activate and expand energies to enhance the experiences for yourself and all. The only way to enhance the energies of the Creator is to first enhance your trust in the Creator to take care of everything.
‘Lady Quan Yin and the loving Universe of the Creator, I invite you to empower the natural presence of trust within my being and soul. I trust in myself, my abilities and the wellness of my reality, I trust in the Creator that all is appropriate and perfect upon the Earth and the inner planes. Please empower my trust.
Even when fear and insecurities rise from within me and situations on the Earth encourage me to not believe in the presence of the all loving Creator, I invite my inner trust in the perfection of all things to be enhanced, empowered and energised. Please support me in easily healing, releasing all fears and insecurities so that the vibration of trust in the Creator can pulsate vividly throughout my entire being and be projected into my experiences and reality. I allow this healing to take place with trust and faith in my heart, thank you.’
Take a moment to observe your body and the healing energy flowing into your being. Place your hands at your heart chakra to feel the presence of trust growing, imagine it as a magical energy flowing throughout your body and aura, empowering, cleansing and harmonising your being with the Creator.
I, Lady Quan Yin, wanted to remind you of your natural vibration of trust in order to encourage you to surrender your entire being to the Creator. When trust is recognised and enhanced it is far easier to surrender or in other words to unify yourself with the Creator. Surrendering is to let go of all obstacles and boundaries you are holding onto which may hinder your unity with the Creator, in order to set yourself free to harmonise more fully with the Creator. This itself is a healing and deep awakening process. It is to bare yourself before the Creator detaching from any objects, ideas, concepts, wants or past experiences. You do not physically need to cast them aside, it is an energetic surrendering which allows you to see the reflection of the Creator within yourself. The Creator can always see the truth of your being however there is a need for you to recognise the truth of the Creator within your being which can take place through energetic surrendering.
Now is the time for surrendering to the Creator as great beams of light from the core of the Creator intensify and climax their grounding into your being, the core of the Earth and humanity. The energy of the Goddess supported by the Crystalline Consciousness and Light has been anchoring for a few months, now it comes to a climax and the true energy and consciousness which is required to be imprinted and activated within you, the Earth and humanity is present.
When an energy anchors from the Creator it first sends energies of cleansing and purification as preparation, then the energy required to anchor begins to flow, finally after you have aligned consciously or unconsciously with the energy the core and sacred truth of the energy is able to anchor. Now is the time that the core and sacred truth of the energy you have been consciously or unconsciously working with for several months is anchoring. This is why I invite you to empower your trust and to focus upon surrendering to the Creator as a healing can take place which will accelerate your trust and freedom from fear. The Goddess energies are anchoring to bring forth greater love, nourishment of the soul and further creative conscious expression of the Creator.
‘Lady Quan Yin and the Universe of the Creator, during these times of high light and Creator consciousness impact upon the Earth and my being, I invite you to support me in surrendering all that I am to the Creator. I free myself from all burdens and boundaries, from all fears and insecurities so I may allow myself to harmonise and unify my energies with the Creator. I am ready to allow my inner Creator truth to rise from within me, to recognise the Creator within my own being as I meet and connect with the Creator’s energies on a deeper and in a more expansive way. I am ready to heal and to allow the energies of the Goddess to touch the very core of my being and soul, activating supreme Goddess vibrations from within me simultaneously. I accept myself as a greater love, I accept my soul and allow it to be nourished, I choose to accept and actively experience creative cons cious expression of the Creator. I allow a shift to take place at the core of my being knowing and trusting that this shift is healing, transformational, inspiring and guided perfectly by the Creator.  Thank you and so it is.’
As a core shift is taking place within your being this is also reflected in all other areas of your reality and throughout the universe of the Creator. Therefore within the core of Mother Earth a similar shift is taking place, a climax of energies Mother Earth has been patiently waiting to receive. For Mother Earth who holds the creation energies of the Goddess, as she was formed supported by these energies, amongst others, and is present to carry Goddess encoding from the Universe of the Creator, this is a very powerful activation which moves her energies to connect with new dimensions. It unlocks sacred wisdom and information from the core of the Earth which may take several years to be downloaded and accepted by humanity. It is as if Mother Earth is inhaling and as she exhales she is showering the Earth and humanity with treasured sacred gifts for all who are ready and willing to receive. Mother Earth through this process is also dissolving many fears and insecurities which have gathered in her consciousness and body previously anchored by humanity. This is a beautiful process for Mother Earth of healing as it is a chance for unneeded energies to be dissolved and the truth of the Creator to be further embedded and activated.
It is time to receive the benefits of all the effort and dedication you have placed upon your healing, spiritual evolution and ascension, as a shift is occurring within the core of your being and the core of the Earth. A shift which removes a shadow of fear and showers you in blessings of the Goddess. The Goddess Beings only ask that you are open, ready and willing to receive as from the core of the Creator, the core of the Earth and the core of your being, the Goddess Consciousness will begin a recoding of your being to align you with the Creator and to further allow the Goddess energies to transmit through your being. The Goddess beings have much to share, anchor and transmit in the future of our ascension as they begin to recode all to further create the Era of Love upon the Earth. The recoding of the Goddess Consciousness at this time offers a greater sense of freedom spiritually which can be experienced as expansion, ease of flow, the manifestation of perfection, realisation of self or greater trust in abilities.
‘Lady Quan Yin and the Universe of the Creator, I wish to support the shift occurring now within the Core of the Earth. I send my healing energy and support to Mother Earth at this time, I am present to support in any way you feel is appropriate so please guide me through my soul and intuition. I am ready and open to receive the blessings, Goddess Consciousness and Goddess recoding from the core of Mother Earth to support my ascension and the spiritual evolution of all.
Lady Quan Yin and the Universe of the Creator, please support the core of my being in its activation and shift as I reflect the shifts occurring within Mother Earth within my own being. I allow the Goddess Consciousness and recoding from the core of the Creator to activate from within my being to nurture my soul, release the shadow of fear, encourage conscious creative expression, greater communion with love and a new sense of freedom. I am ready to surrender to the shift taking place upon the Earth and within my being, I trust in the Creator to manifest perfection in my reality. Thank you.’
Every moment is a period of great spiritual evolution, these are experiences to cherish,
Lady Quan Yin

Quan Yin via Mark Stearn, July 23

A Message from Quan Yin

July 23, 2015

Channel: Mark Stearn


Beloved friends,

The higher dimensions is a riot of colour and activity at this time. We will give no definite date of when we are meeting you but know your long wait is now at an end. Heaven is reaching out to you. Can you feel it? You will be informed of any news of our coming to meet you all. Xenophobia which is natural is not to be seen as a barrier to any impending contact. We do understand that because of film you may have been exposed to many forms of ‘extra-terrestrials.’ It is vital for you to understand that the fifth dimension is energy and it is only when we download our energy to meet you that we take on form that is most comfortable and not alarming in so that you can interact with us peacefully.

All old energies have been put to rest and any presence in your solar system at this time is a loving presence who has your highest interests at heart. You are going to find that as life and developments push on that a lot of the groundwork has already been done for our arrival. We are enthralled by the work done by great servers of the light who have befriended the galactic presence and to portray us as a loving presence. We have already been reported as aliens and in truth we are merely you your equals. In the past you have heard and been exposed to councils and hierarchies you will be glad to hear that these both are old earth or old world energies and now have no bearing on how you operate today. You may be surprised that it is i who am bringing this message to you and not one of the ‘galactic beings’ as they are termed.

Any contact will also be with the ascended masters, angels and all of spirit from the higher dimensions and as I already said we are to take on a form that you are comfortable and familiar with. There is only goodness and peace coming your way beloved children of god and I don’t mean this in a condescending way. We, your friends, family and equals, have been through all that you have been through for we are one and nothing can separate us ever in truth. So as I already said you are all masters and angels who are finding your way in truth once more. You are bright beautiful beings of god/godess’ essence and we are with you every step of the way. Mother Earth is now accelerating her and your ascension process. There is a plan. This is to see that all are delivered to the new earth safely.

Mother Earth if she has any dramatic changes is making them at this time. You may be interested to know that the majority and sheer capacity of all higher vibrations entering Mother Earth at this time are being poured into her transmutation and infinite restoration. So know that you can rest easy loving ones. There is nothing out there that is out to get you. We your friends are at your doorstep to inform you that your long sojourn is at a close. As I have already stated, there is no set date for contact. We are taking it moment by moment at this time. Time is accelerating as are all planetary transformations and individual changes. You are being upgraded into your full light presence at this time. The new earth is also a riot of activity at this time what with all now transpiring on your planet. Earth shall never be the same again.Also remember vigilance and discernment of all you read and hear about regarding any galactic presence and go with your heart and presence and you will know what is fact and what is fiction. Thank you for your attention loved ones. We are your extended family and friends and know that it will not be long now. One final snippet of news. The crystal cities that have sprung up around earth are a major destination for almost all hearts at this time so remember this and ask your guides to take you on a tour of where you feel drawn to. My thanks to you dearest hearts and keep the faith!!! (Big smiles and winks.)

My love to you all,

I am Quan Yin.

Blessings, Mark.