Love is our new reality

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Channeling my Higher Self via Sanangel, March 19th, 2018

More Light than ever is streaming towards Earth and it forces you to engage in the work with unaddressed feelings and behavioral patterns. The week will the peak of intensity and it is now that you will make the choice to either let go or to continue to hold on.

It is time of loneliness and alienation and many of you will feel confused and full of sorrow. I encourage you to self reflection, helping and rest in isolation from other people.

For you who choose to hold on the process will continue and you will continuously be reminded about and guided towards the feelings and behavior patterns that you need to heal.

For you who decide to let go you raise your frequencies yet more together with Mother Earth. Your heart chakra will expand and you will gently be rocked into a period of integration and rest. You will become more powerful than ever before and more clear in your connection with us. You will have taken an important step forward in your individual ascension process towards and fifth dimensional level of consciousness.

With Love and Light // San


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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