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Divine Earth Mother via Karen Vivenzio, April 6th, 2022


Divine Earth Mother via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children of the heavenly realms standing guard and watching over you are millions upon millions of glorious angel, soldiers of heart and soul, protectors of all that you call sacred and whole (holy). For you are each of you a spark of light, a glorious beautiful angel in your own right. You have simply left your higher selves behind and the knowledge buried deep inside. It is time to breathe and release. The holy spirit is waiting to speak. Allow yourselves the space to breathe, to contemplate, to rest and recuperate. For your spirits are weary, your souls war torn. Release all the baggage you have been carrying dear ones. For life was meant to be a grand experiment, experiencing emotions but never before was it imagined that you would forget who you were – that you would forget your own souls, and it is your souls who are trying to reach you now dear ones. Soften your hearts, spend quiet time alone, surround yourself in nature and just let go. Let go of the world you see around you with its trials and tribulations, for your soul knows that you were born for glory, you were born to shine bright and unhindered in joyful repose. So get out and dance and sing and praise the holy names, for you alone are a bright and shining star and you have the right to enjoy your life no matter where you are. So pray for your sisters and brothers that they may find their way but never neglect the majesty within you that is here to play. For as you embrace the true and joyful nature of your soul, you will be attracted to people, places, and circumstances that align to your bright light, that align to you in peace, joy, and grace. And that dear children is what puts a smile upon my face. For as I stand bearing witness to atrocities all across my great lands, I know in my heart to hold on, to face what is yet to come, because I know as humanity begins to embrace the true depths of their own souls that they will see my own and that is of great comfort dearest ones. So shine your light so bright and true and let the rest fall away from you. And in the darkest hours you will hear my cries for help and that dear children will be the turning point for us all. For we are all holy beings of divine light and we are all recovering that which we left behind. For we have all been lost. We have all forgotten the majesty, the God presence, deep within and we are all in need of recovery and recuperation dear children. So I bid you adieau and ask only of you that you sleep, that you rest, and that you get ready for what comes next. It is time to turn your power on, to heal your souls and to move into the higher realms.

I AM your Mother Earth and I AM in honor and respect for each and every soul who desires to make a positive and healing difference in this world. Together we have travelled into a new dimension of light and it is time to leave the old behind, and to fill our worlds with glorious sparkling divine white light.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Via Karen Vivenzio, Author

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