Love is our new reality

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Christmas by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, December 20th

Gillian MacBeth – Louthan ~ Christmas


Mary Christmas to all and to all a Great Light. As we come to the end of who we know ourselves to be in 2015, have the inner light and strength to forgive yourself for every emotion, anger and fear you have gone thru this past year. Let go and forgive the Universe for pushing you thru the dark side of yourself.  Forgive yourself for giving up on people who deserved a second chance. Forgive all that have cast stones at your heart, your dreams, and your soul. Forgiveness is the balm of the season of miracles, rub your heart and soul with it from the inside out and then shine like the start you were born to be in 2016. 

As we get to the end of this very powerful and life-changing year of 2015 we all look around and see how the landscape of our lives has changed. There seems to be an elongated pause in all things from computers to TV channels and conversations. A Moment of silence as the particles of creation scamper to catch up with themselves. Life demands, work demands, and family demands have taken there toll on us this very long year. It’s taking a lot more energy to keep up with the passing times.  The gravitational pull has increased and we are all stuck in the mud emotionally as we strive not to feel as deeply.

Time has slowed down and quickened simultaneously. The time differential is being reset to move us all in a new direction that has more propulsion and less dimensional smog. Many seek an escape from this holographic projection. The weather has become a very animated mirror reflection as we battle the elements within and without self. We wait for life or something to commit one way or another. The climatic energies rewrite themselves in quantum entanglement. Like birds in a whirlwind we batter against the forces and natural elements trying to find our flight pattern.

Who we once were no longer exists. We literally live in-between the formed and unformed. Our connection to all things seems denser and wider than we expect. We feel deeply and profoundly from the sand between our toes to the tropical breeze in our hearts. Everything beats to one very powerful and pushy pulse. We all seek to know the unknown, the secrets of the universe. Yet most do not even know their own heart. Your eternal heart, the heart of the most high will lead you to the perfect personal path.

As we come to the intersection of time and miracles we open a door that is outlined in winters coat and held open only by light that is filtered and short. We have but a moment to embrace the sacredness of this solstice day before it disappears. Let the true Light of Christmas come into your life with purpose.  Prepare your heart for the birth of a new light.  Listen to the signs and hear the future as it beckons your attention. Within each seasonal and emotional crossroads is a collection of choices. At that point of inner sight and selection, let your heart  be the one to vote with purpose and pure intention. Do not doubt or fear or allow the external frenzied energies to control your every move this season of miracles. This is your time on Earth, wear it well. Be thankful for all that is you.  

Stop fighting the currents of your life and drifting from drama to drama. Spend your time and energy wisely.  Each and every day listen with your heart and then move into that place of love. Follow your light as it connects with each person place and thing. Follow your light as it directs you like a beacon into a place of heavenly choice. Choice is the Master of all human energies as it consume humanity 24 hrs a day. People are always at a point of choice. Ask to chose higher and wiser and in a place of love and then stand back and watch the show of light shift into holograms of miracles and blessings for all.

Each kindness that you do travels thru space and time touches all on its way to the beginning. You touch the very Godhead, the Source with your every action and inaction, know this always then choose to walk  the fine line of creation. Give to those who do not expect it, Give anonymously with zest. Give of your silent prayers for another you pass on the street, give without thinking allowing it to be a way of life not a season

This is a time of deep reflection into a pool of possibility.  Each situation in your daily life will touch you deeper and deeper. You can verbally discount the sadness of another but we all know that the energy of ‘one for all and all for one’ is not just for three musketeers.  We as a planet and a collective unit of light are energetically ‘our brother’s keeper’ whether we want to be or not. As a species created in the image of God we are vibrationally and biologically connected for it can be no other way.

As the light energy steadily increases in pressure and position we will find many who cannot adjust to this change that is driven by human needs and wants. Emotions will float to the surface like old treasures that were once hidden. Playing into another’s dialogue will only clip your wings of light.  Wishing a disagreeable person the very best will unplug you from their grid of negativity. Like attracts like, so if you are walking thru a big pile of cosmic dung do not blame the holy cow. In our lives there are many doorways of change we would like to enter, but like the old hermit we await the heavenly sign from above. Why do we wait for external sources to command our attention and only then make our move toward destined change?

Can we become the sign we so desperately seek? As humans we seem to need confirmation from on high that our choices are politically correct, we need an cosmic OK to move ahead.  As humans we are so connected on a cellular level that we sometimes need to group with another to open the portal of possibility.  Our energies emulsify with one another in agreement or disagreement to either open a portal or close a possibility.

When two or more are gathered in energy and heart the universe will unfold exposing soft skin and lift them to a place of miracles.  This is a time of whipping up some home made miracles for each other with home baked intention as the main ingredient.  Softly helping others kneed their desired outcome.

We are all in a place and time when we are just now remembering that we have the ability to expand and create any world we chose.  The chaos the destruction, the disease, the disasters, can be changed in a wink a blink and a nod, if enough believe this to be a truth.  Life is precious and very short it is important that we always Perform from a place of knowing.   As one that walks the tight wire do you want to get up on that wire with a knowing?  The tight-wire is our next thought, our next word, our next decree. Creation must be done purposefully with a knowing; not just a thinking or maybe!  It is imperative to know without a shadow of a doubt.  your consciousness is birthed from the celestial crock-pot. True knowledge is inherent within all of Gods light creations.  Being a Light master and Ascended master is part of our divine blueprint.  With this knowing, illustrate your life, become all possibilities.

Earth is full of limits—speed limits, time limits, credit card limits, parking limits, everything has a limit.  In your true being there are no limits. All that you can imagine as truth is but a single grain of God consciousness. The beaches reflect what is the true possibility for life.  Every granule of sand is a world, a universe, and a galaxy.  Imagine all the sand on all the beaches and oceans of earth.  Each one of those granules of sand represents your untouched abilities, and your untouched knowledge.

Do not be afraid of the next step of the journey.  It is as if a cell within your body is afraid to connect with another cell within the same body.  You created connectivity but you chose separation.  Open the doorway that you have kept nailed shut for so long.  You are the projector of your limitations. Open yourself to receive the river of all possibility. The vibration of money was given to you as a speed bump.  Something to slow you down. Let go of the concept of money as being your rescuer!  You are provided for equal to the amount of love you give to yourself.  You create and manifest the exact amount you can receive, nothing more, nothing less.

In order for the universe to create from a point of exactness it has to honor itself first. The sun must fully shine for itself first, and then and only then can it shine for others. Is taking care of others an excuse not to take care of ones self? Is it an excuse for not doing the things one is destined to do? These are the questions we all must ask ourselves right now as the outside world tries to suck us away from what we see as our path of purpose…. Do we kick and scream to hold onto self? Do we get angry when others try to take our time, our peace, our quiet?

We as humans are continually distracted. We start each day knowing what we are to accomplish but by the end of the day that list is still not crossed off…. Demands are so thick you could cook them on a grill. Why are we so busy helping others accomplish their dreams their peace their security when we cannot even find our own?

The energies of confusion worm there way into our meditations our prayers our affirmations. Guilt packs us a bag every other day we as we hold on tight to our drowning lives. We appear to be living several lives at once observing all of them with a grin and a growl. We want to help and be helpful walking others through their dreams with great rescue efforts on our part.  We grow tired, as the energies of others dramas grow thicker wrapping them selves around like a squeeze play. Days have grown shorter there is not even enough time to accomplish the bare necessities. You run in circles trying to fill the orders of your life not seeing anything accomplished fully.

Identifying with who you once were seems an impossible task. The drama of the day changes its attire every hour leaving much strewn about. You question what you have known to be truth, like an amnesia victim waking up in the wrong family. Do you surrender to what is happening? You know you are morphing into someone else…but who?

Are you the great OZ or the tornado as everything swirls around you bringing missing pieces back into the picture?  Nature strikes a pose as she opens the door to dimensional weather that has never been seen.  Explanations and signs are lacquered with codes. The pieces mix and match. Signs are twisted, roads dead end, bridges fall apart as you try to cross to the other side of this year end rift. stay at a place of observation without restraints.

As your hearts expand and contract a parallel illustration of Christmas is protryed. Here sits the secret of the universe in full bloom. Herein sits time in all of her sequences and sections. The year pushes and prods placing a time stamp on all.  Christmas Magic dance thru your life. Let the wishes be granted and stop holding them at a distance. You were born to do great things remember that every day and act accordingly.