Love is our new reality

Archangel Michael via LInda Dillon, May 12th, 2017

AAM: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Reval

Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 12, 2017

In a personal reading with him through Linda Dillon on May 10, 2017, Archangel Michael went into detail about the factors involved in the Reval, the process itself, and the closeness to completion.

Posted in two articles. Thanks to Dana for our transcription.

SitRep on the Reval

Steve Beckow: Sheldon Nidle says any remaining obstacles [to the Reval] will be quickly passed so the process is expected to begin shortly. (1)

Is it going to happen very soon?

Archangel Michael: That is correct.

Steve: So not to pack our bags, but to start to think about where our bags are, that kind of thing?

AAM: Yes, to know where your bags are and what you would pack.

Understand this is a multi-phase project and it is already underway.

The Process Involved

Steve: Can we talk a little bit about that?

It’s a multi-phase project. It’s a multidimensional, multi-civilizational project. Could you please describe just how big this is or how complex it is in a general way so that we can understand?

Rather than us waiting every day and saying, “Well, it didn’t come today” or “it is going to come tomorrow because the French election was held.”

AAM: And that is absurd.

As human beings involved in this process, and we understand your eagerness, etc., but what you do and what many of those involved do is mine the news for various events and then you attach all kinds of significance to what we would call everyday events.

I’m going to explain this so buckle up, sweet one!

You attach significance, which may or may not be true, to everyday events and in so doing you are living in tomorrow and you’re living in yesterday rather than in your current reality of the gift of each and every moment of the day.

So you are always looking forward and you are always looking back and what you are saying is, “Oh this is the reason why it has or has not happened.”

We truly would guide you, we would even plead and beg with you, to stop it.

Why the Reval is a Global Event

Now, having said that, this is a human, interdimensional, multidimensional, and divine undertaking.

As we have said to the channel many times, currency re-evaluation fluctuations happen minute to minute, day to day, hour to hour. That is not a big event.

Why this is a global event is because there has been a higher-dimensional arrangement and a sacred arrangement to infuse into global economies sufficient funds to finish off healing the wounds that were a result of the false grids and paradigms of the old Third Dimension.

Because while that energy has been pretty much cleaned up, (yes, you are seeing some of the remnants, that is true), what is remaining is the physical evidence and the physical manifestation, still in form, of those inconsistent (well, let us just say terrible) belief systems – abuse of authority, violence, control, lack, etc.

So the infusion is to correct that situation, to basically have a fresh start for humanity. Now this does not happen [immediately], as we well know and understand (because even the Mother’s Tsunami [of Love] will not wipe away all the physical evidence [of those belief systems]), but it is to [happen], over a period of, say, a couple of years, or 2 to 5 years. [It will] give humanity this fresh slate, a clean slate to then be proceeding in ways that will actually move you beyond what you think of, currently, as currency.

Michael Describes the Groups Behind the Reval

So in that, because it has been a global undertaking, what is required is engagement with the human beings with not only nations and the politics of nations but the economic situation of nations and what the impact of such a significant financial shift [is].

Then there is the practicality also of things like computer operators, etc. All the, what we would call, minutiae, which has been huge and horrendous. Now the minutiae has been dealt with. The politics are mostly [dealt with] enough to be given a go-ahead.

The financial – there is some nervousness on those who truly control both globally and various nations financial systems. But nervousness is all it is. It is not an absolute refusal to participate.

So this has all been in the undertaking really in earnest only [for] about a year to 18 months, to where there really has been full enough participation and the renewal.


(1) The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation through Sheldan Nidle, May 9, 2017, at

=[Part 2]=

Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 12, 2017

Currency Investors

Now a great deal of the movement in the physical realm that has come forth has been because of the lightworker community, the loveholder community holding the vision.

Many of those who have been the initiators of this re-calculation of various currencies have been of the military and in that there has been a certain attitude of light versus dark, good versus evil and a great degree of egoic belief systems and behaviors that, “We are in the right,”,“We are the chosen people and everyone else needs to be destroyed.”

That is not the purpose of this undertaking. It is to create one community of Gaians, not a continuation of various hierarchies.

Now the work that the lightworker community has been doing, both actually and subtly, is with those within the sphere of holding currencies. Do you understand what I mean?

Steve: I think I do.

AAM: The lightworker vision has been penetrating, as have various Tsunamis, (1) those who believe themselves to be the future leadership rather than believers in equality.

Steve: Wait a minute! Those in future positions of leadership rather than equality!

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Now I am confused.

AAM: We thought you might be!

Think of a pool of those who are, and have been, involved in the Revaluation process. Within that pool there are various people. A huge segment of that has been military and those who believe themselves to be the, can we say, saviors of humanity.

But they have been at a very violent bent insofar as they have said, “Death to the dark hats!”, “Death to the illuminati”, death to this, death to that. Imprisonment, punishment – that is of the old realm.

Work of Lightworkers and Loveholders

Now, in the same pool, you also have many lightworkers and loveholders and they have been holding the vision of a world, to use our words, sweet one, that works for everybody.

Because you are in the same bubble, the energy of the lightworker/loveholder community has not only been penetrated outwards to the rest of the planet. In that enclosed bubble it has also been penetrating those who think they are the leaders of a new way, which is actually not egalitarian but hierarchical.

Steve: Okay, so I am with you up to here.

AAM: So that hierarchical thinking is being softened. Now we know that leadership and stewardship is necessary but you cannot have this process go forward and have it simply replicate what has been, only with new people in charge. That will never work.

Steve: Change of faces, yes….

AAM: Yes, it is like trading hats as you would think of it. So that has been, and is being, addressed and that is also part of what has been underway. That has need to be and is being adjusted in order for the completion of this exchange to go forward.

Back to the Undertaking

So there have been the practical [aspects], in terms of national agreements, financial agreements etc., etc., as well as what we have called the minutiae, the practicality, the programming, the arrangements with banking systems, etc.

And then there has been the spiritual component because let us tell you, none of us, from St. Germaine to the Mother, want to simply continue a system that is cruel and punishing and not egalitarian.

So everything is underway and it has reached a point where we would say, “Go.”

Steve: Do you want your comments to be posted on the blog?

AAM: Yes, they can be.

Steve: Alright, they are very useful, Lord. I think they should be.

AAM: And the only final thing we would say on this to the loveholder community is to continue to hold the vision and send the love, the truth, the peace, the freedom, the equality, not only to those within that circle, that bubble, but to the entire planet.


(1) Two waves of energy hitting the Earth have been called “tsunamis”: The Tsunami of Love, originating with Father/Mother God and the Tsunami of One originating with the archangels and ascended masters, on and off planet.