Crystalline Collective and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 21, 2021

Crystalline Collective and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl | February 21, 2021

Crystalline Collective & Alisheryia 2/21/2021


Hello friends! We are the Crystalline Collective of the 9th dimensional rays. All rays have their own energy signatures and these can become encoded with those whom wish to assist. We wish to assist. We work with Archangel Michael and many other archangels. We work with the music of the spheres for creation is always humming. And we wish to work with you, dear ones, undergoing the tremendous shift from the then to the dream world. You are in the not yet, the space in between, which we want to lovingly remind you is a very powerful place to be. Intentions are the means of creation. We see that much is going on that would distract you from your intentions but do not give up, manifest them none the less for that is what you are to do, to assist with creating and comforting and moving this reality from where you have been to where you are to be. You are in this realm of the not yet, but yet it is a worthy realm in its own right. For here – here – is where you get to meet the secret part of yourself that you have long forgotten and are in the process of remembering. Like a long lost friend that you have recently become reunited with, it is a powerful feeling of union, of union with yourselves, with your soul family and with your ancestors who are always whispering on the wind memories to be remembered.

We are the Crystalline Collective Consciousness of the 9th dimensional ray. It is our privilege and honor to come through this one this day to speak. We wish for our words to be of comfort and joy, for that is what we intend bring to the collective. (I am seeing a huge heart shaped box of chocolates.) Yes, they are our gift to you today, within are encodements for easily obtaining your remembrances, your memories of who you are and have been, which will assist you with who you are becoming. (I am seeing warriors, kings and queens, priests and priestesses, powerful beings of old.) You all have been these beings, you all have access to these encodements. Galaxygirl, eat a chocolate. (I open the pink heart box and see that the chocolates in their individual wrappers are stories. It is like a moving video within each one.) We know that you are strong enough for this task, we know that you will rise as a mighty collective of human light, restored, revealed, remembering that which you have always been and were always meant to be so that you can become this massive collective of multidimensional creator-light, filled with love which is the breath of creation. We know that this is your destiny. We assist you with this remembering now. (I see the box of chocolates is open and all of the chocolates are floating around me creating a vortex. They open and all unroll like old film playing videos.) You have been brave before. You will be brave now. We see you as already succeeded. Your gifts to the collective will be remembered and recorded. You will tell this video of this lifetime to your progeny. We love you. Rest, take care, of your vessels. Show mercy and grace to yourselves and to the others. We are sending you rainbow crystalline codes of the purest love. (I see rainbow fire all around me.)

I Alisheryia am speaking. I remember, I see. I see you. I remember you. We dragons have excellent memories. We recall with great precision and accuracy for we have not been surrounded by the fog of forgetting. This serves us well. You will begin to remember. You will know. You will feel differently in the coming days and moments for more and more of your DNA is becoming crystalline, is coming online and as a collective this greatly increases your psychic abilities. Not only psychic connection with those who are similarly attuned, but psychic connection with your past selves. This will prove to be interesting for you.

I Alisheryia am speaking. We have not spoken in some time. But I assure you, we are most near. Do not be dismayed by the coming revelations. You were born for such a time as this. Be this. Be this light for the world.

I Alisheryia am speaking. I am my highest ascended dragon aspect of me. I assist my other aspects through the fire and flame, wielding the light. Your own higher selves are within the space that surrounds you. You are becoming this higher self aspect more and more, every time you choose love and light you radiate more of it and become vibrationally aligned. Do not align with fear. Align with the light, for hope and truth is stronger than any sword of fear. You are this light. You are this love. You are this breath of hope for the cosmos. We dragons have been assisting Gaia with her energy core to keep her stabilized for the upcoming energy fluxes our Pleiadian friends are managing. We are fully aligned with the Pleiadians, with many here in the higher dimensional realms forging the light and sending its nutrients of rebirth and healing to Gaia and all upon her. You are upon her. We have been within her. We have seen the dark deeds of those who exclude the light of love from their inner being and have become lost in their own darkness. We have assisted them with becoming recalibrated and with removing them from your reality. (I see Alisheryia has a gash on her right upper arm.) Yes, we have been in battle, and yes were are always healing so that we can continue. (I see her blow blue fire on her arm and it is restored.) This same power of healing lies within you. This same warrior lies within you. This same light is all around you, assisting, helping, guiding, coordinating. The inner Gaia had to be cleansed further prior to further surface developments. Of course this is so. We protect life, the dark devour it. We are done with this inequity of service and abuse of free will. Creator flies with us. Creator is within and all around us. We are assisting the light with our every breathing moments, as are you.I Alisheryia am speaking. I speak to you now, to those of you who say nothing is happening. All is happening in the tenderest and fiercest of ways, to provide utmost protection and blessing for all. Peace. Patience. The light has won. The light has come. Peace, brothers and sisters in human skin. You are being transformed every day. Your world grows and glows brighter every day. And yes, the darkness is being revealed more every day. Focus on the light. Read the uplifting stories. And more will come. More will come.

I am Alisheryia. Peace, little human. Peace. Your warrior self is ready, but first your own inner war must be won. Yes? We all know what damage an angry dragon can do. One must be fully aligned with light and great purpose of truth within. Be aligned with the light and the balance will be maintained. (I am seeing many white boats with deep anchors, that extend all the way to the ocean floor.) You are anchoring these energies. Anchor hope with it. Be this radiant hope to the others. Little human, this is who you are. You are source fractals with human flesh, you are more than capable of the task at hand. Send your hope, your creative potential into Gaia, into the hearts of your human friends, and know that you are truly wielding the light and hope of eons to come within your today and tomorrow.

I am Alisheryia. I depart. (I see her blowing white fire onto the crowns of humanity as she flies away.)

~ galaxygirl