Love is our new reality

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“Sacrifice” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Saturday – March 18, 2017

“Sacrifice” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Saturday – March 18, 2017

Received via email at 3:32 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Everyone reading this is either anxiously awaiting the RV to start for personal gain or patiently enduring the final moments before humanity is rescued.

Which energy are you in majority? Anxious or patient? Angry for not yet being served or humbled by the chance to serve? Are you chasing something temporary or have you chosen something eternal?

Honestly, these are your only two choices as the beginning of the RV and end of the GCR rush towards us all like a freight train moving at a snails pace.

Remember, true sacrifice renders time irrelevant. As this is the life both you and God have agreed to accomplish before your soul was allowed to manifest from nothing into something.

It’s required great sacrifice. To give away something of yourself in service of another. Money. Time. Reputation. The prime of your life perhaps.

Sacrifice is something lost so another can gain with no expectation of its return.

To live in sacrifice is the highest form of life and also the most honorable of deaths … a simultaneous truth if you will… as the universal scale of justice balances out, reconciling its weight in real time.

How many years of your life would you sacrifice for a dying loved one? A child? A parent? A community? A country? A species? A planet?

One year? Two? Ten? Whatever the situation warranted?


If you knew the price of waiting for the RV, really knew it, would you have ever considered the investment or given it a second thought financially.

Maybe s few. A small handful of human angels spread out in different corners of the earth perhaps. Enough to know all by name, first middle and last.

Because that’s all that’s left on these websites and calls, human angels. The NPTB know that, and why sovereign rates are being offered to them exclusively.

But what if your life was meant to be sacrificed in order to say cure cancer?

Would not a decade or two of unpaid research be worthy of millions of lives saved and millions more possibly in the distant future as genetically the disease could have then be attacked before it affected even one strand of DNA?

Would one sacrificed life not be worth saving millions? Billions? Rewarding said life in the trillions? Quadrillions?

Would not that one sacrificed life also be infinitely more valuable than another as it would effect millions and billions more in unborn generations?

Of course not, God values all souls equally. So should you.

No wonder from the jump only a chosen few know about the sacrifice required to walk along God’s highest pathway?

As only those who know His future can create it, right?

Thus only a select few chosen souls ever get the real opportunity to be willingly sacrificed let alone knowingly embrace said sacrifice as noble and good life spent.

Well you do. Now. Reading this.

We are talking about a very small handful of lambs in different cultures here. Saints some Mike to say, but only if they follow through.

Are the others who know and don’t follow through sinners for balking? That’s an interesting question for those who left Dinarland long ago or just recently before all the fireworks were lit.

To be considered a true chosen one, a human angel, a saint in this GCR/RV venture, one must engage and know God’s vision of service to others without notoriety, as well as the value of their sacrifice no matter the personal costs.

In fact, the deeper the suffering one endures, the more of God’s Grace shall be received.

Universal scales of justice remember:)

The life of an economic missionary is not easily understood by the masses, rather it is a lonely and selfless life divinely designed to serve and protect generations far beyond temporal existence, knowingly, anonymously, ever rescuing the masses from economic collapse due to constant and dedicated life actions.

This is an accurate match to what the Chinese Elders have felt and still live daily, everyday for several centuries.

As a result, sovereign rates come with a responsibility to match their energy, which can be a tremendous burden to the unprepared mind, body and soul.

Please be mindful of this truth before asking for the higher rates. As you become a steward of humanity–a sacrificed soul in service of the greater good by default.

By replicating the Elders decision making, their undaunted persistence, their willingness to sacrifice their own joy, prime of life, and safety for the greater good of mankind… is needed in this here and now… as our earthly situation is really that bad.

Thus, to generously sacrifice a few years of your own life as a token gesture of appreciation and understanding of their historic sacrifice, five or ten for some… two or three decades for a handful… is truly a small price to pay for the mercy you will ultimately get to disburse in your lifetime.

Such a life sacrifice is not only a worthy calling, but will continue to feel like a noble testimony or homage back to the Elders who came hundreds of years before you.

Their sacrifice is your financial grace manifested. And now it’s your turn. As without question you will soon discover your soul’s own current vibrational level of ascension no matter the redemption rate you negotiate.

What an honor to serve the Source Creator let alone be sacrificed for even a short life period in service of others.

Mahalo nui loa Father. We sincerely thank you with endless gratitude for the opportunity to participate in your living and loving miracle.


God is love.