Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, May 14th, 2017

I AM Sananda.

Yes it was I that guided you to be with your higher one; to help you to remember, to help you to know all that is coming for you, all that you have come here for.

You have all come with this connection. Each and every one of you came here from these higher aspects of yourself to experience and know these lower levels so that you could bring about the changes, the shift, the transition that was needed here on this planet so that you could bring this planet and all of the people along with you and be a part of this expression of the new consciousness. And you are this new consciousness.

If you come to understand anything through all of these messages it is that you are this new consciousness. You are the changes that are happening here on the planet.

And once you have come to understand that you are these changes, then you will come to understand that everything is happening here because of you, because of all of you, because of the collective you. This collective consciousness is creating everything here as you move closer and closer to the new Golden Age here on this planet.

Know that there have been previous Golden Ages here on this planet; this is not the first. But you are here to experience this, to bring this about, to create this transition for all to become established here, for all to come to know and understand who they are, what they are here for.

The times that are approaching are shifting now. There is much shift, there is much change that is happening and as you are continuing through this shifting, these shifting changes, you are being readied and prepared and trained to be ones that will assist in this entire process just as you are now. For each and every time you do these meditations you are either helping to shift your own consciousness or the consciousness of mankind or both at the same time.

And this time today was about you shifting your own consciousness. It was about you creating that connection or reestablishing that connection that you have always had; you have simply forgotten. But forget it not much more because it is all coming together as everything is being brought back  from where you once came.

As you have been hearing: sit back, relax, fasten those seat belts. It’s true that the ride might get a little bumpy here and there but it is nothing that you cannot handle, nothing that you have not been readied for. Just be ready to be in the right place at the right moment at the right time because with all of this synchronicity that is happening — you are beginning to notice that more and more that everything is becoming synchronistic and you are part of that great synchronicity that is happening here now. And you will continue to have these events, these synchronistic events that will occur in your lives because as you are moving into these higher vibrations more frequently, more consistently you’re going to experience many more of these synchronicities in your life as everything is coming together into one timeline. You have heard previously that the two timelines have split into two or more and that is correct. But eventually the two timelines will split completely and you will be left with the one. That is the one that you are moving toward into the new Golden Age that is upon you.

I Am Sananda. I love you deeply. More than you can possibly imagine. I leave you now with all of my peace and love and I exit now for another to briefly speak with you here.


Channel: James McConnell
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