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Conversation # 21 via AiA Maria, February 11th, 2021

Conversation # 21 via AiA Maria, February 11th, 2021


We warmly welcome you to a conversation about the time that is in now.

We are very happy for the opportunity to meet and communicate. Thank you!


Then we want to talk to you about inconstancy.

It one word that for many is “obsolete” and “outdated”, but we choose here to convey the word hesitation as in the image of the person we see “” hesitate from time to time in doubt “.

Doubt as in two yes two.

We give you here the picture of you when you see the road that splits in two. Yes, then the question becomes: -Which way should you go?

Here we choose another “obsolete” word – here on the road divided enters as in “do you enter” your faintness as in faint courage.

Here we replace weak courage with weakened power.

Here we choose to put the puzzle of the pieces “in doubt” and “weakened force” and ask you to reflect on the one hand thinking and what you on the other hand feel when you look at these two pieces.

We tell you this: – “It is here, exactly here in you find your” division “. Your thoughts tell you one thing and your heart another.

We see man here as speaking with a split tongue.

From our perspective, we do not judge “split tongue” as a mistake or right, but we see the image of “untruth” as in what you call “lie”.

We ask you here to let go of the assessment of “truth or falsehood” and “wrong or right”.

Allow yourselves to see what we see free from judgment and ask the question: Is it possible to be true in “division”?

Here we now choose to return to “obsolete”.

In your memorized thought constructions you carry imprinted as in that the simple and natural is something primitive and outdated.

We encourage you here to reflect on what you name and assess as natural and normal, respectively, and ask yourself the question: – Where do you belong?

Natural as in nature – like as in similar nature yes natural -there is a key to your heart and “at home”.

We tell you this: – “These thought constructions of yours that simplicity complicates your current reality create your belief in what you consider to be” weakened force “.

In these your truths that humanity is a product of a random evolutionary journey, you distort the image of the perfect being you are and carry.

We know that all – yes we say you carry and possess all wisdom.

In your three part being, you have access to all power.

Yes, in truth you are rich and powerful beings.

Everything else is illusions!

You have the opportunity to see through when you choose to illuminate all these your parts.

We are with you and put torches along your way.

In ambiguity, stop-in-time-gather the whole creature.

Take help naturally in nature.

Your Mother Gaia shows you everything and EVERYTHING when you choose to open your minds.

Light a candle-strengthen your connection with your mother earth and her your roots. Allow yourselves to be embraced by and in natural flow and exhale – free yourself from the “normal” of others and you will light and strengthen your own power in light!

We thank you for now and for your empathy listened and send your joy, peace, peace in love light

Love is all that is!

See you later





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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