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Conversation # 35 via AiA Maria, May 15th, 2021

Conversation # 35 via AiA Maria


We warmly welcome you to a conversation about the time that is now.

We are very happy for the opportunity to meet and communicate. Thank you!


So we want to talk to you about route selection. We see man tormented before the path that is divided into two as in two different paths to choose.

We see man standing in doubt asking himself what the right path is. The well-known or unknown is the crucial question.

Here we choose to ask you the question what prevents you from going where your heart leads you? Are those your thoughts? What are you thinking?

We reflect on your faith, this faith that is based on your thoughts if you allow yourself to live a living life or if your focus is on survival.

Do you see that you have the opportunity to choose your thoughts here?

We tell you this: The thought you are thinking gives you direction in the crossroads you are facing.

This is your thought, which is based on fear or confidence in your own ability to make the right decision.

Here we urge you to reflect on whether static thoughts can create flows in your life or whether history repeats itself over and over again.

We tell you this: You can if you want to choose to be aware of what you are unconsciously thinking. These your unconscious thoughts that create your experience of life and yourselves as separated from what is the great miracle of existence where you are one in an eternal flow.

See these your unconscious thoughts grounded in past trauma.

Put into words the feelings they evoke and see the beliefs they have created about yourself.

We remind you here that you are not your feelings, but nevertheless it is of the utmost importance to allow you to feel what you feel, and then to put into words what you find before you then release, lighten and surf into the ocean of infinity.

We urge you to become aware of the thoughts you are thinking that no longer serve you. You are free to sort these out and think your own new ones and thereby create flow in your life.

We encourage you to become aware of the words you use both inside and outside. See, hear pay attention to what you are publishing. Then do the same as with your thoughts – replace words that feel true within you and you create trust in your meetings with yourself and thereby spend the same in meetings with others.

We encourage you to explore what you feel fits in your luggage. Do you feel abandoned, do you feel hatred, do you feel sad? Yes, whatever you find, put the words to unconscious emotions. Feelings that have shaped your whole personality.

We remind you here that no feelings are wrong or right and that you are not your feelings if you refrain from choosing just that.

Look at yourself from the outside in a new perspective where as you peel off layer by layer, you reach your true essence and walk with dignity.

We use your expression here – “Go with the flow” and surf on your own wave!

Be so sure we are dazzled by the power plant you each are and we say: GO! GO! GO!

Together we light candles on candles on candles and allow everyone to surf their wave!





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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