Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, July 16, 2019


July 16, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Christ and my wish is that humans on Earth, all of humanity, will experience their inner self – the only Self that is true and created for all eternity. Humans flee from their true self, lacking knowledge and guidance. They are stuck in the claws of ego and do not understand the difference between the true self and the ego self. In the self of the ego there is a myriad of contradictions, while in the world of the true self there is only one truth. The truth is wise, sustainable and eternal. You cannot get lost in your inner true world. It follows a holy inner voice, that without doubt shows you the path to your sanctum that you carry within you and its gifts you have long longed for.

Can you leave the gifts of the world here in order to receive these holy gifts? You have then entered into a kingdom of love and light – a ray of light so strong that nothing can get you to leave this kingdom. A new chapter in your life has started and the joy and the harmony that surrounds you fills the whole of you with an intensive joy and you feel that you now have returned home again. The time that has been disappears slowly in the distance and all that exists is the now that exists around you. From having been occupied with time you now live in a timeless existence, essentially different from the one you just left. This can take some time to understand. Familiar patterns can be hard to break and a fear of the unknown can appear. In spite of this you are progressing towards the light, dear children, and it is the light that most of all long for.

You are done with the dark era and want to return to the light again. I can see how many people catch rays of light in their hands. I can see their smiles. They know that a new era of light has started on Earth and they want to help carrying the light of the new era in order to get a solid footing on Earth. Many have come to Earth today in order to carry this light and anchor it in the hearts of humans.

A new Heaven is slowly rising over your heads and it brings a new light and a new consciousness to Earth. It is a consciousness that will speed up developments on Earth so that all life will come into balance. It is when the balance is even that a lasting peace can be obtained on Earth. It is then that love and peace is spreading out and embraces everything in its way.

How will humanity obtain this? Yes, by finding balance within yourselves. When everything is in balance the contradictions will stop pulling you in one way or another. Your feminine and masculine sides are no longer in competition with each other. They are both equally worth and have a loving and peaceful relationship with each other. The fulfilled human has now taken its first step on its already fulfilled Earth. It is now that you have reached your inner most Higher Heart goal. It might not be done in a single day, but you have already started the process and some of you are well on your way.

We walk next to you and cheer you on so that you may follow the path that most quickly will carry you towards the goal. It is thus desirable that take a deep dive in yourselves now and then. Your ego will then loose it’s footing and cannot disrupt your thoughts. You can at these moments feel a sense of the beautiful truth and love that resides in you. Your eternal self that was created in light and love by the one and only who’s name we always praise.

Hear the song and feel the joy within you. Let it become more visible in your life so that your life is opened up more for light, love and freedom. You are then no longer limited to the order of the world, but a new divine order can reside within you.

Much love,

Your eternal brother, Jesus Christ




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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