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“Circus” – Geopolitical Overview – Tuesday – May 16, 2017

“Circus” – Geopolitical Overview – Tuesday – May 16, 2017

Trump is no clown. But he plays one on TV.

Let’s be honest, somebody has to take the fall for the cabal and play the villain role for any massive transition to be believable.

How else can the unassuming lead become a superhero? Or new Republic leadership step in to save the day with courageous impeachment proceedings?

Trump is killing it as a scripted villain; he is hitting it out of the park as they say… hourly now.

It’s like watching a lifetime drunk hit rock bottom–and continuously smash his face into the pavement.

Honestly, I believe Trump has mastered the art of generating hate, fear and loathing. Quite a talented guy in that respect. Yet repulsive and vulgar in the same breath.

So surreal.

Clearly, Trump has been assigned by his cabal masters to absorb all the anger they created over the last 240 years.

That’s patriotic in an odd, sick way.

Trump does his part by fanning old flames started by someone else hundreds of years earlier and stokes fury’s flames–all to one day be purged forever right before Congress is actually ready to impeach him.

That’s right, Congress is doing their part too. Pence, Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Schummer… all of them have GCR/RV handlers who tell what they can do and say, and when.

How efficient.

This geopolitical script is all kinda genius when you think about it. Everyone must have committed to a common pre-drafted storyline and just playing their role to perfection.

The “Dump Trump” movie accomplishes two things: 1) Transitions humanity from dark to light, 2) Preserves Dark Nobility anonymity.

At the end of the day, everyone involved gets what they want–including you–and Trump walks away the vanquished villain.

The lone orange crazy man pays for centuries worth of sin, while the true masterminds, the hidden architects of fear, go completely unexposed and get off scott free in exchange for lifetime amnesty and humanity is released forever.

Win. Win. Win.

The press claims that all modern day misery is Trump’s fault. And Trump is the anti-Christ, and only Trump’s removal can solve all that ails America.

Pure genius make believe. Do you believe? Most Americans do.

The press is reporting the script daily; Trump’s selling it hourly and the world is buying it by the second.

In a weird way, we’re all complicit as to creating the depth and scope of the distraction which keeps all eyes off the drastic monetary and political reforms.

What a fascinating strategy because it’s working. And we’re participating in the chaos.

Again, pure genius.

Together, we are bearing witness to Trump’s intentionally self-collapse and overt bad decision making.

It actually brings to mind the concept of a sales spiff.

A sales spiff for those who don’t know is when a salesmen receives a bonus for selling a specific product over another.

The more he or she sells the more income they generate.

In Trump’s case, the more people that hate him, the better real estate deals or sales spiff rewards he gets in the future–maybe even the lower his approval ratings go the higher his exchange rates rise.

It’s a slow march to hell to be sure. Yet it’s helping not hurting the financial transition. That’s just coconuts.

Down that make Trump a tragic hero. Maybe.

Trump is subtly tapping into our raw emotions, over an elongated period of calamity versus delivering a sudden jolt of treason whereby we all grab flaming torches and pitchforks to storm the White House.

Yes, all these events surrounding Trump may be contributing to his historically low approval ratings, but to Trump’s credit he is pulling it off… masterfully.

Whether it’s Russia or China or both, we all suspect being rewarded handsomely for taking such brutal blows to his reputation as his reputation descends into oblivion.

Though we can see now that his impeachment / resignation is clear on the fast approaching horizon, it makes one wonder just how far the NPTB & OPTB will drive this circus bus into the ditch.

Seriously, how far must the country and world morally be humiliated before benevolent power steps in with a removal scenario and inserts some bashful, awe-shucks common man political hero to save us?

Today? Tonight? The weekend? Before the RV? During? After? 2020?

Because the 800#s, the real ones, the Glengarry 800#s, are out as of midnight last night and sitting with the appropriate release lawyers and military commanders (courtesy of Fighting Joe).

So are banking links to ZIM holders. So are paymaster emails to group members.

It’s all t’eed up ready to rock and rock.

Is the release moment waiting on a hard day and time or just a gut feel by Dunford before civil discord gets too unbearable to considered the release unsafe for redeemers?

Or does Joe want more dis-ease to hide the RV so that it’s more safe for redeemers?

Gotta be one or the other.

Because make no mistake, train wrecks like Trump, with this level of emotionally violence, and constant mass media belligerence, plus political blood bath are always synchronized by both light and the dark handlers in order to achieve some kind of weird butterfly effect.

It’s the only logical explanation as to why Trump is allowed to remain in office and continue the perpetual downward spiral of his administration.

What a circus.

Painful yet incredibly riveting none-the-less. But something’s gotta give. As it will. As it must.

God is with us.