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“Decoy” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Thursday – June 1, 2017

“Decoy” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Thursday – June 1, 2017


What if President Trump is making every political decision intentionally wrong to awaken and educate our sleepwalking country about what is morally right?

Know that Trump’s resignation has already been signed and submitted to Congress.

That’s why impeachment proceedings haven’t been moved forward, and why Comey’s obstruction of justice testimony hasn’t happened in front of the Senate Intelligence committee yet.

Russia is not really pro-Trump, that’s just cover for inserting Paul Ryan to run America; who was selected years earlier by Russia, China and our Republic to manage the country post RV.

This pathway was set into motion back in the summer of 2015, after the USA, Inc. had financially bankrupted on all debt obligations in December of 2012, and exited sovereign bankruptcy court, which took 3 years of negotiations to create a work-through plan acceptable to all parties.

Trump is therefore just a temporary, all be it chaotic, plastic decoy President–who is intentionally infuriating the country to make us all beg for change that has already been predetermined for us.

Ryan will soon assume power without running in a Presidential election as many of Trump’s cabinet appointments will also just resign–giving the world an illusion of staring over, as well as reversing most of Trump’s most controversial and rash executive orders.

This will both give the appearance of draining the swamp and placing the nation back on solid political footing, while also creating emotional momentum heading into our historic RV blessing.

How’s that for foreign governments influencing our elections?

BRICS nations hand picked our 45th and 46th Presidents, while making us happy about going through the hell of allowing a complete asshole to play Commander in Chief for a few months!

Ouch. Genius. Worked. Sobeit.

General Joseph Dunford was also selected by BRICS to manage all US armed forces in the position of the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He’s the reason why ISIS has been eradicated from both Syria and Iraq–not Putin.

Dunford also selected fellow Marines General Mattis (Pentagon) and General Kelly (Homeland Security) to assist him in the transition back to Republic military power. Both men are stellar leaders and noble Americans.

Notice too how there’s no new legislation being discussed suddenly in Congress, and no Trump Administration nominees being brought forward for Senate confirmation.

Seems everything in Washington is on hold until Trump leaves office via resignation or impeachment.

Trump’s threatened Paris Climate Agreement pullout is just another distraction charade meant to drive Americans toward Ryan, who will place the country back into this treaty once he’s inserted into the Oval Office.

The truth is visible for all to see if you dare to believe. So keep your third eye open and wake the F-up America!

God is with us.