Love is our new reality

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Crystalline Human and Mother God via Galaxygirl, May 15, 2021

Crystalline Human and Mother God via Galaxygirl | May 15, 2021

Crystalline Human & Mother God 5/15/2021

We are the Crystalline Human Template. DNA is streaming through the cosmic waves from your sun activating that of the internal sun. The light within us is that of the Christed Consciousness, prism-light of the universal, filled with the breath of creation and the love of Mother-Father of this universe and beyond. We contain the codes for ascending humanity.

We are the Crystalline Human. We are the template of life from the future beyond into the present here and now. Humanity is ascending. We offer the codes of light, of love. We are these codes to be contained within the human form of the ascending ones. Many are ascending. Many will see and will understand. Many will not see and will be oblivious to what is in front of them under their noses. They will fade away into an alternate reality. They will not notice for they are closed off to it. Many have chosen to ascend, have chosen our form to house their eternal spirits on a most wonderful journey.

We are the Crystalline Human Template. The sun contains our codes for activation. Eat lightly and hydrate to support us. We embody peace within surrounded by light manifesting with ease, graceful footsteps, on air or on land. (I am seeing this body form is us but lighter. We will be able to flow or walk on the earth grounded.) It is an internal grounding that will occur for you will be grounded deep within your own spirit-truth of your universal beingness and your connection to Source will be your grounding. Much joy awaits humanity. Many ascension symptoms you are feeling in this now and so rest and hydrate to allow. Be in joy and deep knowing that all is proceeding as it should and that you are in the divine embrace of the All. Universal light surrounds. Soon it will pulse within as your bodies morph into further conductors of light and codes. (I am seeing the crystalline matrix of Gaia in new earth. I am seeing the crystalline matrix of the animals, the plants. Everything is glowing and alive, totally balanced and in peaceful joy. Everything is glowing from within, glowing with inner peace, balance and seeming to be lit from within.) Claim this inner light and this switch will further turn on your ability to morph into the divine crystalline form of you that is not only leading the way for the others to follow but leading you on your own way, your own path. Leading you on your sacred journey. You have been on many sacred journeys but none like this. We would state that all of your human incarnations have had sacredness embedded within for they have been your own soul’s journey towards inner truth, discovery and enlightenment. But it has not been easy. Self discovery is not for the faint of heart. Ascension is the ultimate in self-discovery and knowing for all past and current debris must be sifted through and forgiven. All must be forgiven for the ascended crystalline form to fully bloom. We ask why you are holding on to that which creates pain? Anger and turmoil do not belong and create opportunity for disease to grow. Be aware that the stakes are high and you are in the final stages of this process. Self discovery, inner quietude is essential.

We are the Crystalline Human form template conversing with you now. We wish for you to know your upcoming abilities will be rich, delightful. Your lives will flow, will be much easier for the crystalline essence knows itself and there will be no longer any vibrational discord. We are showing this one the ease of interaction between the crystalline matrix and inhabitants on the new template that you will be forming and inhabiting. You will be easily creative within it. Creator is one who creates continuously, as you. Humanity was destined for the stars, but first must create peace and harmony within. As within so without. Nova Gaia will reflect the inner balance of a higher vibrational mind matrix which will be wholy positive and loving. The dark ones will not be able to reside for they are of other vibrational alignment. We encourage you to flow within this feeling of balance in this now as it will assist you and bring more joy and peace to your existence on topsy-turvy earth. You are feeling the vibrations sift. (I am seeing sand go through a sieve). You are feeling the sifting. But you know this. We suggest you see things now through a crystalline pair of eyes and a crystalline heart-mind that are fully aligned with your destiny and future as you are constantly creating it. See your current reality through the eyes of the crystalline and more will be activated, more will flow into light. Further codes of all you see and touch will be increased in intensity and vibration. You are truly the masters of this universe for being able to undertake such a task. We bow and we serve. The crystalline will continue to expand and nourish as nothing is stagnant in creation. Your abilities will continuously expand and un-tap more joyful experiences. The crystalline human will be able to be a leader and example of love-light and conquering of ego for those who are entrapped and for the other many who wish to lend a helping hand to other universes and sectors who have been filled with lower dimensional realities. The black hole of this galaxy will be flipped from dark to light allowing more light and crystalline codes. It is a flooding of light that has never been seen or appreciated before that will occur for this universe that was thought to be lost. All is found. The light finds its own and embraces the whole of it. We suggest that you do this with your lives, with your experiences and with your hearts. Allow the deep inner embrace of light to fill your own black holes of pain, of doubt, of loss. This will expand you into yet more crystalline and more of your higher-self embodied. We encourage to remind that your higher self is you, but in higher vibrational alignment with truth and love which is what is occurring to you now, with this transmission, with meditations, with your own internal deep forgiveness. You are becoming yet more of the universal ascended you in its many forms and graces and what a blessing we see this as being. We are eager and excited, deeply honored to be a part of this co-creative process. We are divinely alive in our template for we pulse with the life breath of the Mother of All Things. The Universal Mother gave birth to our crystalline vibrational reality matrix and she extends us to you in this marriage of light.

We are the Crystalline Human. We are your future experience. We are sending DNA light encodments to you now for deep inner healing and peace. Feel your abilities, your memories come online and bless what arises. Bless what you feel. The painful memories were lessons to help catapult you into the higher dimensions. There is no pain and loss truly all is simply in a different form. We are the crystalline template. (I am seeing the human genome expand into very solidly strong crystalline, pulsing plasma like twisting ladders of DNA.) DNA is divine. Divine Nucleic Acid. We are infusing you with a furthering of us. Sit with this light. (I am seeing the old world fade away, mist in the rain. I am seeing rainbows of light codes piercing through this current experience filled with such love, it is overwhelming.) You will embody love of the divine. It will be second nature to you. That is why it was so challenging, so brave, to choose to leave that environment of love, of light to come here to assist those who were lost in their own pain and darkness. This web of the power dimensional pain matrix is crumbling. We are sending yet more crystalline to it in every moment that you as embodied divine humans are walking around living your daily lives thorough it, in the midst of it. You are crumbling this as your codes interact with the others.

We are the Crystalline Human form. You may fully interact with us now. You may communicate with the crystalline aspects of your cells. Program them with light and love. Program them with hope and they will communicate, they will heal, they will listen. This is a partnership of love and we are most eager to firmly establish this connection as we are your future form, an aspect of your ascended being. We are your future vehicles of light form embodied. Peace and love.

Children, this is your Mother God speaking. Did you enjoy conversing with your crystalline cellular matrix? We are so thrilled with your progress and I am so in love with you. Children, climb into my lap and let me sing you a song of creation, of healing, of light. The song of my love is all around you, is within you. This crystalline DNA is my love song for you. Let your shoulders relax, let me wipe the tears for your eyes. Peace. You are divinely loved and protected. Nothing can touch you here in this space of light. The light is growing on Gaia moment by moment. You are all doing wonderfully. Your Father and I are so proud! We love you.

~ galaxygirl