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Conversation #3 via AiA Maria, January 11th, 2021

Conversation #3 via AiA Maria, January 11th, 2021


So we warmly welcome you to a conversation about the time that is in now.

We are very happy for the opportunity to meet and communicate.



We want to touch on the meaning of life, but first we want to reconnect to the fact that there is nothing to gain for man in having all the requested answers served on a silver tray and that we therefore choose to illuminate your choices with the help of torches along your path. Light that when you choose alertness indicates pieces of the puzzle to the answer to the question.

We remind you that everything is in order, regardless of whether you judge that your reality meets your expectations – but we want to say that nothing – absolutely nothing can be forced.

Have you ever had the experience of stabbing yourself bloody without it giving you the long-awaited result, you know what we are talking about.

Resistance breeds resistance — there is no other way for energies to work.

Imagine the image of a battery where “plus and minus” ends up wrong. Symbolically, it creates a short circuit or stagnation right?

If then the choice is to try in the same way again, the exact same thing happens.

So we want to say that this way of fighting for oneself in life is for many people the choice of the time that is.

There is nothing wrong and the result will be what is expected even if and when you assert your right in the matter.

Is it possible to choose differently than to repeatedly choose the same equal way of behaving in life?

It is possible?

The answer we hear is: – “I do everything, I have sacrificed just about everything and yet” … This is a way of looking at things and nothing wrong.

From our perspective, man often sacrifices until he has nothing more to sacrifice. For many people, it is only when life is at its peak that it brightens, but we say that there are less painful ways to live life than in constant battle and struggle.

One way can be to play with new thoughts in the mind and then at your own pace decide to let go of those of your previous thought constructions that no longer benefit you is the right one.

Letting go of “well-known” can seem daunting, even so frightening that some prefer to use your expression – “go to death”.

Here we would like to remind you that this is not a wrong choice either.

People have different choices to make in order to reach their true essence and come home to themselves.

So we want to say that what man experiences as emotional pain is in fact a resistance to a thought man has decided to believe is true.

This our statement can be reflected on again and again and again.

You are free to carry the puzzle piece with you on your way.

We note that in humanity, the resistance is often so great to change that every piece of evidence presented – regardless of clear, striking and on a scientific basis denied if it contradicts human self-interest.

“Contradictory” is also a “resistance energy” – yes, remember the battery and you will see another piece of the puzzle along the way.

Before we end the conversation for this time, we want to paint a symbolic picture of learned fear.

The small child will for the first time happily without support wheels cycle the gravel road forward when it hears someone shouting, turns around … and falls to the ground.

Do you wonder what was shouted? “Beware! Now do NOT cycle down into any pit ”…

Light a candle and allow everything you carry yourself!

We thank you for now and for your empathy listened and send your joy, peace, peace in the light of love.

Love is all that is!

See you later





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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