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Conversation # 29 via AiA Maria, March 2nd, 2021

Conversation # 29 via AiA Maria, March 2nd, 2021



So we warmly welcome you to a conversation about the time that is in now.

We are very happy for the opportunity to meet and communicate. Thank you!


So we want to talk about the experience of not feeling at home, as in experiencing insecurity, as in experiencing forced separation and isolation.

We see many of you struggle to reach and experience belonging, as in receiving confirmation that you are good, yes, as in that you are capable and thereby allowed to be a part of the community.

Many of you have fought for a long time, as in many lives, with exactly the same inner struggle that sometimes manifests itself outwardly.

In these learned and memorized thought constructions that there are others who are more worthy than yourself, you create your own inferiority as in allowing others to be superior to you.

In this collective system of thought that carries over and inferior, you create a reality of the injustices of life.

In this belief system, the hierarchy is created where outrage, disagreement, pain, deception and struggle become your reality.

We tell you this: – Now is the time when humanity in the spotlight sees and sees through this drama of power. Each of you, along with your mother Gaia, is transforming into the time of now. You are truly in a time of upheaval. Mankind’s illusions are uncovered one by one at a furious pace.

Here we use your word “furious” as a symbol both of the rage and fury many of you wake up in but also as the “furious” that trashes these of your thought constructions that have now played out their purpose.

Now is the time for you who want to reconnect to your origin. You assist each other as you together transform and lift up to a new level as in a higher consciousness.

Mankind needs more people who come to insights and understand the importance of openness and willingness to let go of the old and allow the new humanity to be created by you returning to your origin in the light of love. This is how you awaken and strengthen your own power and together create even more power in your new collective where love IS.

We are with you on the road and assist with patience, thoughtfulness and joy.

We pay tribute to each other’s uniqueness and remind here that respect for one’s own and others’ choices is equally-different-same and gives you a loving ocean of diversity to swim in-free!

We are each other’s hopes. Unconditional love is not mind-oriented – your origin is in the full force of compassion to be free regardless of others’ denial of your own full potential.

We send you here the image of your own sun whose rays seek out the outdoors and encourage you to remind yourself to unfold your wings and fly freely above the clouds of thought that worry – so you stretch old, tenacious threads of thought and belief systems as when you release anxiety it allows the network to break down and transform into trust and joy.

Light a candle-look into the flame-allow yourself to see the flame expand! This is how you expand your inner light and consciousness.

We thank you for now and for your empathy listened and send your joy, peace, peace in love light!

Love is all that is!

See you later





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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