Love is our new reality


Life requires us to make decisions. Those decisions have consequences, some good, some bad; some intended and some unintended. Have we ever made a decision about doing something and then later wished we hadn’t? If so, then we usually move on to damage assessment and then consider our remedies to fix the problem. Regardless of the outcome, decisions are a part of life and what we do in figuring out beforehand becomes a major part of the decision process. In business, this is called risk assessment or risk management. The trick is to assess the risk before the decision and determine if possible negative consequences are manageable.

The RV process requires us to make many decisions prior to the actual RV appointment. It is our responsibility to gain enough information to be able to pick through the possibilities and come up with a plan. If the process of making a decision is easy then it is a breeze, but if not, we need to assess the risk of a negative decision and mitigate the negative consequences to our, once-in-a-lifetime-decision to be sure it is correct to the best of our discernment.

Many warnings have been given about listening to the gurus who have never been correct in giving their predictions as to when the RV is to take place. Add to that their endless Zim rate fluctuations and their exchange rates with Contract rates, sovereign rate, negotiated rates, front and back screens rates, ad naseum.


1. There is a front door to the Redemption process within the QFS. Those going through this “Front Door” will redeem without a problem. Those who think they are special and can get in through a side door or the back door will be sadly mistaken.

2. The release of 800# will be the beginning of the process and will come as a surprise; no fore-warning.

3. Rates for exchange and redemption will be a factor of your humanitarian projects.

4. Contract rates are for group currency exchanges that were negotiated years ago for “First Basket Currencies.”

5. There are no Zim contract rates, only negotiated rates or “offered” rates if you don’t have a Humanitarian Project.

6. Each individual Zim Holder will negotiate their own rate according to the needs of their humanitarian projects.

7. Those Zim Holders also having other RV currencies may exchange them at the same redemption appointment.

8. All RV/Redemption funds will be put into individual accounts within the QFS. These funds will be the new gold-backed digital currencies using digital gold certificates for transfers.

9. The Central Bank banking system will be dismantled or repurposed for use by authorized agents of the QFS. A new Financial System will be put in place with branches being called Financial Service Centers. Normal banking services will be accomplished within the Financial Service Centers.

10. Due to the fact that there will be no profits dealing with money within the QFS, certain Zim Benefactors will take over the banking system and pay the overhead and employee wages & benefits, for employees working in the new Financial Service Centers industry.

11. The QFS will not deal with old Fiat currencies. Financial Service centers will be tasked with doing individual exchanges from Fiat currencies to gold-backed currencies. Exchanged Fiat currency will be assigned a gold certificate for use in the new financial system.

12. Currency dealers and other financial institutions holding cash will go through reconciliation to exchange Fiat into gold-backed currencies. Not all cash repositories will be successful in the reconciliation process. Ill gotten or illegally gotten funds will not exchange. The QFS will know the bad money and block it from being exchanged. The powers that be have been working on this for years.

13. All Zim holders will receive a structured payout for their funds. The term of the payout and the “interest” rate will be negotiated with quarterly, biannual or annual payouts for the duration of the term. The interest payments will act as a budget for the use of the funds.

14. Education on the use of the QFS will be given at the redemption appointment with website addressees for continuing educational needs.

15. Proof of Funds letters will be available for those who want to make Real Estate purchase, etc.

16. A temporary Revocable Trust document will be available at the redemption appointment for those who do not have a Trust already set up. The information can be amended after seeking a more permanent Trust document.

17. The 800# will be given for all to use to set up their own appointment. You will be asked what currencies you hold and your zip code. Another 800 number will be given to call and make your local redemption/exchange appointment.

18. The interviewer at the appointment will be a resource for you. They will try to give you all the money you will need for your humanitarian activities. They have been trained to answer all of your redemption questions. Write your questions down before the appointment.

The forgoing is the process for your redemption/exchange. You will never be asked to give serial numbers of your Zim Bonds over the phone or to write them down to email to an alleged online redemption entity. There are some questionable heads of groups that have told their people to release their Zim Bond serial numbers to an alleged HSBC Wealth Management group. This is a fraud and a trap. They were also told that once they give their Zim serial numbers they can destroy their Zim Bonds and wait for their debit card to come in the mail. If you proceed with these instructions the QFS will block this activity and you will not redeem your Zim Bonds. At best you will end up having to go to court to get your funds returned, however, they may not be returned to you at all, especially if you have destroyed your Zim Bond notes.

Many different sources have warned against fraudulent activities. There are negative consequences that will come to you if you follow through with this alleged safe redemption process. No one is special nor will anyone be given a priority for the redemption process – no one.

“Where we go one, we go all,” Keep within the bounds that have been set up and you will do well. If not, all may not be lost. As a remedy, you may piggy-back on other Zim Holders who did things right. They will be looking for good people to get involved in their humanitarian work.

Maybe this weekend will be the time, but I don’t think so. We shall see.

Blessings to All,