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“Deadline” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Wednesday – July 12, 2017

“Deadline” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Wednesday – July 12, 2017

Received via email at 1:20 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles



The point of acquiring huge stockpiles of physical assets over centuries is to amass so much wealth that you control all other aspects of society: military, banking, manufacturing, food supply, mining, minerals, real estate and government.

That’s why the Anglo-Saxon cabal went for media control… it’s all they had available… in the hopes of convincing the entire world to go against the Sovereign Asian Elders, as well as their own best interests, and thus transfer all power globally to them.

Seriously, they really believed this for over 400 years. And they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for God.

Too funny.

Reality is what these Elders deal with, patiently collecting the largest natural resource chip stack at the geopolitical poker table, and by an insurmountable margin I might add.

Meanwhile, the cabal continues to peddle fantasy strength and struggles just to keep their lies up in the air, in fact most have either surrendered via amnesty or chosen to die with the con rather than deal with their new found, permanent irrelevance.

It’s clear now that both Russia and China had beyond damning intelligence on both Trump and Clinton pre-election, so theoretically it didn’t matter who won the election–neither candidate could have held the office long due to their past filthy scandals.

But for the newly seated leaders of the Republic, Trump is an unbearable national embarrassment that’s causing irreversible damage internationally to our reputation.

So the Republic is being forced to leverage the Russians and Chinese anyway they can.

North Korea is one way.
Ukraine is another.
Israel/Palestine negotiations are another. Qatar / Saudi Arabia / Iran another.
The Paris Accords another.
Even rejecting the USN is one (all be it suicide).

Sad that our once great superpower nation has been reduced to an international laughing stock, standing now as a distant second class world citizen at last week’s G20 event.

Yet America still represents 25% of the world’s GDP and has the strongest, most sophisticated military fighting force in the world.


But what good are those negotiating assets if we can no longer pay for our national expenses due to our defaulted currency (USD) because soon no one will accept our greenbacks?

Without access to that new USN currency, which only exists on the new Sovereign Asian Elder Financial System backed by, you guessed it, ancient gold, America is fiscal toast.

We go broke!

Truth is the Chinese have long owned and still do own the USA because a) they understand the spiritual truth of value; b) their society is 5,000 years old and they’ve had centuries more time to accumulate the world’s true value (natural resources).

So while the Republic is desperate to break out, and toss out that orange Russia/China controlled Trumpet via the Congress and set this great country back on a righteous path again across all areas of American life… they can’t do a damn thing until they are told they can proceed from Beijing.

Because until said Elders bless our newly restored Republic with the financial oxygen to globally play nice again with other major nations in their economic sandboxes, we are just their kept bitch.

And the Elders long ago decided to keep America in check during this transition phase by making us endure the shame of a Trump Presidency–until they have exercised the right amount of soft power to stain our domestic political and international diplomatic histories forever.

66 million Americans voted for Trump.
69 million Americans voted for Clinton.

Obviously, we have not (yet) been allowed to openly join their new quantum, blockchain financial system with revalued gold backed currencies available globally for purchase and investment by the generals public.

But we will. And the Republic knows this.

In fact, we will have to pass our 2108 Federal Budget and Treasury controlled debt ceiling as both come due on exactly September 30, 2017.

Interesting how that works. All synced up
and everything. Wait, thats only about ten weeks from today. Oh, boy!

Does this mean the Elders will force the Republic into their GESARA way of thinking, completely, as China will no longer accept old fiat USD money publicly after that 4th quarter ending date–which would overnight collapse our economy?

Ummm…. yup.

The Elders would of course protect world markets, however, as they have been doing just for several years now.

Maybe this is why currency exchanges for private or public redemptions have yet to commence. It’s the Republic holding onto a bluff and slow playing out the Trump exodus which they have control over.

Is Obama in on this obtuse strategy?

Umm…. yup.

Seems the old Anglo power players are also trying to take a bigger bite out of the new apple as previously agreed.

And Obama is allowing it for the greater good of all societies. Crazy the complexity of geopolitics before an RV.

Meaning, corporate America and the Pentagon, plus new Republic leadership and O are at this hour making their last bet with our financial futures.

But until the Elders get everything they want–and I mean absolutely everything they want because he who has the gold makes the golden rules–ain’t no one getting to exchange at screen rates anywhere in the world.

Obama feels different. Hope he knows something we don’t about the Elders.

As only the Elders hold that release chip. And they’re still at this hour calling every bluff bid we make I AM told.

There is a hard deadline in mid-July to avoid a government shutdown in September.

Achieving compromise pre-deadline would mean we could all RV in North America and worldwide within moments.

But the closer we draw to said deadline, the more a complete collapse of the country’s fiscal house and public currency insolvency looms.

Reality not fantasy is ruling the day now. No more fiat nonsense on the Elders watch.

But make no mistake, at this stage, after what the Anglo-Saxons have done to people of color (hu-manity) for millennia, they will let the Western World collapse never to fully recover or return. And then they buy it all back up for mere pennies on the dollar.

Making the smartest play for all-ex cabal and current Republic leaders to fold. Now. They have zero leverage and the Elders/Chinese/Russians aren’t blinking.

Hey, at least the RV ball is rolling downhill finally, even picking up irreversible momentum. Sobeit.

Yes the RV is coming.

Whether that is sometime in the morning after 2am EDT this week or at the start of next quarter (October 1). Everything depends on those fine people running our restored Republic government (no one can see and is advised by Obama).

The entire world is waiting on the US to become GESARA complainant–as America controls the fates of Ukraine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Paris Agreement one unilateral and simultaneous decision.

That’s why America still matters. We control the destiny of other sovereign nations.

And is exactly what the Republic leadership is betting on. But oh how that mid-July deadline does fas approach for both sides at this mate hour. With Heaven or hell our only options.

God is with us.