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Channeled message from Goddess Hathor via Camilla Nilsson May 12,  2021



Carrying anger and frustration prevents joy from flowing through the body. This anger and frustration lies like a lid that prevents you from rising in frequency.

Patience is said to be a virtue but remember that in some cases it can upset rather than help. It is important to see the patience a life can require and how this may need to be measured in different ways.

You can be patient with letting someone come up with something.

You can be patient with waiting for something or someone.

You can be patient with when someone says or does something wrong to you.

When your ego wants to give back but your soul says it is not a solution.

You live on earth.

Your soul borrows your body for a while.

Your body this time, other bodies in previous incarnations. Just as you are often harsh on yourselves when the voice of the ego has spoken a little too loudly, in the same way the voice of the soul also needs to be questioned from time to time. For the traces your patience can create are stored in your body, not in your soul.

It is your body and your ego, which are strained and feel heavy. Therefore, you need to be good at seeing the different areas and shifts of patience and putting them all apart. Look at every part of your life where your patience is used.

You can imagine sticky notes where each situation is described and you lay these notes side by side. Now look at one note at a time and feel how describing the situation feels.

Those that feel good, you can put aside until the next inventory. The ones you know are out of date you can throw away. Those that bring something to life in you are the time to deal with.

Remember that even now you need to be patient for processes of change take time but now the ball is rolling. As soon as the ball has only spun a quarter of a turn, it starts to lighten. Like loosening a screw that has held something in place hard, you will be freer, more mobile, lighter and happier. Suddenly, joy can flow again and you rise in frequency.

Congratulations and good luck!

With love and warmth




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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