Love is our new reality

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Cory from the Pleiades, June 29th, 2017

Cory from the Pleiades

June 29th, 2017

Majestically enchanting


How many times have we not marveled over what is happening on Earth? What we are witnessing now is like the spring on Earth when nature is budding, touchingly beautiful and more and more colorful and alive each day. When new life is born in all nocks awakening great happiness, reverence and unconditional love.

Familiar, loving events and bridge building meetings take place at an increasing pace and with increasing consciousness. People come closer to each other and see each other in new ways. You, the growing awaken ones have, a bit simplified, developed your vision and to a large extent received completely new eyes through which you can see and sense your surroundings in a healthier, more loving and in a more truthful way. You the recently awoken discover and marvel now time after time over how many fine qualities you finf in yourselves and your fellow man. And that you no longer get stuck in the same way as before in your thoughts, feelings, analysis of lack and weaknesses. You find it ever easier to see the wholeness and understand and respect your own and other’s ways and choices. Your new eyes make it possible for you to see upon yourself with love and each other instead of doubts, rivalry and fears.

It is like a movement in an upwards turning spiral that reaches ever higher speeds, circumference and power as loving energy waves bind and draw in more loving ways and feelings. Each deed means something exactly for this reason. Each feeling, thought and deed in love and light creates a movement that in turn vibrates out love and light as the obvious rings on water. It is like making a swing swing. If focus and force is put into bringing the swing forward in the desired direction it will eventually require ever less force to be able to move by its own power in the created energy. When more and more are on the same side and “push” in the movement towards love and light the power in these longed for energies will increase to eventually become a reigning and very strongly pulsating force in our world. That is to say when each person’s being and doing consists of ever more conscious loving, happy, hopeful and harmonious expectations, feelings and thoughts.

It is the shift that requires focus and determination. Think of a swing with high speed and force that you wish to change direction. To go against and try to slow down the self swinging force, to get it to stop and eventually get it to start swinging in another direction requires determined action and causes quite a few collisions of forces that are opposed, going in different directions. The first encounters are the most forceful and require the most courage. As the force and the speed is relinquishing the collisions will be less dramatic and not associated with equally large dangers and risks.

You are all aware of how humanity includes forces that push and pull both in the direction of the light and the dark. Periodically it can cause confusion and chaos when the battle for which direction the movement should head is hot and intensive and the swing flies back and forth without direction. You need to know that you now are so enormously many more that push the swing in the right direction. It swings more and more in love and light energy and soon the battle can cease and the swing can swing by its own force with the help of some light support from you.

It is the road that we have already walked that has been the hardest. As so many more stood on the other side and used forces of destructive, dark, hostile and egoistic character and when very few dared and succeeded in going against it. Then the prevailing energy flow on Earth, “the swinging swing”, was a force and a climate that largely was characterized by hierarchy, power, control and small compartments and grooves for people to keep within in order to be deigned acceptance and survival. More and more of you have now broken lose – have found the light within yourselves and who have discovered unconditional love and started to act in this force. Many of you who have been punished and cast out due to this liberation. But, you are also many who in incarnation after incarnation have continued to bravely liberate yourself from society’s illusory chains and who have tried to spread and live your lives in light, love and freedom.

Today there are more of you and you are more conscious lightworkers and today the dark forces have a smaller mandate, which makes your work easier and less threatened. The dark and the destructive forces are more visible and less normalized, which makes your focus and your intentions stronger and stronger in order to counter them. Your intention and your wish to live in and to spread love, acceptance and compassion, rather than uniquely focus on one’s own survival and endeavors, increases and becomes ever more obvious thanks to the change in the energy movement, the ever higher consciousness, on Earth.

You start to notice that your own inner growth, love within and for your own being, your own healing and release creates good footprints and sequences of events in your lives. You start to notice and can rejoice in the loving rewards it brings with it. It is with pride and happiness we see how you more and more remember and understand that you need to start with your own healing, that you in all respects need to take care of yourselves and be responsible for yourself as a first priority in order to be the greatest possible source and inspiration for love, solidarity and love for others. This healthy movement and this strong paradigm shift helps people to cease with the destructive obliteration of their own self worth. It helps you understand how it never, in a genuine and unconditional way, is possible to deeply feel anybody else’s worth and with joy love and give love to others if one’s own self worth is not first understood.

We are with you, we rejoice with you and we love you unconditionally.

Your cosmic family via Cory, channeled by Paula Forss.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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