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“Death Blow” – Geopolitical Overview – Saturday – May 13, 2017

“Death Blow” – Geopolitical Overview – Saturday – May 13, 2017


Watergate became an impeachable offense once the nation actually heard President Nixon talking directly about the Democratic Headquarters break in.

Meaning, a sitting US President had both knowledge of a crime and was complicit.

Sounds a lot like President Trump. But I digress….

This evidence is what Congress needed to demand his impeachment and ultimately receive Nixon’s resignation in exchange for a lifetime pardon by new President Gerald Ford.

Ironically, Nixon was the President that took us off the gold standard. And Trump’s upcoming resignation will ultimately lead America to restoring the gold standard.

It has been shared with me that there is a similar evidentiary taped conversation recorded between then candidate Donald Trump and a top Russian diplomat–not named Putin–whereby Trump acknowledges removing Russian sanctions for special financial considerations via his real restate condo sales.

You’ll actually hear Trump’s voice accepting payment for future services rendered on behalf of a foreign government.

Notice now all the Nixon/Trump comparisons suddenly in the news. Like magic–connecting us emotionally to the legal precedents of our past.

So totally scripted. But whatever….

Also notice how Trump said he had a “tape” of his dinner with Comey. That was leaked to plant his taped dinner conversation with the Russian diplomat into your subconscious mind for later.

Once this comes out, everyone will call for his resignation and or impeachment on charges of treason, and voila… his resignation will spit out and Mike Pence will be inserted into the Presidency like Vice President Gerry Ford.

Monetarily, the thinking is once this “death blow” audio recording is released, that’s also the high sign to release our 800#s.

A Trump flash bang = the RV. And away humanity goes.

What’s fascinating about how they’re going to start the transactional element of the RV, is how it exactly lines up with what we believe the spiritual transitional event–the release of the Third Secret of Fatima circa May 13, 1917 in Portugal (exactly 100 years ago Saturday at 8:30am EDT).

Which we understand may be the “death blow” to the Roman Catholic Church given that an unholy anti-Christ element has gained full control of the church back in the mid-19th century when the papacy became a fully Italian / Jesuit authority versus a traditional mix of Italian & Spanish (Chinese) sovereign blood.

Yup, you read that right. Sovereign Chinese families had teeth deep into the Vatican dating back to its origins.

Remember, ancient cultures have created the world–so why wouldn’t Ancient Asian Families assist in shaping Christianity post Crucifixion or After Damnation (AD).

If memory serves me correct the first full Illuminati papacy was with the death of Pope John XXll in 1963, who was murdered after being elected by the Spanish / Italian College of Cardinals and replaced quietly by the all Italian Jesuits.

The Spanish (Chinese) arm of the church was forced to scatter because the Jesuits were doing their own inquisition and Spanish side owned church gold was hidden in the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia and yes Vietnam.

That’s why American forces were deployed for the Vietnam War–to retrieve Vatican gold–Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and Cambodia too.

These wars had nothing to do with stopping the spread of communism in Southeast Asia. Shameful all the lies.

A hidden Spanish Pope was also secretly elected by the ousted Spanish Cardinals named Father Jose Antonio Diaz (aka Col. Severino Sta. Romana).

An Oscar award winning movie was made about his life called, “Shoes of a Fisherman.”


Ferdinand Marcos was a young brilliant attorney assigned to protect Father Diaz and His Vatican gold for the Chinese Elders.

In exchange for his legal genius and loyalty, he received a percentage of said Vatican gold stored around the world, and was allowed to claim additional stolen European Aristocrat gold hidden in the Philippines islands by Nazi’s years earlier.

Hopefully, this post opens your mind to the depth of deceit imposed upon humanity by our former cabal controllers.

Crazy stuff I know, yet everything and everyone is connected. And it’s time we as a single species began living our truth versus burying it and going to war.

God is with us.