“Teething” – GCR/RV Op-Ep – Tuesday – July 11, 2017

“Teething” – GCR/RV Op-Ep – Tuesday – July 11, 2017

Received via email at 5:59 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Lunar lunacy is a real thing. Ask anyone that has worked in an ER during a full moon.

It’s crowded. Full of psychos. Even dangerous.

There’s been a full moon cycle since Saturday night. And people are going bat shit crazy between Trumpsanity, Healthcare and the RV.

Take your pick because its sheer madness out there.

But why now when a few thousand of us are sweating out the final hours of a public implementation of the global monetary reforms?

Because both the RV and Republic are coming forward.

Everything this community has hoped for, prayed for, lived and some died for is now mushrooming up as old systems are being replaced by something new.

Hey, maybe Heavenly Peace might be appearing as Earthly Chaos on purpose to ease the severity of grace being suddenly bestowed upon humanity?

Is this madness actually our miracle blossoming and we’re missing its arrival due to complaining and infighting?

Simply put, yes.

Like a teething child screaming because their gums are maturing–the RV is painful, loud and temporary.

Yet it all turns out ok, but is a miserable experience for the both child and parent while going through it.

Not pretty at all.

And there are no short cuts to teething. Only time brings new teeth and heals old wounds.

Early redeemers getting lower rates is just a short cut to avoiding pain. Paying your bills with just a social security number is an insane short cut meant to snooker the weak who are in too much pain.

Remember the RV has a narrow gate yes, but trying to avoid the pain of transition is childish and just plain futile.

For the one requirement of greatness is great suffering. Ask any athlete. Going through the pain of training is the path to excellence and achievement.

So do not run from your pain today as you wait for the RV. Rather look at it, talk to it, embrace and forgive it. Make Pono with it.

As that is where your greatness lies.

Sure it’s hard–but isn’t that the whole freaking point! The Lord is weeding out new leaders from the old dogs using his mechanism of temporary pain.

Look, there is an equivalent price to pay for endless wealth, and I believe that is your short-term suffering no matter how short or long you’ve been in this game.

And rest assured, the more one tries to avoid great pain, the less greatness shall be given to them.


God is with us.