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“Deflated” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Friday – March 17, 2017


Received via email at 11:12 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

“Deflated” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Friday – March 17, 2017

Days, weeks, months and years have passed, proving you waited patiently — or impatiently — for the RV.

And yet on the day (weekend) of your greatest blessing most are probably feeling utterly deflated like a bunch of airless balloons.

This is the master plan by the NPTB as it creates the most safety for an estimated 50 million rabid currency redeemers worldwide.

The safety issue is far more important (to them) as it relates protecting a desperate public from hurting themselves due to excessive over eagerness to exchange.

The cabal stopping the RV with another cataclysmic event like 9/11 is no longer the major concern, as the dark higher mastermind left the earth years ago.

And while human beings individually are smart and rational, in a group, especially a group that is starving, is utterly irrational and quite honestly a serious danger to themselves and others.

So if you’re feeling deflated today, that’s a really good sign that things are right where they need to be for RV performance.

For until the Dinarland swamp has been fully drained of any and all extreme eagerness, it would not be safe yet to begin mass redemptions.

Hey, maybe all these false starts and stops were actually benevolently planned events meant to deflate our hope down to its lowest point in order to protect us from ourselves… at least it’s something to consider.

Also something to consider, for fun, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament started yesterday known as “March Madness.”

Not only does this make for a wonderful RV natural distraction, it’s also the most popular time for men to get vasectomies so they can legitimately sit on the couch and watch sports while they heal.

True statistic.

Please excuse the pun, but that’s really deflating a guy’s ballon:)

I’ll be here all week, remember to tip your waitstaff and try the veal.

Have faith folks. The RV is real and it’s really here.

God is with us.