Message from Jesus/Sananda via Camilla Nilsson, July 16, 2019

Message from Jesus/Sananda

July 16, 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


My dear friends,

I am Jesus, Sananda, speaking with you during this time of transformations.

Some of you walk with a feeling of lagging steps, as if you do not quite have the strength to lift you feet. This is a feeling, an illusion, something that is taking place in order for you to cut down on your pace. Give yourselves time to reflect and for powerful energies to move and reside in you. These energies do not only raise your vibrations, but are also healing both on a cell and DNA level.

You are being healed in your being. You are being healed in order to become more complete as humans so that a clear connection with the heart can be experienced. As many of you know, your heart is the focal point in your ascension – that everybody will dare to live from their hearts without being afraid. That is not being afraid to show your inner side, or afraid of being used or deceived. There are many walking on your planet with hearts that are shut. There are many of long for love, fellowship, community, but who do not dare to open up for the love energy. There is no plan that says somebody should love without love. Many have been tested in the love energy. One can also be tested in many other ways, but remember that these have been trials – nothing to be afraid of for the rest of your life.

By daring to be and act from your heart you help each other in this time of ascension. By being anchored in Mother Earth’s crystal network a giving and a taking is taking place since you all contribute with your unique love vibration. In this way each individual gives a vibration that can raise somebody else, while at the same time receiving a vibration in order for herself or himself to also be raised up.

Your work is helping and calming Mother Earth’s energies and helps her in her ascension process. See how worried she gets when it is troublesome between you humans. When humanity falls into disharmony she does the same. It is troublesome in many areas on your planet and this disorder often manifest in physical upheavals on Earth. Earthquakes are one such example.

So I, and my galactic friends, ask of you who read this messages to:

Dare to let yourself rise up in your energies. Dare to be in your heart. Dare to live in your hearts love energy. Dare to live in harmony. Dare to listen to the voice of your heart. Exactly you make a difference – remember this. You make a difference not only to yourself, but also for thousands of others – not forgetting Mother Earth.

I love you so.

Your friend Jesus, Sananda.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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