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Conversation with Archangel Raphael via Jahn Kassl, June 8th, 2024

Conversation with Archangel Raphael

In recent years, many people, due to inner clarification work, have rediscovered and revived their relationship with GOD. In the coming years, this process will reach an unimaginable dimension.

1. September 2023


“Seem calm before the Lord, expect his actions calmly!” Bible, Psalm 37.7

JJK: For me, this is one of the most fascinating Bible passages. She describes what a human life is ultimately about: absolute trust in God, complete devotion and letting GOD do it.

How is this level to be reached and, above all, how is this state, in which the temporal no longer has power over us, to be maintained – to no longer get upset, to face your enemies calmly or even to love the enemies? How is that possible?

ERZENGEL RAPHAEL: You are circumfered with my light and secure in my love.

Beloved person,
To become calm before GOD, is to return, to have returned and to have become one with GOD.

This is the highest level of awareness that a person can achieve throughout his life. Inner unrest, which prevents a person from the true encounter with GOD, is foreign to such a person.

To become calm and in the certainty that it is GOD who cares for everyone and everything, means to have gained mastery over time and mastery of current affairs.

To start the day with this rest, to cope with the day with this rest and to end the day with this rest – that means to arrive and feel accepted by GOD.

So it now happens that people are led to this level of perception. People are brought back to GOD and thus they regain power over their lives. In the face of current events, they are worked on, tested by fate and they come closer to their mastery through great efforts of their own.

Slowly they become calm and they understand that it is GOD who moves everything and that it is GOD who works through everything. Slowly, a new view of life is being born – in the vicinity of GOD and in the rest before GOD.

The resolution of fears causes this transformation. This is the way in which the bond between you and GOD is strengthened and strengthened. From a certain point in development, this transient world can no longer harm you.

Now you’re ready!

Now you are ready to expect to do HIS calm. Now you are open for HIS work. Now you are free from all illusions and receptive to what is really.

In recent years, many people, due to inner clarification work, have rediscovered and revived their relationship with GOD.

In the coming years, this process will reach an unimaginable dimension.

Spirituality and spiritual issues are becoming central to more and more people. Even if initially some errors accompany the development, in the end every person finds GOD.

This is happening now and it continues until the goal is achieved – and the goal is: to connect man back with GOD until he can rest calmly in GOD and let GOD be shaped with certainty. This change is now underway, the souls and hearts of people are opening up and being opened up for it.

JJK: Wait for it to happen – or intervene? And if so, how, so that everything can happen faster?

ANGEL RAPHAEL: The acceleration also comes from GOD, because GOD knows you and knows what pace you need to grow.

JJK: What is there to do for the individual then?

ERZENGEL RAPHAEL: Ready to receive – and that means cleansing yourself internally. This is the path on which the greatest progress is made in no time. While you are waiting for GOD, it is important to keep the house clean, because only in a cleaned house can GOD settle.

Calm and serenity before GOD develops who knows himself, where the soul can breathe and whose heart is free from false imprints.

To wait for HIS actions and not to waste time in the meantime, but to live – that is the way.

I encourage you until you have empowered yourself.

In infinite love