Cyron of the Pleiades via Iris Kähler, July 15th, 2019

07 / 15 / 2019 Cyron of the Pleiades


“Beloved children of light,

this is Cyron. I greet you from space. A lot is happening on the other levels and as Cyron sees, most of you are well informed. The Earth’s magnetic field is changing. Massive currents move it and transformations are the order of the day. Movement is one thing. The silence of the universe is the other. Timelessness, unity and luminous presence are in your proximity. All plejadian ships are well placed and perform enormous tasks.

Light – interval – structures provide sufficient protection in which we exercise our ministry. We are connected to places which are known to you as holy places. Here we pass on data streams, light codes and fermented knowledge. An exchange develops which adapts to the individual currents of adaptation.

Perhaps you can see the light currents from heaven to earth. They are a part of the anchoring techniques that friends of other star nations have established with us. A complex system of action promotes your awakening and the acceptance of new fragments of knowledge. A stronger exchange is accompanied by resonances from Gaia. She also adapts accordingly. It is a balancing of existing energies that are available to all.

Technological auxiliary units continue to be brought into position. The change takes place in the hearts. Pleiadian Light fulfils its service and touches life and being on earth. The turning point is the point for achieving freedom and sovereignty in collective consciousness. We connect technologies with streams of knowledge that help.

In love and attention we look into your hearts and follow the change. We are always an involved part of the whole. May Pleiadian Blessing fill you and lift you up. Cyron thanks you for the great power and strength with which you accomplish great things. Be courageous in times when much changes.

We see the glow that spreads and gives fulfillment. Stay at the helm, dear ones. Cyron says goodbye for today”.

Cyron of the Pleiades 2015 – 2019


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