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“Clone War” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Thursday – June 1, 2017

“Clone War” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Thursday – June 1, 2017


All intel below posted with permission…


Beijing/Panama – Wednesday

Radio silence from sovereign negotiating table(s) since Wednesday morning or Tuesday night in USA.

All final pricing offers for sovereign historic assets were set to expire yesterday @ midnight CST on May 31st.

Meaning the Age of Aquarius (Quan Yin – female) arc doors have closed on the Age of Pieces (Christ – male) and all past debts / accounts have been reconciled with hydration–closing the old financial system with regards to all outstanding sovereign claims.

Washington – Thursday

Trump’s resignation was submitted into the Congressional record over the weekend (FYI: that’s why the cabal had their comedian puppet Kathy Griffin take this photo op).


Preparations being made right now for new transition administration staff.

Pence has yet to resign, but is expected to after Trump’s resignation is announced.

President Ryan is an open secret in D.C. and in G20 diplomatic circles.

HSBC – Thursday

Everything roll out related is still in motion and automated.

The contact numbers will just appear.

There are packages going out for multiple reasons as well as past programs. However the release will be global and everywhere at once–per strategy.

We’ve been in our war room on lockdown since last Friday. The fish are starting to stink.

Military – Thursday

Mosul was conquered weeks ago, they’ve been dragging out the illusion of a battle to sync up with Iraq’s coming financial reforms.

The boys all have currency, positioned with family back home.

The heaviest fighting still in Syria. And Yemen. We have blacks (ops) in both theaters enforcing int’l justice for UN.

Miscellaneous – Thursday

All energy portals controlled globally now.

No dark matter in or out anymore from the dimensional plane.

Quan Yin required peace for new energies to release.

Securing universal synapses (portals) were the most important part of her operation.

Liberation of Urantia (earth) being witnessed by all sovereign life creations–many of whom are just now being informed of humanity’s/earth’s existence after galaxy’s quarantine removal.

Trump and his entire family are humanoid clones with their handlers now removed. This is true of most Arabic decent royals also.


All were programmed for humanity’s destruction. None are truly human, and all are now energetically failing and/or being decommissioned.

Every recent arrest, resignation and death is actually the execution of a termination agreement between human sovereign elders and their former Draco captors (negotiated by lead Draco Kissinger) after a four decade long clone war.

Believe, don’t believe… either way… you’re absolutely right!

God is with us.