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“Do No Harm” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – May 20, 2017

Several sovereign families, their loyal generals and best lawyers are all scrambling to get their assets registered with the new global monetary authority (aka AIIB).

Authenticity crews are working around the clock on nearly every continent (not Antartica, Australia) making sure the last remaining pallets of IQD and historic bonds are recorded as legitimate.

Keep in mind, a lot of old sovereign family leaders never believed this day would actually come. But now that the urgency and gravity of the moment has hit them, they are scrambling to submit their assets for physical review.

That means trucking, airlifting and boating their wealth to wherever it is requested. And or begging Chinese authenticator teams to visit their bunkers, caves, vaults and guarded palaces.

Because if said assets are not on the books by midnight tonight, they never go onto the gold backed ledger and their sovereign family wealth literally just vanishes. Poof. Gone forever. As if it never existed.

Imagine holding onto such massive amounts of wealth for several generations only to have it disappear overnight because you didn’t believe the GCR/RV was real.


There was a final GCR/RV review meeting yesterday with all 209 sovereign countries in the Paris Agreement and their leadership. That’s where Trump was en route to the Middle East.

There they received final release procedural instructions, reviewed penalty and reconciliation procedures for non-compliance as well as international by laws for government removal in case of counter attack.

And they all agreed to all these terms with a verbal consent in front of each other–face-to-face.

Hard core stuff. Yet legal. As it should be. As it must. As it is.

The Daesh/ISIS movement has been largely contained and is in the process of being eradicated physically through unrelenting superior force.

Once completed, an advanced counter propaganda attack targeting radical Muslim ideology will then begin in an attempt to halt future recruiting and take the hatred right out of the hearts and minds of the people.

The goal is to first kill off the warriors that compose the armies, then kill the culture behind the insanity and eliminate the evil from the face of the earth.

Mercury Retrograde ends its post shadow phase @ 8:58pm EDT on Sunday night. That’s almost the exact start of the Chinese business week @ 9:00am Monday morning, May 21, 2017.

Coincidence? Ah, no.

Notice too how the Trump impeachment rhetoric builds, and builds, and builds–and will continue to build until the orange one is removed via his own resignation (which has already been signed and submitted).

That crescendo is either the beginning or end of the private redemption phase.

So why is his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Italy? And why now?

Well, these were all the planners of the 9/11 attacks. And 9/11/01 was when the first GCR/RV was scheduled to transition.

Thus, to keep everyone honest at the time of release this go around, the NPTB lumped all the evil together in Trump’s first foreign trip to hold them hostage, so that collectively they won’t try such disruptive nonsense again.

If anything violent or threatening happens this time around, by any one rogue nation, all will feel the hell fury of 9/11 truth, which will immediately hit the worldwide media feed and implicate not only Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican–but Trump himself who was used as a Mossad spokesman right after the attacks happened.

That truth also would negatively affect everyone in Congress, past Pentagon officials, 3 past Presidential administrations and the current judges of the Supreme Court.

So if the lambs are harmed, so too are the lions–all of them–at once.

Everybody in power knew exactly what happened, why, who did it and what the end goal was for the cabal was.

Meaning, they were all in on it. Hence the very accurate term to describe these unified criminals “cabal.”

Whoever said unorganized crime wasn’t organized was either lying or foolish.

The sheer scale and breath of this intensity of news will collapse any amnesty packages previously agreed to, including any financial benefits from private SKR currency exchanges.

The deal is this: Let the RV go peacefully to the masses or all cabal members will be exposed by name, jailed and tried for crimes against humanity.

Seems the all go or none go mantra–even for the once almighty cabal–is a real thing happening right now.

Do no harm is the new reality moving forward. And always was. Sobeit.

God is with us.